Tada! A Full color 1920′s Ganondorf for you all! 

This commission took some time to do, but it was so much fun! I tried not to go overboard on it and limit myself to a maximum amount of time and I’m pretty happy with the results~ =W= 

 Thank you very much to my friend and patron for this work, @keimakaito​ for letting me have the time to create something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! 1920′s Ganon in color! Hope you guys like! 

More 1920′s ocarina of time, if you’re interested! 

Please do not edit, re-upload , or post my work on other sites without permission first, thank you!! 

scrubbenyan asked:

Great art :3 but how do I reach that level? I started drawing cartoons a bit more but I'm worried I can't doodle good (╥﹏╥)

Hey thank you! I’m stoked you like my stuff. :)
I have got a few notes saying things like this. Some of them have more self deprecation than others but the message is the same for the most part.

Art is not a competition guys. You are not bad at this!
I don’t know why you are being so hard on yourselves. Your ideas are awesome. YOU are unique and individual. Therefore, so is your work and that’s what makes it great. Down to your smallest silliest doodles.

Think about that when you are making art. Whenever you are drawing/painting/making that is you reveling in expression. This is you being uniquely YOU. Learn to love that. The more you love to do something the more you do it. The more you do it the more you improve.
I have practiced a lot and I have studied a lot. I do both because it is fun for me. I just really love painting. You are looking at what hundreds(thousands?) of pictures of practice over the span of years does to someone. I am not new to this and I am still very far from where I want to be. Just the same as you.
No matter what people think this stuff is not a natural occurrence. Literally anyone can do what I do. Anyone can get to this point and go way past it. It is just time and willingness to put fourth the effort.
Studying helps. References help. The internet has got you covered on that. Talking down about yourself to take away your own motivation does not help.

Just try your hardest when drawing and remember try new things. Don’t have a comfort zone when it comes to ability. Stop worrying about how it’s going to look and just try it.
It’s not going to look how you want in the beginning. Hell, it’s not going to look how you want 6 years down the line either but other people won’t know that.
Your doodles are good. Trust me when I say your doodles are good. You are just scratching the surface. If you keep it up every day you will be drawing in ways you would never believe you could in no time.

Today I’m going to show you my Zelda Goddess Sandals! Tchanaaannn!
This is the third time I made a “shoe” for a cosplay, and I’m really happy with the result!!
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If you have questions about the costume of my Goddess Zelda, ask here! ^^
You can tell everything in English I will answer you!

lostin-translations asked:

How do you learn to love your body?

I think the steps that we can take to truly learn to love ourselves is to just talk to ourselves. As crazy as that seems, just talk to yourself and be your own best friend. Compliment yourself. If you don’t like your thighs, tell yourself that you love them. After a bit of consistently complimenting ourself on things we don’t like we will see our mood and our outlook on life start to brighten up and eventually we will learn to love ourselves. I do highly recommend also working out. By just 20 mins daily of working out you can increase your happiness by 10- 20%. Even if you don’t see the results right away, knowing that you are doing something that is positively benefiting your body makes you feel so good!

A touch of blonde

I don’t make just illustrations or funny and wizard draws, but i study the digital paint to improve myself. If i’m far from satisfaction still i’m pretty happy about my results. I’ve seen Scream, a very good tv show, so i’ve used as reference a actress who play in this series. I hope you like it :)

This took me a couple of days to complete, but it’s finally done!

I took a long time mostly due to the fact that I was experimenting with different ways to color it and different blending effects. I’m happy with the result.

Do any of you even remember who these two are? I haven’t drawn them in about 2 years! I never even drew them this detailed, either!

I’ll submit this to deviantArt later…

So for all of you who messaged me asking for a before and after picture of my diet, I found some old ones on my laptop and made this little 2 month progress picture! I’m honestly so happy with the results. And to answer some of your questions, I was using the Forskolin Belly Melt. I ordered it when I saw it on the Dr. Oz show. Keep in mind that it’s not for everyone, it’s kinda expensive. But if you are willing to spend some money for real results, THIS is where I ordered it. I saw a noticeable difference in 2 weeks, and everyone else started noticing in about a month. I literally tried everything including a vegan diet and vigorous exercise but this is what finally took off the extra stubborn pounds and toned my abs.

dont compare. just focus on you and your own goals

WEEK 15: Project “Be Able To Take My Shirt Off Without Crying”

I’m pretty happy with my results so far. Significantly changing my diet and adding 4-5 gym days to my schedule seems to be working. My goals this week are to keep adjusting my diet to get rid of the last bit of belly and love handle fat around my waist as well as increase grip and arm strength so that I can lengthen my hanging bar exercises. Being on the floor or using a resistance band are great for your core but god damn, leg lifts on a hanging bar destroy your abs in all the right ways. James said Farmer’s Walks are a good start for that. Gonna increase the numbers of days I do cardio as well. High intensity interval workouts are doing the trick but I’m going to try and make them something I do 5 times a week at minimum instead of 3. Diet is going to be less sugar, smaller portions, more meals. Adding more coniferous vegetables, drinking more water, snacking often.

Hoping to make posts like this a regular thing for accountability. Feel free to send me messages or tweets to remind me to drink water. As Tyler Coe puts it, I should be peeing constantly.

Autistic or person with autism?  SURVEY RESULTS.

Meant to do this yesterday but never got round to it.

Thanks to everyone who answered.

Here are the results to the survey. 

I’m more than happy if anyone wants to use these results and graphs as long as you credit this post.

It’d great if people could reblog this or post it elsewhere too if you want.


321 people answered in total.

Question 1: 318 people answered, 3 people skipped.

Question 2: 320 people answered, 1 person skipped.

Question 3: 320 people answered, 1 person skipped.

Question 4: 320 people answered, 1 person skipped.

Question 1:

292 autistic people voted for autistic – 91.82%

26 autistic people voted for person with autism – 8.18%

Question 2:

101 autistic people did mind if people used person with autism – 31.56%.

219 autistic people didn’t mind if people used person with autism – 68.44%

Question 3:

7 autistic people liked it if people insist on person with autism – 2.19%

251 autistic people did not like it if people insisted on person with autism – 78.44%

62 autistic people didn’t care if people insisted on person with autism – 19.38%

Question 4:

52 autistic people agreed with functioning labels – 16.25%

212 autistic people did not agree with functioning labels – 66.25%

56 autistic people didn’t care about functioning labels – 17.50%


Sooo… it’s done!!

I am so damn happy with the final result, it’s so messy 😍
167 planes, and original mesh was above 150.000 polygons XD
It was a nightmare to reduce it to a decent (yet high) amount hahaha
I will post it for Wednesday, just have to do the CAS thumbnail 😊

I hope you like it ❤️



Collection 1: Start 

Hii, with a little delay I present you a set with 3 dresses. These are all meshed by me. This is the first time that I meshed like this. Be aware, these are MD meshes. I’ve been warned about it, but hey, trying out and figuring new things never hurts. I tried my best, had a lot of fun with every now and then wanting to smash a wall and am very happy with the result. This post is huge. Apologies, have a cookie or some tea or coffee. I want to thank many people and since it’s my first time like this. I have to share my story and happiness, lalala~~ The pictures above are as they appeared in my game. I only cropped and added an icon.

MASSIVE thanks to all the tutorials and guides by faliocta/simsncoffee (T_T?), @loubellesims, @chisimi, @andhisrabbits​ and @simlicious. Each of you has guides and vids in which I learnt a lot. Thank you for all your wonderful work !!

Lots of hugs and love to @lilit666-posts​. Lilit you’re incredible! Thank you very much for your encouraging, assistance and friendship ♥ 

Lastly, thank you so much to all the people who’ve tried out the dresses for me and showing me the gorgeous pictures. All your critique and compliments are well received. I appreciate you guys wanted to test them out, I’m very happy with seeing the result! Hugs for all ~~

@split-ma-soul 1/2@another-simmer 1  ・ @itsoceansecret 1/2/3  ・  @sgisims 1 ・  @sgisims 1  ・  @mckatsims 1  ・  @simophilia 1/2  ・  @lilyssims 1  ・  @simtigious 1  ・  @littlemsim 1  ・ @audiosims 1  ・  @simtigious 1  ・ @kai-babez 1 ・  @happylifesims​ ♥ Take care LB!  ・ @bubblegumblown1

TOU | Click

Star Dress Mediafire | Weiyun | TSR
Sun Dress Mediafire | Weiyun | TSR
Moon Dress   Mediafire | Weiyun | TSR

Tag Nisukiye or mention if you want me to see your posts with my creations. Happy simming and keep smiling ٩(ˊᗜˋ)و♥ ~~

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