so @dinahjane97 because it is your birthday here is my very useless attempt at trying to explain as best i can in the constricted amount of Instagram characters how thankful I am that you are you, that in a world without the you’s, the me’s would laugh and dance a lot less, and everything would be quiet and boring and less bass would be bumpin. we’d all look at things through a sepia filter as opposed to a chrome filter. JA FEEL. if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that it’s incredibly important to surround yourself with people that inspire you- and you inspire me to be a better person, if i get lucky and you rub off on me and you give me even a smidge of the purity that’s in your mind, the loyalty to the people you love, the easiness with which you live and the selflessness in your heart, I’ll be set. i can’t ever thank you enough for listening to me rant about boys and giving me words to make me feel less insane, for keeping my secrets and trusting me with yours, for being the life of the party and walking around with your boom box even at the airport for Gods sake, for cheering me on, for balancing out being soft and forgiving yet loyal and strong, and for showing me what true sisterhood means.another thing I’ve learned is that the universe brings certain people together because they were meant to be a part of each other, and I believe we were meant to have become sisters, I know how much it kills you to be away from the family that you do everything for and the look in your eyes that tears everyone apart when you leave them at the airport but I hope you know that you are my sister and I will fight for you to the ends of the earth always. PEEPS if you’re lucky enough to find a good person, keep them close. I keep it clingy. LOL. and Dinah, if you were aware of how special you are (which I am pretty sure you’re not) you might as well be the most arrogant mothatruckaaaa in the world but you’re not, and i guess that’s part of the magic. here’s to more movie moments, I love you so much, OALA AND COOCHIE FOREVZ

- camila cabello about dinah jane

i want a friendship as this one RIGHT NOW