My new friend Echo

I had a moment of narcissism and picked him out because his colors match those of my mermaid tail.

I bought him at about 2:30 today and didn’t get home until now at 1am. He’s been chilling in his little betta cup and riding around in my purse all day :)

Some girls have chihuahuas in their hand bags, mermaids have bettas

So I’m reading about how to take care of betta fish since I want to have Echo around for a really long time. I found out he’s a lot like me!!

Btw I’m gonna be very embarrassed if someone sees his photo and be all “Yeah…so Echo’s a female.” !!!

So! Echo and I have a lot in common. He doesn’t have gills (I think?) so he has to get his oxygen from surfacing on the water and getting air. That’s cool though because it means he doesn’t need a air pump or filter. He also has the same colors as my mermaid tail and is a really picky little thing. He likes temperatures between 75F and 82F. My preference is really 73-78 BUT CLOSE ENOUGH! xD oh! And Echo’s hella picky about his food! He prefers freeze dried brine shrimp and betta bits over anything else. Like, he won’t EAT anything else! Whoa!!

So, I had a great day and made a new friend. How are you?! :D

*all betta info tonight has been from www.bettatalk.com

Awww I’m at my old roomates house now :D

He’s so awesome

We had a huge garden
And would go to the farmer market

He was cool with me keeping a fish and sewing at one in the morning.

Dude’s pretty awesome.

I’m gonna nap on his couch now while he and Jai discuss plumbing things.

I tried to screen cap all the nice things you’ve been saying to say thank you to everybody but I can’t figure it out. ^___^. Y'all make me so happy. I’m exhausted and so not digging the current layout of this mermaid website draft thing J and I are doing but oh my god you guys really make me smile. Thank you. There is not enough words for all the feels I am feeling. Gratitude and contentment. And joy. And it’s not enough words still.

I am delirious apparently but y'all have my love. Love love love

Thank you

I can’t find my tiara but I’m still a fucking Princess. I’m so stoked on all this mermaid stuff right now. I’m so happy. This is Amazing <3 #happyanita

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Taking a short break from all my cleaning (productive, woo!) to tell ya’ll I’m feeling pretty awesome B)

My room looks like a room. The garage is manageable. My grandma is coming over this afternoon and I’m going to bake cookies for her. I’m very happy. Yes. :D