Starter for Toradorable: oh look....a Kuro Neko.....

kuro was walking around the city. but she wasnt normal today…something seemed different in her, maybe due to the fact that she was in her full neko form. now she was a little black cat with red eyes and a little blue scarf.

she was just wandering around the city, looking for something to do…

Open RP

kuro walked inside the Neko Club, waving to the owner that immediatly fixed her a drink. it was friday night and kuro felt like singing to some of her fans so she was wearing a more male outfit tonight. 

Once she finished her drink, she got up on stage and music started playing…it was one of len-kun’s songs….

she then started singing and dancing to Migikata no Chou.

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it was a slightly rainy night. kuro was walking in a strage land when she suddenly saw a big castle at the end of the road. she wasnt sure if she should go see it more closely but suddenly it started raining even more and she had nowhere to go since she was lost. so she ran towards the castle, knocking at the big door, hoping someone would answer it.

Open RP~

Kuro sighed while laying on her roof top. she missed Len of course so she was kinda bored at that moment. maybe i should ninja enter his house….but then he will call the police….so maybe i could call him?she thought to herself, sighing again.

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kuro got out of the famous Neko Club, where she performs almost every night. it was already late but she still didnt want to go home so she decided to just go for a walk on the city, that was still full of people walking in and out of stores. she smiled while looking at some kids playing around and kept walking through the city.