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So the other night I remember having a dream where a little kid asked me if I was a boy or a girl and i went "A little of both, A little of neither" and I smiled at them and they smiled back it was very nice and cute ;u;

Do you ever have days where a bunch of random nice things happen, but you don’t really realize until the end of the day?

Today was like that for me. I got some nice compliments from both strangers and friends, an edible arrangement from one of my managers as a thank you for my hard work (!), and that same manager told me that he had “a long chat” with one of our company VPs about me.

Pretty much today was a bunch of little things adding up to a really nice day. I’ll take more days like this, please! 😊

Good things tonight

–>I got a 94% on my midterm

–>I get to spend the day tomorrow making cupcakes for vday

–>I get to spend vday with someone

–>I watched 2 hilarious episodes of Mostly Walking’s Kings Quest VI playthrough

–>My vday card to be signed came in the mail

–>I got all of my grad applications finished and sent in

–>I talked to my mom, I’m more prepared

–>tomorrow is a new day, there’s little point worrying. Just have to be careful


-“this too, will pass”.

-everything is temporary.

-you deserve the world, dont tell yourself otherwise.

-many people, including me, believe in you.

-you are a unique, beautiful work of art.

-you have so much power that you are blind to.

-you are capable of amazing things.

-you are deserving of love, always.

-I am waiting for that day you wake up and realize things have changed, and your troubles are a memory.

There’s this super pretty girl that works at Goodwill and I’ve always wanted to compliment her makeup because it always looks SO GOOD and today I did and we had a nice exchange of words.:) And another nice girl with a nose ring was helping me look through dresses because I need one for a wedding I’m attending. Then later at Walmart I got to go through my fav cashier’s line and she has the prettiest hair. I was going to compliment her but first she said “oh my, you’re adorable!!” to ME AND I WAS LIKE “ahh what no way I was going to say YOU’RE so pretty!!!” and it was just a really nice experience.

My soul is filled with <3


*coughs* buncha nerds

*quietly* i love them

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Getting Starbucks with Luke and the barista draws a smiley on your cup and Luke gets all mad and as you sit at a table together he gets madder and madder until you take a sip and wince when you realize it's not what you ordered and it's Luke's drink and then he gets all blushy bc the barista was flirting with him not you

oh my god you’d spent like the first fifteen minutes after taking a seat at your favorite window in the corner calming luke because the new barista had drawn a big smiley face on the side of the cup to which you’re joking under your breath it’s probably not even that good, shush and he can’t help but snort when the bitter liquid is tinging the edge of your tongue and the entirety of your features are screwing into a disgruntled frown and luke’s chuckling that bad huh? to which you’re choking not my drink. this is yours. and luke’s entire demeanor is shifting as his face flushes the darkest of maroons and his eyes shift to the barista who’s not paying one bit of attention to the dust collecting on their rag as they wipe up the counter but rather focused solely on luke’s broad shoulders and when you giggle and point a bit luke’s frowning as he rubs at his cheeks what? to which you’re catching his bicep before he can turn and embarrass the poor barista more and insisting, “grandma’s, puppies, and apparently barista’s all love you. this isn’t new news.”

Do not compare yourself to others. Everyone has different writing styles and yours isn’t any less beautiful or important than another’s. We live in a world that breeds competition and it’s easy to forget your own growth. You have a skill and whether you’re just beginning to hone it or have been working on it for years, it’s wonderful and deserves to be shared just as much as anyone else’s work.

Being kind to others is important.
But don’t ever forget to be kind to yourself.
Do not compare your work to other’s.

compliments that mean more than those about looks:
- you’re really good at this thing
- I love your aesthetic
- you have a wonderful taste in music
- your opinions are so interesting
- you make me laugh without an effort
- I like the way you do this thing
- I could listen to you talk all day
- you intrigue me
- I want to travel the world with you
- you’re my favourite person
- I feel so comfortable around you
- you lift my spirits when I’m down
- you mean so much to me
- I love watching you interact with people/children/animals
- I’m so thankful we met
- your presence makes me happy
- I would love to hear your thoughts on this
- you always know the right thing to say
- I wish I could spend every day with you
- you’re my best friend
- your personality is adorable
- you’re a really important part of my life
- you make me want to be a better person
- you inspire me


If this does not make you smile, you have no soul.  I grinned the whole time I was watching it.