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Where is the boner part? I cant see it

Hey there :)

sorry for the late reply, hope you’re still interested ;D

so here is the vid and at the beginning (around 0:6-0:7) there’s the soobulge saying hello to us, but tbh it’s not that noticable, i mean i think he was less than half hard lol xD 

we’ve seen the soobulge before and we know that it can be bigger  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i mean just take a look at this

or this 

this is my fav here 

((((yes Jongin pls sit there and bounce a lil while you’re at it))))

you decide whether it was a boner or not in the vid, i personally think that he was just a teeny tiny bit hard and hopefully it was caused by Jongin :)

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Would care to enlighten me of what happened to Jackson?

Nobody really knows anything at this point, because to my knowledge there hasn’t been an official statement. All we do know is that for the past week or so Jackson has not been able to participate in Got7′s activities due to illness. That’s all we know, we don’t know in what way he’s been ill. There have been plenty of rumors and speculation going around which only causes Jackson’s fans to worry about stuff that most likely isn’t true. I encourage everyone to stay calm, wait for an official statement and if you pray, pray for his speedy recovery. <3 


ENG SUB Tiffany’s - SSGB ep129 p1/3