Hun, it’s not other people’s responsibilities to teach you about their culture being appropriated. That can be exhausting for POC and it can be unfair to ask that of them. I def recommend taking the initiative to research and read about it yourself :)

I wasn’t asking anyone to teach me anything. I just wanted an open minded discussion with someone. They’re two different things. 

*pet peeve* when people call me hun then say something that they would say to a child. My own boy-friend doesn’t even call me hun. 

Messages to Fellow Bloggers

Randi / itsmerandi : Literally I love your blog and you are the only blogger on this website where I like the autoplay

Ruddy / kaelor : I’ve been meaning to tell you that it’s great that we have similar taste in guys, like your blog is the best for hot guys 

Ariel / wehidebehindstars : I’m still going to make that Khan gif, I haven’t forgotten about you!

Nat / happyhealthyhumanoid : I’m in the process of describing season 5- i got distracted making that gif set of cas and dean hahaha

Jac / sadoskis : Also I really liked that the show didn’t have Maggie go after Jim when he came downstairs from being with that one girl I was like yeah Maggie get it (even though it wasn’t really what the scene was going for, I was still happy) ALSO, I think the director of photography was different in that episode because they kept doing this thing in the shots which is called “breaking the line”, like with the Red team meeting, where they kept showing the characters from one side of the table, but then they ‘broke the line’ and showed them from the other side, which is really strange and a really rookie thing to do when filming. idk kind of random but Sam pointed it out and then it kept happening. strange!

Hibernation Mode Preparation Station and Goals/Resolutions

I’ve been off work all week, and I’ve been spending my free time preparing myself for success in the New Year. My room is now decluttered and relaxing to be in. Just sitting in here makes me happy, and that’s really important. I now have the internet, a tv - well, I’ll have it soon; it’s being delivered on Monday - tons of books, and a home gym in my bedroom. So, in addition to being a beautiful and relaxing place to be, there are also infinite self improvement and entertainment opportunities in here. This year’s hibernation is going to be fantastic.

I’ve never been much of a “New Year’s Resolution” person, but I’ve really been slacking on some things for the past few months, and my work schedule has been wonky. With January comes a return to normalcy that will make it easier for me to get back on track with some of my goals. Also, I’ll be done with treatment soon, which means i can really get back to my fitness goals. 

Here are my goals and resolutions:

  1. Run 10 miles straight
  2. 5 unassisted pull-ups
  3. Establish a regular yoga practice
  4. Eat intuitively 
  5. More reading books, less time spent in phone 
  6. Write out a budget each month and stick to it.

Of course, as always, my main goal is to continue learning and growing as a person, and to be happy and healthy, and this requires a holistic approach. BALANCE is the destination.

I’ll refer back to this post and make an update on how I’m doing with these at the start of each month to help keep me on the ball with this stuff.

2013 is already promising to be an awesome year! Things I’m excited about for the coming year:

  • Successfully completing treatment! (This is HUGE.)
  • Going to Florida for a week with two of my aunts in February
  • Meeting Kaelee in June and road tripping to Virginia Beach to run Tough Mudder with other Tumblr people, then road tripping to Savannah Georgia to visit some friends
  • A trip to the west coast in August? (this isn’t solid yet, but I want to make it happen. I’ve never been out of this time zone!)
  • Meeting Nat in the fall when she comes to visit the states

paddlebunny replied to your photo: Student crises meant an unintended 21 hour fast….

Omg, could you just come fuckin cook for me once in a while?? Is that too much to ask!?!

Hahaha, at this point you, Fern, Nat, Claire, Ajita, kelskicksass, macaulaybulkin (Australians seem to really like my cooking), everstriving, gamma-ray-capybara, fighthefat, insideinsight and I think one or two others have all asked/demanded that I cook for you.  

I feel like we’ll have to find a point equidistant from all of us (hopefully it’s on land) and we’ll just get together and chow down for a week.  

God, actually that sounds like it would be ridiculous amounts of fun.

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Even my girlfriend isn’t on this iteration of the list, these are all VERY solid blogs run by very cool people (I’m assuming the people who run the Guardian blog are cool)

happyhealthyhumanoid said: How has it been, living with them?

Oh, I never posted an update on THAT situation, did I? We actually didn’t wind up having all 3 children move in with us. When my parents agreed to having them all move in, we they were told that it would be for a set amount of time, but then when it came time to sign the papers and stuff, they were actually asking us to have them live with us indefinitely, and so my parents had to say no. We were going to figure out a way to make it work for the few months that we initially thought it would be, but we really don’t really have the space for 3 children to live here indefinitely. So it’s just been my nephew living with us, which isn’t too different from how it was before, because he already had his own room and toys and clothes here since we already had him here half the time anyway.

The other children are living with another family they really like and they are doing really well, and my nephew has regular weekly visits with them.