he’s 17!! 🎊🎉🎂🎂🎉🎊😍🎁🎉🎊



17 years ago, this very special boy was born and 17 years later this boy has touched the hearts of many. I’m proud of the work that he’s done and hope that his career strengthens as he grows up to become a man. God help us all for the next year to come because we all know that he’s handsome now, just wait a few years…
And even though in his eyes we are just fans, he is everything in our own eyes.

From all the fans, we wish him the best.

Courtney E. Dewar Jr

Sunrise 7/7/1993
Sunset 12/24/2012

Steez is buried with his biological father (who died of a heart attack. Not drug overdose, that was his step-father) It’s so surreal. I hate when people make up crazy ass conspiracies surrounding his death. Here’s the facts Steez was depressed. (Some say he was schizophrenic you don’t know that 100% so shhh!) We all know his label wanted him to conform and become more marketable, but our boy Steez wouldn’t do it. I’d say most of us found out about Joey before Steez (I did) which isn’t a bad thing.

So when you create a collective and somehow get pushed to the back burner I think that would be enough to make anyone depressed. In one interview Steez says “Joey gets free shirts. I wish I got free shirts” (That broke my heart!) I don’t think in any way shape or form was Steez jealous. They were brothers. Steez taught Joey.

I think the fact that Steez jumped off of the Cinematic Label building speaks BEYOND volumes! Steez wanted to change the world. He says “Fuck money clothes and barcardi. I wanna change the world I’m awfully sorry.” and “Fuck chasing cheese homie. I’m chasing dreams”

I don’t want to project my ideas as to what he was thinking. I hate when people speak for the dead.

But like Steez’s step father was on drugs and stole from his mother. That has got to cause some type of trauma.

Maybe that and the label. I don’t know. I’m depressed and on and off suicidial so I can relate in some sense. Things not going the way you expected.

His last show. The crowd was so dead. He was drunk and of course upset. He had a T- Shirt signing after and the look in his eyes. They were just empty. His face was completely emotionless. People say he changed when he went on tour. He lost his virginty, took shrooms and became darker. I’d say more depressed.

I remember first watching Survival Tactics (originally steez’s idea) like damnnn who is that second guy lol. You see all the love Steez is getting now and you can’t help but think Damn! If he was getting all this back then would he still be here right now? Sometimes I want to message him on tumblr @beastcoast47 vibe with him but i know he won’t reply. He’s in a better place tho. He wanted to be off the earth. We’ll see him again in 2047.

“Its the flower of life you don’t know?”

It's His Birthday - Ashton

You laid the table with knives, forks, plates and glasses and made sure that everything looked perfect. It was Ashton’s birthday and you’d cooked him a birthday breakfast. You’d managed to successfully untangle yourself from Ashton’s arms in the morning without waking him and as far as you could tell, he was still fast asleep.

You had cooked a variety of his favourite foods like pancakes, waffles and even a full English breakfast consisting of bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans and bread and butter. You’d poured some glasses of orange juice and made some coffee. You had Ashton’s birthday present and card ready on the table for him to open. Now all you had to do was wake him up.

You made your way up the stairs and burst into the room shouting happy birthday as loud as you could. Ashton’s tangled form on the bed jolted up in surprise as you continued to prance around the room.


You finished the song and jumped into the bed, giving Ashton tiny kisses all over his face.

“Ew babe stooop”

Ashton grabbed you hands and held them there while he gathered his surroundings, still not fully awake.

“Happy birthday”

You had a huge grin on your face which Ashton couldn’t help but return.

“Thanks babe”

He pulled you in a for a hug but you released yourself after a few seconds, jumping up off the bed and tugging on Ashton’s arm.

“Come on I’ve made breakfast. We don’t want it going cold.”

Ashton got out of the bed and threw on some sweats and a hoodie before taking your hand and heading downstairs. You lead him to the dining room where the breakfast feast was set up.

“Wow you went through all of this effort just for me?”

“Of course I did, now come on let’s eat so you can open your present!”

You both sat down and began to fill your plates with the different foods. You both ate in a comfortable silence, enjoying the food. When you’d eaten as much as you could, you grabbed Ashton’s birthday present and card and pushed them towards him. He gave you a smile and put his knife and fork down, pushing his plate off to the side. He began by opening the card first. It was one of them stupid ones that when you opened it it started playing a distorted sounding happy birthday tune. Ashton broke into a fit of giggles even though it wasn’t that funny.

“Best birthday card ever, thanks babe”

Your started to bounce your knee up and down, excited for Ashton to open his present. He placed a hand on your bouncing knee, giving it a squeeze.

“Sorry, I guess I’m a bit excited”

Ashton tore open the wrapping paper, revealing a small white envelope with his name written neatly in gold. He glanced up at you, eyebrows raised and nodded at him to open it. He turned the envelope over and began to open it, being careful not to rip whatever was inside. When he took out the small slip of paper, his eyes widened in amazement.


You squealed in delight as Ashton wrapped his arms around you and gave you a tight hug. The Bahamas was a place that you and Ashton had always wanted to go, but things had always gotten in the way of you two going. Now you were going, he couldn’t quite believe it.

“When do we leave?”


“Holy crap we need to pack oh my god”

“Don’t worry, I got Luke to pack some stuff for you. I’m all packed as well. We’re leaving tomorrow morning”

“Babe you are amazing, I love you so much”

“I know I am. I love you too”


It was later that night and you and Ashton were laying in bed in a tangle of bed sheets. You had your head resting on his bare chest and his hands were drawing patterns on your arms. You were laying in a comfortable silence and had been for a while. You thought Ashton had fallen asleep but he suddenly spoke.

“I have the best fucking girlfriend in the world”

His voice made his chest vibrate, tickling your ear.

“You sure do Ashton”

You giggled as he playfully shoved you off him. You propped yourself up on your elbows, looking up into Ashton’s eyes.

“Had a good birthday?”

“The best”

You pouted and Ashton gave you a long and meaningful kiss. You pulled away and looked over at the clock which said that it was 1:30 am.

“Oops we’d better get to sleep. Our flight leaves in like 5 hours”

You turned off the lamp on the bedside table and gave Ashton a final kiss before laying down and drifting off to sleep.