#Happy28thJaejoong - 26.01

My dear Jaejoong oppa.

I’ve seen you grow. I’ve seen you fall and stand up again. I’ve seen you in happiness and I’ve seen you in pain. I’ve seen you smile like you’ve never smiled before and I’ve seen you cry. All I can say is that I’ve loved every single moment of it. I’ve loved EVERY SINGLE second of being by your side and supporting you. I love your precious smile more than anything. 

You were such a cute baby, and it brings out all of my feels and my poor heart stops whenever I see your childhood photos. I wish I could have a baby boy like you. Because you were so cute :3

It’s been though on you. I know you’ve been through TOO much. It’s really too much. I’m happy that you’re still going strong and hwaiting with everything you can. I’m glad you’re such a strong man and such a good human being. I’m glad that you’re everything I want a guy to be. Because you are truly one of the most inspirational K-Pop artists I’ve come across. 

We all know that behind all the silly jokes, is a very strong and mature man. And this is the man I fell for, and I never want you to change for anyone or anything. Please stay like this and be brave. Because the road ahead is though, but we’re here for you.

You’ve also become a real K-Pop artist, rather than an idol by composing and writing your own music. I can’t explain how proud I am of your mini album, ‘I’. 

One last thing: THANK YOU for never giving up on DBSK. You’re just…I just can’t explain how happy I become when I see your tattoes and when I see that hope on your face.

Cassiopeia will always keep the faith and we’ll do our best to stay together, as one with you.


And as you’ve always said:
Always Keep The Faith 


Happy Birthday Jaejoong Oppa!! AH Joongie’s getting so old :)) Live happy and well and best wishes on your solo album! Stay the handsome, adorable, beautiful man you are kekek :D We love you no matter what and hope for the best ♥♥♥♥ 

Aish im always so late on posting birthday posts :( but click here for a little birthday song from DBSK (:

To my Jaejoongie♥

Today a very special person was born. Kim Jae Joong. How can I express what I feel for this man? Too many feelings….

He was the first Korean idol I saw. I want to believe it was destiny… I was just surfing the web one day and then there he was, beautiful and in all his perfection. I just couldn’t ignore him. So there I go to YouTube and the moment I hear his voice I just changed. I have to say I haven’t been the same since then. I still remember that moment… it was enlightenment day for me. Jaejoong put a spell on me. I would go to sleep every night listening to DBSK songs to hear his soothing voice.

He was my first love in the K-world. And he still and always will hold a very special place in my heart. After these couple of years I’ve been his fan, I know that he is not just a beautiful face and an amazing voice, he is a very special person with a kind heart, an odd yet inviting personality and a loyal friend.

Jaejoongie, as a fan, I am so proud of you. Even amidst hardships, you have remained strong and have never ceased to fight for what is right. You have never stopped chasing your dreams. I know you will achieve all you wish… and I’ll be there cheering for you. I wish you all the happiness in this world. Thank you my dear.

재중 오빠 사랑해 .

HappyJaejoongDay ♥