PIAPRO-Themed OMAKASE Subscription Box Items Revealed! 

The next (and last) OMAKASE subscription box, which will ship in late March, is going to feature the Cryptonloids! Viewster isn’t revealing everything that will be in the box just yet, but we do know it will include some things like: 

A Hatsune Miku T-shirt! The top is designed by OMAKASE, illustrated by HappyMappy and created by WeLoveFine! This version of the shirt will be a baby blue color. 

There will also be a Rin/Len belt AND belt loop! Flip the belt right-side-up for Len and up-side-down for Rin! 

This OMAKASE box will also include 14 works of art by 14 different illustrators featuring all the Cryptonloids: Miku, Rin Luka, Len, MEIKO and KAITO! Here are all the artists: 

Head on over to the Viewster’s website to pre-order the box and for more info! The cost is $29.99USD (plus shipping and handling), but if you enter the code “MIKU10″, you will get 10% off! Pre-orders end the 23rd of March and shipping will take place on the 25th. 


Sneak Peek at some of the Omakase Exclusive Merchandise 

Confirmed items for this surprise Vocaloid themed box include a Rin/Len belt loop replica and a Hatsune Miku HappyMappy T-shirt in baby blue. 

If you haven’t already signed up for this box, feel free to use any of the codes listed below to get 20% off your purchase. You must subscribe by March 23rd in order to get this themed box. Shipping begins March 25th. For help, see the FAQ regarding purchasing this box. 

I’m officially out of codes, thank you to the people who notified me via direct message. 

(NOTE: If you used a code listed below, please send me an ask/message stating that you’ve used it so that I can cross it off.)

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わたしのファミカセ展 (2015

My entry for Famicase this year~ It’s called “Parfait” & it’s about wanting to make parfaits because you just wanna eat parfaits. Please enjoy parfaits.

Thank you mandi for taking a picture of my cart!  ♥

展示期間:2014年5月2日(土)~ 5月31日(土)
展示会場:METEOR 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-6-7 2F
開場時間:13:00 ~ 20:00


Fuwabiki Kono Uta to Mareihi, this time with a natural team! 

Featuring fireworks-eyes Luna in the Coco Flower MR and @ailoveit, @priparaashlee89, @reyna-in-pripara, @pretty-rhythmm, @8bitcat, @happymappy, and a random Japanese player. (Basically all the Coco Flower CR friend tickets I had at the time lol.)