signs as happy things
  • Aries:hugging your best friend
  • Taurus:big teddy bears
  • Gemini:talking to someone on the phone all night long
  • Cancer:soup on a cold day
  • Leo:getting your hair curled by someone else
  • Virgo:first kisses
  • Libra:relaxing on a floaty in a pool
  • Scorpio:laughing at scary movies
  • Sagittarius:riding roller coasters
  • Capricorn:the relief of finishing a big project
  • Aquarius:having no worries
  • Pisces:forehead kisses

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Life Goals
  • small tattoos with big meaning
  • deep, honest relationships
  • a rewarding job that I’m passionate about
  • animal friends to help, play with, and love
  • a place to live with lots of opportunity, nature, and happy people
  • healthy, delicious, fresh food
  • blissful runs and effective workouts
  • someone to talk to early in the morning and share breakfast with
  • walks through the woods
  • beautiful weather
  • big muscles and big motivation
  • write a book that inspires and changes lives
  • see faraway places
  • find myself
  • live alive

A sorta long list of things that make me happy and may help brighten your day:


this is the web content that i am here for