Happy Birthday PrettyGirlFood! Today (April 30th 2012) marks the 2nd year anniversary of PGF's blog launch! In honor of this we will be posting cake all day today, enjoy! :)

As of April 30th 2013.  Can’t believe I let it slip my mind until now (I was taking finals exams for school) but nonetheless I want to say THANK YOU so much to everyone that has ever visited, subscribed, liked, reblogged, or sent a message over the last 3 years.  I’m so blessed with an AWESOME group of followers who are so positive & uplifting.  This blog has turned into more I ever thought it could be.  Happy Belated Birthday PGF!

*Click for last years celebrations (all day cake fest)*
End of the Celebrations!

I have to type this quick because it’s almost midnight but I wanted to thank everyone again for the overwhelming support I have recieved for this blog since day one (exactly two years ago). There are over 300 birthday wishes in my inbox and even though I haven’t published them all I definitely want to express how thankful I am to have all of you wonderful people in my life.  This blog is more than just posting photos and recipes to me. I have the privilage to interact with some beautiful people every day of my life and for that I am thankful. 

Hope you enjoyed all the cake that was posted today and you can visit the #HappyBdayPGF tag to view all the wonderful cakes and messages that have been published in honor of PGF turning 2 years old. We will resume posting other foods besides cake today! Thanks again for all the support!


Thank you for all the love thus far!

I’m stepping offline for a bit (don’t worry plenty of queue’d cakes are coming your way) but wanted to say thank you for all the birthday love! This blog and all of it’s followers mean a lot to me and the support I get from it is overwhelming. To keep up with all the birthday action check out http://prettygirlfood.com/tagged/happybdayPGF

Also if you have any post you want me to see simply tag it “happybdayPGF” before posting it and I will get a notification on my dash and I can check it out!

See you later lovelies! XO