Forever Bad Wolf

Once upon a time, Rose Tyler was the Bad Wolf with one purpose–to keep the Doctor safe. Now, as she reunites with her Doctor in a darkened street, the time has come for Bad Wolf to fulfil that purpose once more.

Ten x Rose

Nine years ago today, we came so close to having the perfect reunion, only to have a Dalek get in the way. In this story, the only person who gets shot is the Dalek–and let’s face it, he deserves it.

Since this is a Stolen Earth Fixit, I’m claiming it for the @doctorroseprompts fixit prompt from April–since we always say prompts never expire.


The Doctor stabbed the comms button viciously, cutting off the conversation with Davros. He’d thought… when the new signal had come through, he’d really hoped it would be Rose.

He threw the dematerialisation lever and paced in front of the console while the TARDIS took them to Earth. Donna got to see her in that pocket universe. Why can’t I see her? His hand opened and shut spasmodically, as if his body thought he could will Rose into being just by trying to hold her hand.

He snorted derisively. That hadn’t worked once in the four years since he’d lost her.

Four years. Four years without his bondmate at his side, or in his mind. Four years, and he still ached for her with every breath he took.

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Today I was rather grumpy and stressed about work-related things so I decided “screw it, I want a jamocha shake” and went to Arby’s for lunch

So I’m standing in line and the gal behind the counter keeps looking over at me even while she’s helping the person ahead of me, so of course I’m thinking “crap, did I spill something on myself, is my fly open, does my hair look ridiculous thanks to the humidity”

But then I stepped up to order and before I even said anything she went “I just wanted to say that your makeup looks so great with your outfit and your hair with the bow and your curly bangs on the side looks really cute” and I just about melted, it was one of the sweetest things anyone has said to me and honestly made my entire day better

And she probably has no idea? She was just being kind, she had no idea what kind of day I was having, but that small unprompted act was so meaningful

So idk, I guess I just want to encourage everyone to be kind and encouraging and uplifting as much as you’re able, and if you think someone looks nice today or you’re just happy to see them then tell them, because you never know when people may need to hear those things the most.

happy things

-when the sky is pink
-wearing your favorite outfit
-fresh fruit
-pretty flowers
-getting into a clean bed
-getting dessert in a restaurant
-sleeping in late
-cute animals
-when your room is clean and organized
-listening to your favorite song
-summer nights with friends
-love letters
-a new episode of your favorite show
-good hair days
-texting your bestfriend
-getting new makeup
-making a new friend
-feeling beautiful
-getting gifts
-realizing you’re happy
-starry nights
-butterfly’s in your stomach
-feeling inspired
-getting cute messages
-palm trees

a fresh cup of mint tea, the sound of a xylophone, labrador puppies, the warmth of the sun at 5pm, two women holding hands, laying in uncut grass, watching the sky turn pink, the smell of the person you love, clear sea water, journalling about happy memories, forehead kisses, the first day of summer, dimples, small palm trees, comfortable silence.

  • if you did something purely for the fun of it today i am proud of you
  • if you treated yourself to your favourite food today i am proud of you
  • if you bought something pretty for yourself today i am proud of you
  • if you remembered to take your meds and eat today i am proud of you
  • if you did your laundry or made your bed today i am proud of you
  • if you read or painted or wrote something today i am proud of you
  • if you wore your comfiest sweater today i am proud of you
  • if you drank lots of water or took a walk today i am proud of you 
  • if you told yourself you look good today i am proud of you 
  • if you treated yourself with kindness today i am proud of you
  • for all the small achievements that no one else sees i am proud of you, and i hope you are, too.
Happy Things to imagine Les Amis doing
  • Courfeyrac getting incredibly excited over pastries, ice cream, deserts and every sweet food available to him. Cheat days are his favourite days.
  • Enjolras watching his friends talk and laugh from a distance, a small smile on his face as he’s thinking about how much he loves them
  • Combeferre and Jehan watching a shooting star from the rooftop of one of their apartments. A lengthy and philosophical conversation follows about the universe
  • Gavroche mimicking little gestures and things that the older members say and do with a scary amount of accuracy of imitation. Everybody finds this alarming and adorable. 
  • Bossuet having an allergy to cats but somehow being a kitten magnet. He doesn’t mind the sneezes because he gets the best furry cuddles
  • Joly having a large collection of tea pots and and tea cups. He loves thrift shopping for new cups and the little gasp he makes on finding a new one is too cute.
  • Marius and Courfeyrac doing silly roommate things like having an impromptu movie night where they binge watch a series together and making inside jokes based off of things that happen around the house
  • Bahorel sunbathing with love heart shaped sunglasses on his eyes and getting ridiculously overjoyed when he’s left with a heart shape tan around his eyes. The puns that follow for the next few weeks are unbearable
  • Feuilly and Combeferre going to a book drive together and collectively losing their shit over the classics they find
  • Grantaire laughing wholeheartedly at his own joke. His laugh is loud and infectious, and soon all of his friends are laughing too. They don’t stop for 20 minutes and by the time the giggles have subsided the room feels light and free.
I honestly love being a witch.

❈ I draw love, comfort, and strength from nature, the elements, deities (if I choose), and spirits.

❈ I have a secret, one that most people don’t know about me.

❈ I understand myself better than I ever had before.

❈ I feel magical, mysterious, and enchanted when I make magic.

❈ I can divine the future, the present, and the past, and find the truth of a situation to guide myself and others.

❈ My familiar is adorable and one of my best friends. Same for my spirit guide.

❈ I can protect myself and those I love from unseen forces.

❈ There is no better feeling than feeling “witchy.”

Villagers are knitting jumpers for elephants to protect them from near-freezing temperatures
Elephants in India are sporting colourful woollen jumpers after villagers knitted the super-size garments to protect the animals from near-freezing temperatures. Women in a village near the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in the northern city of Mathura reportedly began producing the colourful, pyjama-like garments after staff at the centre warned temperatures were approaching sub-zero at night.