Riverdale 1x09

Okay y’all so im typing this from the grave because I think the episode actually killed me.

We got a whole lot of drama and action in a small amount of time, the episodes are really picking up the pace and its leaving me feeling like I’m about to have a stroke and I love it


So we all knew something was up with this family but this takes things to a whole other level. Like the freaking maple tapping ceremony and banquet…. like who does all of this for fricken maple syrup?? they are nuts man. And don’t get me started on Cheryl at the end, what the actual hell? Polly you better get outta there fast girl.

2. Archie

my guy, my dude, you just gotta chill out. take a break stop getting involved in absolutely everything. I know you’re heart is in the right place but sometimes you just gotta take a seat. ( and he totally deserved Val dumping his ass he was a terrible boyfriend)

3. Veronica, you sweet angel. I just wanted to crawl through the screen and give her a hug she is so pure. 

4. also nice seeing Betty be there for her I love their friendship so much


6. seriously though I think mama cooper has something going on like betty and thats where betty’s problems come from. 

7. like when mama cooper threw the brick you saw her whole persona and body language change much like Dark Betty with Chuck.

8. yo i don’t trust Ethel, idk why but I don’t. she seems shady


we were so BLESSED fam. The first scene on her bed had me screaming cause I wasn’t expecting bughead so soon in the episode…but there they were about to have a makeout session at like 7 am until mama coper ruined all their fun;) and then we get protective boyfriend Juggie while talking to Cheryl which had me squealing. Then their scene with Betty freaking out and jughead comforting her and basically being the best boyfriend ever. and the collar grab and the HUG. honestly I swooned more at that hug than any of their kisses because it was so pure. I actually died and got resurrected. And then the two of them inviting mama cooper to write at the blue and gold I can’t handle this.

10. guys my heart can’t handle this.

11. also the fact that mama cooper is just so cool the juggie makes me so happy

12. and bughead once again show how a couple should be. supportive and loving and everything good in the world.

so that ends my rant because I need to remember how to breathe and function as a normal human being again. I probably missed a bunch of stuff but I can’t be bothered to remember. BUT BUGHEAD IS STILL SAILING AND BEING PURE AND HEALTHY SO MY HEART IS SMILING!<33

Walang perpektong relasyon. Ang kailangan niyo lang eh ang ISA'T ISA.

Minsan sa isang tao na ubod at sobrang magmahal, di mo na maiisip na nakakasakit kana. Yung tipong nandon kana sa punto na ginagawa mo na lahat para hindi kayo magaway kase takot kang mawala sia sayo. Yung tipo na todo iwas ka na magaway kayo, na ayaw na ayaw mo makagawa ka ng mali na ikagagalit niya. Na sa sobrang takot ka na mwala sia sayo, palagi na kayo nagaaway, palagi ng may arguments and etc. Then you’ll realize you don’t have to try hard to make the relationship perfect. You just have to be there for him/her. Ung taong nakilala nia way back when both of you were friends. Kase sa ganong tao ka nia minahal.

I have been there. This past week. Me and boyfriend had a major argument. Yung tipong nagsisigawan na kayo sa telepono. Kulang nalang magmurahan kayo eh. Pero di naman humantong sa ganon. Nagkaron lang ng banta, sumbatan and other things. Mainit na din ulo naming dalawa, nakainom pa so we decided to talk it over the next day. I know I’ve made mistakes pero ung feeling na alam mong kayang kaya ka niang palitan in just a snap e nakakabastos na diba? Pinaramdam nia sakin nung gabeng un na kayang kaya nia ko iwan anytime. BAHALA KA SA BUHAY MO! Ung tipong ganon. At the end of the night, I cried. I cried my heart out kase nasaktan ako. Ni hindi man lang sia naging concern sa kng anong nanyare sakin. I guess his pride won and I was the loser that night.

The next day, he was texting me saying ILOVEYOU. I’M SORRY ABOUT LAST NIGHT. Blah blah blah! I was so cold, ung tipong ayoko na sia kausapin but still I did. TANGINA MAHAL KO EH! No ba magagawa ko? And besides, I’ve made mistakes too. So kelangan lang patawarin namin ang isa’t isa. It took time. The whole time he was texting me stuff that he misses me and so forth. I didn’t text him the whole day. I just texted him an hour before midnight and he fell asleep. No time to talk at all.

And it was Monday, he was being so cold to me. No text, no goodmorning, no ILOVEYOU. I got scared. And I was like freaking out kase feeling ko it was the end of the line. Then he texted me, TULOY PABA NATIN TO? WALA NAMAN NA NANYAYARE EH. NAGKAKASAKITAN LANG TAYO! And i was like? WATTHEF*CK! I cried my heart out again. And I was like thinking it’s goodbye time. Hinanda ko na sarili ko sa break up. After a couple of text messages, he finally said I WON’T GIVE UP ON YOU. KAYA NATIN TO. I AM TRULY SORRY. DI PO TAYO NAGHIHIWALAY. HINDI PO. Hearing that from him was the most comforting words he’d said. And I love him for that. Kase ako diko din naman sia iggiveup na ganon ganon lang eh. And he knows that every single day of our lives.

REALIZATION: Hindi ko naman kelangan ng perpektong relasyon. Dadating sa punto na magaaway talaga kayo over silly things. The good thing is after all the heartaches and bad words uve said to each other, alam mo na pinaglalaban ka pa din ng taong mahal mo. For me, that’s the important thing. Na kahit anong away, gulo o tampuhan man ang maganda e both sides are strong and has the courage to fight for each other. VICE VERSA LANG! Give and take kumbaga. DON’T TRY TOO HARD. LOVE HIM/HER EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE.


anonymous asked:

ahh do you have any narusasu headcanons?? or any other ship? I really like ur headcanons haha they're 👌👀good shit

Ahhh yes!!!! I’m glad you like my hcs! Here are some that aren’t sad!

1. Sasuke is asexual (if you wanna pair them sexually then Sasuke is not dominant at all)

2. Both Sasuke and Naruto had nightmares about each other when Sasuke left Konoha

3. Itachi fucking hardcore ships it (as well as Minato, Kushina, and Sakura, but nobody ships it more than Kurama) 

4. Sakura had to help Naruto properly ask Sasuke out on their first date

5. Since they both hate being alone, Sasuke would go over to Naruto’s house every night to sleep after he came back to Konoha (They eventually just moved in together)


7. Naruto is fucking cheesy as hell and will go on about how wonderful Sasuke is forever (but this is basically canon so??)

8. Sai asks Sasuke what it’s like to be in love with someone and Sasuke’s explanation is super gay

9. They hold hands all the time

10. Naruto holds Sasuke really tight when they sleep so he can make sure that he’s still there

11. Naruto is the only person that Sasuke has left and he’s the only one that makes him really happy

12. Every. single. person. watched them on their first date and it was chaotic

13. Sasuke likes to kiss Naruto’s whiskers

14. Kurama gives Naruto advice when he gets nervous around Sasuke