Who is this boy? This boy is art. Since too young, he was already meant to be an artist. He was destined to become a successful rapper and musician. He never gave up on his dreams and never will. He’s Kwon Jiyong, also known as G-Dragon. In his whole life, he was decided to reach his dreams. Polemic, shocking, inappropriate, fashionable, “all scandals wait for him.” He made trends in the whole South Korea, dressed up as women, kissed his own bandmate and shocked the world being the first man to advertise red lipstick using it in his own lips. Talented, perfectionist, unexpected and not afraid of anything, no wonder he is the King of K-pop. Today this boy is 26, ready to keep making history in the K-pop industry and in the whole Asia.

08/18/1988, a king was born. Happy 25th Birthday to the one and only Gold N Diamonds boy, Kwon Jiyong! Ps.: He is 26 in Korean system age. #Happy26GDay