ICYMI, here’s the video of Ed surprising a couple by performing at their wedding!

I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this ahh :)

“happy wedding day” 

“make lots of babies”

The bunker’s library was silent, as could be expected at three in the morning. The silence used to be deafening to Dean whenever he wasted his hours there on a sleepless night, but this time, it was almost comforting. Trying to make as little noise as possible, he closed the door behind him, quietly sneaking in.

Sitting in one of the comfortable chairs in the corner was Castiel, brow furrowed in concentration as he flipped through the pages of an old dusty book. Dean’s heart soared at the sight; Castiel being there. Castiel making himself at home. Castiel who had ditched his many coats, leaving nothing but the white dress shirt, his tie loose. Cas had been at the bunker plenty of times, but it had always been temporary, and with a purpose. Business.

This time, there was no purpose. No reason other than Dean wanting him to stay. Wanting him close, because he needed Cas’ presence, and had at last gathered the courage to tell the angel exactly what it was he needed. It had been a week of many firsts… First brutally honest talk, first love confession, first kiss.

“This is hardly a time for a human to be awake, Dean.” Cas spoke without looking up from his book, but he sounded more amused than condescending.

Dean froze in the middle of the room. Of-freaking-course. No point in sneaking around when the one you were trying to sneak up on was a supernatural being with heightened senses.

“You’re up too, look who’s talking.” Dean sputtered a defense.

Cas glanced up now, lifting an eyebrow at Dean, vivid blue eyes narrowing. “But unlike you, I’m not human.”

Dean considered coming up with a cocky remark, one that could possibly start an argument. But he didn’t; it would only be a waste of precious time. Time that he’d rather spend doing other things.

There was no hesitation as Dean crossed the room, then pushed the book aside so that he could make himself comfortable in Cas’ lap, nuzzling Cas’ shoulder.

Cas was warm, and comfortable, and he smelled exceptionally nice. Sleep came to Dean the second he tucked his head under Cas’ chin and wrapped his arms around the angel’s waist, Cas’ arms enveloping him in return. Dean’s eyes were already drooping when he heard Castiel chuckle softly.

This is where you’re choosing to sleep?” Cas questioned incredulously, murmuring the words into Dean’s hair, warm breath soothingly caressing Dean’s scalp.  

Dean forced out a sleepy smile, not sure if Castiel would be able to see it at all from this angle, but making an effort nonetheless.

“Hmm, yeah…” He slurred. “Changed my mind… You were right, Cas… ‘S no time for a human to be awake.”

The last thing Dean remembered before slipping into a world of pleasant dreams, was the soft brush of Cas’ lips against the top of his head. Dean blessed his lucky stars for having an angel boyfriend to watch over him.

drowning-inthe-feels asked:

Imagine Stiles sleeping at Derek's for the first time, and Derek's almost asleep when he realizes that Stiles is still wide awake. So he asks what's wrong, and Stiles, after a few minutes of Derek cajoling him into talking, admits that he can't sleep without his pillow. Derek is silent for a minute, then gets up, pulls on pants and a shirt and shoes, and leaves. Stiles is confused and a little hurt because what was that all about? He lies there in bed, tears stinging his eyes as he tries to 1/3

—figure out if he should stay or leave. Just as he decides that he’s going to go back home, the door slides open. Derek comes back to the bedroom holding Stiles’ pillow. Stiles can only stare as Derek walks over and places the pillow on the bed. Derek won’t meet Stiles’ gaze, and Stiles finally takes hold of Derek’s chin and smiles at him. “Thanks,” he says softly. “Anytime,” Derek says gruffly. There’s a soft, chaste kiss before Derek shucks his clothes and climbs back into bed, tugging Stiles close. “You do realize,” Stiles mumbles sleepily, “that you leaving to get my pillow at one in the morning is as good as an ‘I love you.’” Derek merely smiles, nuzzling into Stiles’ neck, but doesn’t deny it. They’re both asleep within minutes.

This made me smile so wide. Thank you hon, I needed this tonight.

Just some things you should remember. ^_^
  1. Never apologise for who you are, no matter what it is about you from something small, like the state of your nails, or something big, like a mental disorder or physical condition, or even stuff like ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, the colour of your skin or your religion- all of that is a part of you. As long as nothing you do or say hurts anyone, be they human or otherwise, you have nothing to be sorry for.
  2. You look nice today! You always look nice! Everything you wear looks good on you no matter your body type! You like that hat even if it’s silly? Wear it anyways! Someone else might like it, too! You like wearing those shoes because they make you feel awesome? Wear ‘em! No one can work ‘em like you do.
  3. Feel hungry? Are you thirsty? Go fix yourself something. Make sure you’re taking care of dietary needs. Have you taken your pills? Did you check your Blood Glucose Levels? Do you need insulin? Make sure medical stuff’s taken care of, too.
  4. Had a long day? Go have a shower or a bath and clean yourself up- wash your hair, wash your face, whatever you need to do, then sit under the spray for a while. You’ll feel heaps better after you step out with all the day’s worries washed down the drain.
  5. Feel like doing nothing? That’s cool, too. Take a day off if you need it. Some days are just a ‘do nothing’ day. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get something done today either. It’s not the end of the world.
  6. Got stuff to do? Best hop to it. No shame in having a busy day. You’ll feel better when it’s done. Make sure to take breaks so you don’t have a headache.
  7. Feeling anxious? Breathe. Find something to cuddle. If you need to cry, that’s okay,too. Crying helps a lot sometimes.
  8. You are loved. You are so loved. People love you and you are amazing. Never, ever forget how amazing you are. You’re made of iron and stardust- you’re a miracle of the universe and it will not be the same without you. 

Have a wonderful day/night/whatever time of the day it is, and remember: you are you, and that is awesome.

She makes you smile so much more sincerely than I ever did.
She fits by your side better than I ever did.
She calms you down, anchors you, more easily and effectively than I ever did.
She laughs sweeter than I ever could.
She’s prettier than I could ever manage to be.
She’s sweeter, kinder, more of a beautiful soul than I can ever hope to be.
She’s right for you, more so than I was, am, or ever will be.

(I wish often on 11:11’s and shooting stars and every other superstitious thing for your happiness, and it looks like the universe is sending me a sign by sending you her.

I hope you’re happy.)

- y.v.l

"15 things that make me happy"
  1. bike rides. I have yet ridden a bike in the rain but thinking about warm sunny summer enveloping me as I ride down the street and around my neighborhood is enough to make me yearn for June / July.
  2. My friends. My first semester in university was really tough. I remember crying into my salad at lunch because i felt so alone. It does get better. I have now a strong group of 8 friends who have each other’s back. 
  3. Alone time. I like walking by myself, running by myself, and exploring the city by myself. When it’s really quiet and still at night, I like looking up at how the buildings are still lit up around me. 
  4. Music. I always bring my ipod around me. It’s essential for me to go on throughout the day without running off into the wild. Finding new sounds and beats excite me.
  5. Books / writing. I love them so much. I got to a thrift shop that sells books every week just to browse new titles. Last month, I purchased 52 books. I also enjoy writing a lot. I actually have a tom hiddleston fan fiction blog on Tumblr as well as this one.
  6. Hot showers or baths. Put on some soft playing music and we got the perfect recipe for a soothing night. 
  7. The sound of traffic in the middle of night. Cars zipping down the road. The squeaking of breaks and bus doors creaking open makes me feel alive.
  8. Night. I am alive during this time. I like looking out into darkness and the stars above. 
  9. Funny people. I learned to hold onto memories and jokes and laughter my friends and I shared. I find myself smiling at random moments of the day because of our past conversations. 
  10. Nature. I really like large bodies of ocean and trees and mountains. I see these pictures on tumblr and i envy whoever lives near to these glorious places.
  11. Rain and thunder. Give me a book and a cup of tea and i’ll be happy.
  12. Mulan. I just rewatched it yesterday because i was feeling really anxious and unhappy. It made me feel okay again. There’s just so many elements to it that make it so much more than a cartoon movie. 
  13. Coffee. I wake up to it. It brings me life sometimes. 
  14. Movies. I watch them by myself in a local movie theatre. I like it when i watch a movie nobody has ever heard of. 
  15. This is new but the latest thing or person that makes me happy is my crush. I think i got feelings for him for only a week but just thinking about him makes me all fluttery and nervous on the inside. I was never attracted him by looks but i fell in love with his personality so now i think he’s cute or more than looks which is important. 

Thanks essentiallybritish for tagging me. <3 

Ian and Mickey getting into an argument over something small, and Mickey has somewhere to be. But before he goes he storms over and kisses Ian quickly because he’s not really that pissed at him, and he needs to make sure Ian knows. (But he already does)

bard and thranduil being an old married couple sitting in front of a fireplace together, in their favorite armchairs, it’s raining outside and they’re holding hands and drinking wine. maybe reading some books and when they come across a sentence they really like they read it out loud so the other one can appreciate it too. bard is petting their dog with his foot. yes they got a dog shut up