allow me to break my icy facade for a second and show the world this beautiful girl. she is, in fact, all mine and it’s okay to be jealous. in fact I encourage it. I am a very happy dude because of her, & I would be super jealous of me if I weren’t me. this girl means the world to me and you bet your ass I’m doing a #wcw because of it. thank you for being wonderful, @hannahelizabethwindsor 💖#happygang #sparkleheartemojigang #antagonisticWCWcaptions

Because there are very very few people who make my soul smile and @ogjustpeachie is one of them. I love you, im so blessed to know you, and im so grateful to have found you again in this life. Your bday weekend was #dope and I finally got to play with “Zsa Zsa” @thenoelles 🙉🙈🙊 #lovegang #loverevolution #highlife #ivxx #happygang

I made this gang because one of my friends were extremely sad. Then I thought of all the times my friends were said. So I would tell them “be happy” “#HAPPYGANGBITCH” so I thought I would share this with me followers and others! So in others words

Stay Happy

#happygang 👌✌️