In just a couple of weeks, I won’t live in this house anymore. My new home will be with Kate and Kate alone and aaaaaaghfgdh I’m so, so very excited, even if I get very stressed trying to do a budget (why does everything COST SO MUCH, y’all, and I live in the south so I know it’s dirt cheap compared to a lot of y’all’s homes). This is going to be so weird and overwhelming and I know we’ll get through it.

we get to live together through the school year and beyond we get to live together during HALLOWEEN we get to live together for our 24th birthdays we get to live together through Christmas we get to live together through ups and downs we get to live together through new album releases and movies we get to live together and thinking about it’s making me do that thing where I smile so hard I can’t breathe

u said it, hairstyle

The Signs as Nice Things that can Happen
  • aries:someone you really like or look up to playfully teasing you about something you did, and you finding it just as funny as they do
  • taurus:the family you're babysitting for saying you can help yourself to anything in the fridge
  • gemini:the excitement in the air on a friday before a long weekend, everyone eagerly asking about each other's plans, and the collective relief when the day is finally done
  • cancer:someone playing with your hair, falling asleep on your shoulder, or holding your hand for the first time
  • leo:the teacher using something you did as an example of a job well done, as the other members of your class ask how you managed to do it with admiration in their voices
  • virgo:waking up in the middle of the night only to find someone else also awake, both of you sleepy, bedheaded, and in your pajamas
  • libra:being told that someone has been saying nice things about you when you aren't around, or finding out that a person you thought never noticed you actually thinks you're a really cool
  • scorpio:staying up late talking about the deeper, most honest, parts of life with someone you really care about
  • sagittarius:going to a concert and being able to sing the words to every song, feeling the music under your feet and in your bones
  • capricorn:getting home after a long day knowing that theres nothing pressing you have to do that night, being able to take off your shoes, sit down, and relax
  • aquarius:being alone in a place that you've only ever seen when it's crowded, hearing the echo of your footsteps instead of the usual tangle of voices
  • pisces:being somewhere public in the presence of a big storm, everyone in the room gathering to look out the window and comment on the weather
I honestly love being a witch.

❈ I draw love, comfort, and strength from nature, the elements, deities (if I choose), and spirits.

❈ I have a secret, one that most people don’t know about me.

❈ I understand myself better than I ever had before.

❈ I feel magical, mysterious, and enchanted when I make magic.

❈ I can divine the future, the present, and the past, and find the truth of a situation to guide myself and others.

❈ My familiar is adorable and one of my best friends. Same for my spirit guide.

❈ I can protect myself and those I love from unseen forces.

❈ There is no better feeling than feeling “witchy.”

It’s a curious thing to wonder about
strangers on the subway.
To see who might be in love,
and to see who might be in pain.
It’s a train full of emotions and stories and
endless combinations of personalities.
I think it would be a lovely thing to know
what goes on underground in the lives
of all these temporarily important ghosts
that will soon be gone before we notice.
—  Sonder on the Subway Tracks


imagine John, after Mary is long gone and its just them again, one day after talking to Janine, he turns this song on and offers his hand to Sherlock. “May I have this dance?”

He had asked Janine about Sherlock, about him and her and it slipped out in angry words. “What made him love you not me?” He stopped as the words fell out. He looked at his shoes as he whispered, “Sorry… I-” “You’re an idiot, John. Go home and tell him you love him instead of yelling at his fake girlfriend.” They talked and she told him that he loves dancing. He went back to Baker street quickly after their chat.

Sherlock looked up at John with wide eyes of surprise and- hope. So much hope as he blinked back down at the hand before taking it. They danced for a bit, and Sherlock rested his head on John’s good shoulder. John wrapped his arms around Sherlock as they swayed and soon was humming the song. At the chorus near the end, he sang softly and felt Sherlock smile against his shoulder. At the end of the song he looked at Sherlock’s face as he moved his head. John licked his lips before seizing his courage, leaning up to Sherlock and pressing their lips together. Sherlock was still for a moment, then he wrapped his arms around John, pulling him close against his chest as his eyes slid shut. John sighed into the kiss as they pulled back to lean their foreheads together. After that, there were many days were soft music would play and a year later, they danced to the song once more, matching rings on their conjoined hands.

Sorry for angst last time…


*big wistful sigh*