The Signs as Nice Things that can Happen
  • aries:someone you really like or look up to playfully teasing you about something you did, and you finding it just as funny as they do
  • taurus:the family you're babysitting for saying you can help yourself to anything in the fridge
  • gemini:the excitement in the air on a friday before a long weekend, everyone eagerly asking about each other's plans, and the collective relief when the day is finally done
  • cancer:someone playing with your hair, falling asleep on your shoulder, or holding your hand for the first time
  • leo:the teacher using something you did as an example of a job well done, as the other members of your class ask how you managed to do it with admiration in their voices
  • virgo:waking up in the middle of the night only to find someone else also awake, both of you sleepy, bedheaded, and in your pajamas
  • libra:being told that someone has been saying nice things about you when you aren't around, or finding out that a person you thought never noticed you actually thinks you're a really cool
  • scorpio:staying up late talking about the deeper, most honest, parts of life with someone you really care about
  • sagittarius:going to a concert and being able to sing the words to every song, feeling the music under your feet and in your bones
  • capricorn:getting home after a long day knowing that theres nothing pressing you have to do that night, being able to take off your shoes, sit down, and relax
  • aquarius:being alone in a place that you've only ever seen when it's crowded, hearing the echo of your footsteps instead of the usual tangle of voices
  • pisces:being somewhere public in the presence of a big storm, everyone in the room gathering to look out the window and comment on the weather

I just love when animals nudge your hand when they want you to keep petting them.. because to them, you are their whole world. Their happiness. They’re so grateful to have you in their life. If you are feeling sad please think about this for a moment and remember how important you are.


This is my home now.

here’s a list of lil happy things in life b/c sometimes we all get down about life but honestly there are so many good + pure things in life to be happy about :)

  • stepping into a hot shower after a long day
  • the smell of old books
  • clean bed sheets
  • realizing it’s friday and the weekend is tomorrow
  • making ur friends laugh really hard
  • sipping tea/coffee on a cold morning
  • thinking of a comeback on the spot
  • being on the phone with someone and not rly talking but u know they’re still there
  • falling asleep in the car
  • seeing your food arrive in a restaurant
  • singing at the top of ur lungs when ur home alone
  • rapping a verse perfectly
  • lying down with ur head on someone’s chest
  • opening to a new spread in a journal
  • getting lost in a book
  • giving belly rubs to puppies
  • sleeping in on weekends and realizing u have nothing to do
  • sunsets
  • sipping cold water after a long hot day
  • discovering your new favorite band
  • inside jokes with ur best friends
  • falling asleep to rain
  • dancing like no ones watching
  • seeing stars at night
  • listening to your favorite album all the way through
  • swinging on a swingset
  • acing the test u studied really hard for
  • cooking yourself your favorite meal
  • finishing your homework really early and relaxing
  • when people text you first
  • packing for vacations
  • being awake really early to do something special and the rest of the world isn’t really awake yet
  • jumping on a trampoline
  • slow dances
  • looking through old pictures
  • eating popcorn while watching your favorite movie
  • wearing a cozy sweater in the winter
  • swinging on a hammock
  • buying school supplies
  • stargazing
  • the lightness in ur stomach when the plane starts to land
  • long hugs from people you love
  • playing in the rain
  • the smell of baking cookies/brownies
  • warm blankets when it’s cold out
  • those ‘this never leaves the room’ moments
  • rainbows
  • getting that package you’ve been waiting for

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important things 4 u friend
  • i love u 
  • remember to care for urself bc u r really important ok
  • drink lots of water
  • dont ever hurt urself please you are too great 
  • it is ok to be sad 
  • u r fly af 
  • u are so pretty . i am sure of it i am 100% sure 
  • if u feel lonely please remember that i am sitting here thinking about u 
  • remember 2 do ur homework and be productive  
  • also eat your fucking vegetables 
  • i love u 

If somebody’s hating on you for loving yourself then you should fucking dump them on the side of the road like the trash they are because you should fucking love yourself and all of your flaws because oh my fucking god you are a human and you’re beautiful


A beautiful thing happened yesterday.

This man was sitting alone in the Petach Tikva cemetery by his wife’s grave, waiting for a minyan to say kaddish in her memory. Somebody posted the first picture on facebook, asking for any men in the area to help him out. 

Very soon, dozens of men arrived in order to complete the minyan. At the end of the day, we are all family.