I dont think i say this enough

I love kim namjoon so much. He deserves all the love in this universe and more. I hope he will be happy at the end of his life and lookback and everything we could do for him. And i wish we could do more but this is all we can do as ARMY. We can show him love and appreciation and acknowledge everything he has done as our leader and a role model. I love and adore this man so damn much


#carlthehedgehog wasn’t interested in waking up to take pictures to wish @escapenova a happy birthday, and mostly just wanted to go back to bed. #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgies #happybirthdaylove

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Nobody Understands How Much I Absolutely Love Bre😁 Like Its Crazy I Could Write A Whole Book On How Much I Love & Look Up To Bre😍💜 But I’m Not Cause That’ll Be Too Much😒😂 Anywaysssss I Wanna Say Happy Birthday To This Baddie Breaunna😍😍 OMG, Bre You’re 18 Now😩😩 Stop Growing Man✋ #TURNUP2x Love You Always Bwe Bwear😍💜💜😘

Happy Birthday - 生日快樂 - 생일축하해용 성주야~

It’s been a while since I smiled so much, from just a simple smile or words or phrases (basically it’s just everything ‘bout you). I know it’s impossible for anyone to replace Pan But you’re really really really important. I still feel very thankful towards my sis for introducing this awesome group and #dorkjoo to me if not I wouldn’t have came back to listening Korean-pop.

Have a blessed birthday, love.
When you smile, the whole world stops to stare for a while.

20150115 @ Weibo Night. Cr: 蜜桃小V

one day i asked myself,

you write about your past and your future, your sorrows and your joy, about every argument with your mother and every mischief with youR brother, you write about the stars and the moon and the seas and the river. but how come you never describe him, the love of your life? 

and then i answer myself,

you think i don’t try?

i try to fit him in words but there’s always something missing.

i try to bind him in ink but he escapes through the blank spaces.

every night, i try to pen him down. but then pages fall short and time slips away and i could never complete.

i try to start with his eyes, oh those eyes, in them i drown myself everyday, and i could not complete. 

i then try again with his voice, but his voice  traps me between the songs he sings for me and i can not complete.

i don’t just stop there, i try again with his smile but then, i end up smiling like an idiot.

i try to write about his love for me, but how could i complete? i have never seen an end to his love, and nor do i want to see it end.

so yes, i try every night to write a poem or a song for him.

but no. i can never complete. 

~colors of white

Lee Sungjong, wow! I can’t believe it! You are turning 18 already? Wow! :) Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Not only are you the cute maknae, but you are part of the 7 hardworking men. No matter what, I and all the Inspirits will be with you..for an “Infinite” amount of time no matter how hard the challenge is. Guess what? You are one of my dear favorites and is high in my bias list ;) Although working so hard through brutal trainings, you continue to be the strongest, powerful and “Amazing” maknae of them all. Even through hard times, you still are adorable and hott to all of us. We all adore you for that! Congratulations on your first win anyways!! We are all so proud for you! All I can say right now is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! WE LOVE YOU, US INSPIRITS LOVE YOU, AND…I LOVE YOU! :D <3

-One of your Inspirits :D xoxo ♥ Sarah

Today is this beautiful women birthday. I love her so so so so much. I’ve never met her, but I know I will. If I’m honest, I can say that I really don’t understand why I love her this much. She doesn’t even know me. But she’s just so amazing. And wonderful. And beautiful in every way. I love her, the way she smiles, the way she looks at life, the way she loves and treat the people around her. She has managed to be the role model I am talking about, one of the most successful female artist all around the world and a wonderful, spectacular mother and wife. I love her marriage with Jay-z. They love each other so much. And that’s beautiful. You see them together and it’s pure love. For me, it’s the proof love exists. I want to be like her. I want to find happiness. She’s everything for me. I feel like there are no words to express my feelings for this women. She’s amazing. It’s like I know her and like she’s been here for me always even though I don’t–haven’t been able to talk to her. I went to one of her concerts, in Miami, this summer. And even though she didn’t knew any of us, you could see how much she was enjoying being there, that night, with us. She’s a wonderful person, she’s grateful, and kind, and loving. I hope she has the best birthday ever, because she deserves it.


you are now 22, you’re growing up ..

maybe u now know why water is water

or the difference between umbrella and elephant

will you still trade your sister for four stars ?

you know your 4dness is always relevant to us b2uties

we love you hyunseung ,
have a blast on your day rancho<3
saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghae