Wow. My blog has been really sappy lately or really stupid or whatever but I don’t care?~?~?~?

~We can make really weird noises~

Okay. I’m done. 

Caitlyn’s Happy corner~~~

  • 20 different types of incense (plus a few packs under the shelf)
  • Several different incense cones
  • Air fresheners/sprays
  • 10 Autumn candles
  • 4 tealight candles
  • 1 vanilla/1 apple candle~*~*~*
  • tons of tea under shelf
  • Happy times. 

This has been a successful weekend. I finished all of my homework for the next two days on Friday, and then Joey spent the night. On Saturday, Katelyn and I went belly dancing, and I loved it, especially since I was doing it with my best friend and it was just a lot of fun. And today, Joey and I went and looked at art, ate peanut soup(which is not my favorite) and super chocolatey brownies/cookies, acted supa gay, explored an abandoned house and got a bunch of old shit which is super neat. Andddd his valentines day present just got here. I’m pretty happy. And I’m hoping this good mood and motivation lasts.