masterlist of app that helps me relax 🌱
  • infinite storm : storm sound 
  • sky wiew free : a guide of the night sky 
  • relax melodies : (MY FAVORITE) a lot of ambiant sounds ! 
  • calm : set a goal of relaxation 
  • waterlogged : Keep your hydration on track 
  • lake : a coloring book on your phone 
  • headspace : guided meditation 
  • I love hue : reorder colours 
  • zen studio : an other kind of coloring 
  • to bed : organise your bed time 
  • yoga 8 : 8 minutes of yoga daily 
  • happyfeed : keep a journal of gratitude 
  • thisissand : play with sand 
  • little alchemy : mix elements 
  • relieflink : find help if needed 
  • binaural : sound waves 
  • coffitivity : coffee shop ambiance
  • stack : stack colors and more 

goldenwinegirl  asked:

Where did you get that FEED shirt? I would love to get one!


FEED (Foundation to End Eating Disorders) is an organization that I will be starting. It is a non-profit that fundraises and provides “scholarships” for those who: 

  • Cannot afford treatment.
  • Must travel to find treatment.
  • Have parents who refuse to pay for treatment.

It is based on the idea that NO ONE is undeserving of the help they need, and that you cannot put a price on recovery. I plan on making more shirts and will be opening a shop soon :) If you are interested in becoming involved, buying a shirt, or donating, please like this post!