Chester through the years… a mean… Through the hairstyles…

Happy Birthday Chez!! You changed my life with your fantastic, wonderful and unique voice. Not only with Linkin Park, with Dead By Sunrise too. I thank everyday that you changed for better. Left the past back and you keep forward. All that demons around you are gone you teach me that. I did the same and I help others with similar problems as you do. And I thank especially that you are here now… That everyone is celebrating your birthday cause you’re still here. You left the drugs, alcohol and depression. Thank You!! Well… I have to say that it doesn’t exist a hairstyle that look bad in you. IS IMPOSSIBLE!! And you always are very fashion too but with touch of rockstar. You’re the 1st love of my life. 1st Idol! I will never forget when I watched TV at the age of 4 and my aunt of 16, she put the channel MTV and she listened to IN THE END. I was really in love of you. Hahaha Wish you the best ;) Party hard with all your friends and family. And YOU’RE DEFINITELY NOT OLD! You keep the same age all your birthdays haha. THE BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD. THE NUMBER 1! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♡♥