happykyuday asked:

BABY~ ♥♥♥♥

We kissed by accident:
[] continue kissing
[] smile
[X] awkward
[] walk away
[] be like wtf 
[] kiss you back
If you hugged me:
[X] hug you back
[] let you
[] hug you heaps more
[] push you away
Would I date you?
[] yes
[] no
[X] maybe
[] probably
[] already have
[] we currently are
You should:
[] text me
[] get in my bed now (for cuddles)
[] come to bed with me 
[X] talk to me more
[] come see me 
[] leave me alone!

happykyu ,gönderine yorum yaptı: hiiiii :D

Hey~~~ Thank you too n__n

“ ’ ㅣㅐㅍㄷ 래ㅣㅣㅐㅈ'ㅜㅎ 녀ㅓㅕ ㅠㅣㅐㅎㄴ”—> doesn’t mean any sense right? i wrote “i love following suju blogs” without looking and… yess. this.

whatever, i love following suju blogs and you’re welcome :3