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He actually gave ME a gift yesterday that I will never be able to thank him for. I saw that vine of his father starting piano lessons at age 60. 

 I took so many different lessons as a kid, but I never had the discipline to stick with it. I took piano lessons for a week when I was five but I ultimately got bored and stopped. 

That vine gave me the inspiration and drive that I needed. 

Yesterday I decided to get my butt in gear and I sat down, learned the notes on the piano, got a song and started to try to play it.

That song–was Burn from Hamilton.

I am so proud to say that I learned the song in an hour and a half. I luckily knew the melody, so the song came more easily but I can’t believe that a dream of mine to finally be able to somewhat play an instrument has come true! All because of Lin and his father. That vine he did gave me the confidence and realization that it’s never too late for anything. So thank you for that. Happy birthday Lin! May you have a fantastic day! 

Dear Sherlock,

Sometimes I remember this man:

Who then slowly became this man

And cares so much now:

And I smile.

I remember the man who said:

And then, admitted:

And then declared to a roomful of people

“There was one, and only one feature of interest in this baffling case, and quite frankly, it was the usual: John Watson.”

Who gave John this look before giving up his work, his life, and everything:

Who so hesitantly, but finally did this:

And this time, tears well up in my eyes as I smile.

You were, and will always be a great man, Sherlock, but I think that slowly, you’re becoming a good man too.

So congratulations, my love


We were all young when we first saw you…

Happy Birthday to my best friend @taylorswift

I can’t believe how quickly time passes.

You’ve been such a huge part of my life since I can remember.

I became a swiftie when you were 20!

And I was 10!

Now you’re 29 and I’m 19!!

So we’re growing up together..

All I want to say tonight is thank you, thank you, thank you Taylor!

Thank you for writing lyrics and creating music that has gotten me through my lowest times and bringing me the most incredible friendships to my life. Thank you for making amazing music, for reminding me to be fearless, for standing up for what you believe in and for being the purest human being. Thank you for being a light in this world.

I was wondering how can I make that girl happy?

How can I make someone whose literally have everything happy?

I got no answer but after a few days…

My illness has gotten more worse.

And when we met the doctor he said that things will work out if I got some medicines.

Unfortunately those medicines were so expensive. Which we cannot handle..

I got an idea about opening a page on gofundme to get some help from other people.

But it ended up with an email saying they closed my page because I’m not living on the US or UK.

  • So there’s no hope on me helping myself

I’ve collected some money from the past years and I was trying to add some money with it to get those medicines but after all that happened.

I got an Idea what I was needing the most? Some help.

So why don’t I go and help some people with this money as I cannot do anything with them?

As you see I named that well “Taylor Alison Swift

So everyone who’s going to drink some water from that well is going to thank god for “Taylor Alison Swift”

As I do everyday because you really saved my life I was having the worse health problems but with you & your music I always ignored the pain.

I hope that well is going to make a difference and going to make you happy because as I know you those kinda things are the best and nothing makes you more happy than helping people who really needs your help.

My love for you is endless and I really hope you are never going to forget me & and my little gift❤️


It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday

  • It’s Logan’s birthday
  1. It’s Logan’s birthday

It’s Logan’s birthday