I normally don’t do text posts, not even posting anything at all but I’d like to thank a man who has been on this world for 30 years and I feel like I owe him a lot and I just love his so much. Thank you for being my first ever idol and I feel proud of being part of the hooligans since the beginning. Happy birthday Bruno ❤️‍


Where do you start to celebrate this guy? .. We have so many great memories of him already .. What can you do with just 15 seconds? .. Well here’s a taste .. And I’m more then Confident .. Bruno’s gonna keep adding to his list of successes .. Take awards 227 nominations across the world and won 64 of those .. Then the songs the shows .. TV appearances .. This guy is a machine! .. Happy Birthday Bruno we love you … Ok Ima gonna go cry again now #HappyTears #HappyBirthdayBrunoMars #BrunoMars #ProudHooligan #hooligan4life

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