- He’s perfect. That’s a good reason.

- He’s very cute, like a puppy you wish to hug.

- He got a very sad but motivating life’s story, he deserves protection and love.

- He’s altruist, like a truly hero. C'mon, is so fucking cute, I just loved this in his personality .

- He treat your friends like the most important thing in the world, he literally gives his life for they, and it’s pretty.

- Killugon. Nothing more to say.

- He’s strong. So much. I mean, fucking strong. And he never gives up for something he wants, he keep going and going more strong to reach his goals. When we noticed, he’s there, breaking stones or something like that. He’s a monster (a very cute one).

- He and Hisoka together make me wanna die in rainbows with chocolate’s cake. Judge me.

Just a few reasons to love Gon. I can’t ever list all of them.
But he deserves it. Every day. #HAPPYBIRTHDAYGON