To our adorable Myungsoo, cool L, handsome Visual, captivating Actor, talented Photographer, loving Son and Older Brother, and forever Eternal Boyfriend. You shine and make us proud in whatever you do. Never for a second, doubt yourself and worry about disappointing us because you never have in 21 years and we know you never will. Keep dreaming, keep smiling, keep simply being you.
Happy birthday, Kim Myungsoo! 03/13/1992

Happy 20th Birthday Kim Myungsoo ♥

You call yourself ‘in charge of Infinite’s expressions’, and we love your cute aegyo, and even your :| face.
But today, we Inspirits just want to see one expression; that beautiful smile of yours.
Spend today smiling with your family, friends and loved ones, because you deserve to be happy.
We Inspirits love you, and though we can’t spend your special day together with you, we’re there in spirit~ ^_^


The members greeting Myungsoo a Happy Birthday! 

@wowwh: Secretary Gil’s Birthday kyakyakya

@infiniteyounges: Myungsoo hyung I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday ♥♥♥ Thank you for being born^-^

@Seongyeol1991: Myungsoo ya Happy Birthday
As a birthday gift I will give you the 1GB that you like♡
Please look forward to it^^

@hoya1991: Myungsoo ya happy birthday! How does a hair straightener sound? Hope your way is always straight/smooth just like how the straightener will straighten your curly hair…^-^

@kyuzizi: Myungsoo ya happy birthday you’ve gained one year too

Facts/Quotes Used During #HappyLDay

For anyone that wants:

1- Was in “God Of Study”, got edited out

2. 100707 - What’s the goal Infinite wants to reach? L: We will get more people to know our names and who we are and show a improved side of us, the more we perform.

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to inspirits’ dearest 김명수 aka 엘,

happy 20th/21st birthday, you four-dimensional derp. so much has happened for you this year, eh? infinite finally held its first concert - and even have an encore concert planned for the spring. infinite also released their first full-length album this past year and finally won number one on a music program (after all your blood, sweat, and tears). but I digress. today isn’t a day about necessarily celebrating infinite; today is a day meant to celebrate you. you wonderfully odd flower boy you. congratulations on finally landing a role on the domestic small screen. congratulations on being given the chance to act on the overseas small screen as well. congratulations on your face. congratulations on being you.

i am not a person who would be described as eloquent, so i honestly don’t know what else to say. other than, well, happy birthday. chances are, you are probably still working on your birthday… try not to overwork yourself, dear. stay healthy. be happy. and may your 20th/21st year of living go just as fantastically as this year - if not, hopefully better.

생일축하해 명수씨~