This is your birthday present from me: just some nice little animal gifs that I have been accumulating for a while, that I know will make you smile, because I couldn’t think of any interesting edits I could do that aren’t already being done by all of tumblr on one day.

Anyway, I’m rambling now.

Troye Sivan. I know I said this when you hit your last milestone, but I’ll say it again: you are one of the few youtubers that really, truly, 100% genuinely inspires me. You have a way of handling difficult situations that no one else can, you’re sooo funny in your own unique way, and best of all, you're nice. I’ve seen it from the things you’ve said to us on tumblr firsthand, but I’ve also heard amazing stories of your resilience during meet and greets with fans, and how you never cease to be friendly and warm and appreciative of your fans. (troyler147, your story was the sweetest) 

So in conclusion, I love you most dearly, and I can’t fathom how far you’ve come just in the last couple of years! I hope your birthday has not one imperfect moment, because you deserve perfection today. (This is getting really sappy woah) (and also long whoops)


Izzy (sivoakley)

P.S. I hope these gifs made you smile, I don’t really know why I chose to do this post in this way lols

— this fetus picture is so adorable I couldn’t resist, anyway here we go. —

okay, so i know it’s not the 5th of june in Perth, but it is here and this day nineteen years ago, a beautiful, talented, funny and amazing person was born, Troye Sivan Mellet.

Troye, I still can’t believe you’re 19! To start, i’m so proud of everything that you’ve already done, travelling the world, singing and acting, it’s incredible and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future too x/x/x. I’m glad I can call myself a troyeblemaker and i’m also proud to see you grow, it just makes me so happy and i really can’t put everything i want to say in words. You’re amazing and always stay wonderful and keep slaying at everything you do. You’re one of my inspirations and have helped me so much you don’t understand and i know i’m not the only one, we all love you. Plus i can’t forget to mention the fact that you can never fail to make me either smile or laugh, even on the worst days. I love you so much & i hope you never stop smiling (especially with your teeth because it’s cute.)

I really hope you had an awesome day. I love you & happy birthday 19th birthday troye boy! ✨