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I love how u draw the girls esp ryuko and satsuki kinda beefy.... I see a lot of pretty moe depictions of them which I feel is wrong given the fact that they're hella strong warriors ya know! anyway I love the way you draw them :)

aaa thanks! oh yeah seeing strong muscled/ facial featured sats and ryuko in art keeps me young

today i am thankful for:
my mother
my brother
my poor blind dog
my strange and bitchy cat
clean surfaces
unexpected a+ grades on papers
praise, giving and receiving
warm hearts
black turtlenecks
frosty windows
jasmine scented candles
the smiles you don’t notice until you catch your reflection in the mirror
cold water
the clear sweet tone that crystal wine glasses produce
gone with the wind
tears about things other than my falling-apart life
knowing that this toxic household is temporary, and that by april my mother and brother will be Out, and that this summer i will be Out and free and things will be clean and fresh and new
kisses on the forehead

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i wanted to thank you for being public abt your rwby ocs, and having fun, and just... you inspired me to make a team of my own! i'm pretty scared to show them to anyone, bc no one i know likes rwby,,,.. but thank you !! team mrng is so fun and made me want to have tons of fun too !! have a nice day !!

!!!!! Ahhh of course, I’m so happy you could do that !! 

To be 110% honest I was petrified of posting my RWBY OCs on here, and I had so much fun coming up with the concept I was very protective of them, and my feelings haha

But I’ve been met with such overwhelming positivity, and from the people that I’ve interacted with and from what I’ve seen, the RWBY OC community is so damn lovely and accepting around here !

But man, thank you so much, I’m glad you could have fun with me and my team, and I hope you can go on to have loads of fun with yours as well!! Have a lovely day <333

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Skin that glows like snow, hair like the ashes of burnt dreams, eyes that shoot daggers yet somehow contain the universe. Your lips drip of the thoughts that occupy your beautiful mind. The mere arch of your brows command respect and admiration. Lady, you're a goddess :) x


reminder to self: don’t listen to your existential crisis. you don’t have to have some grand, important place in the universe to be important. you matter to your friends, that’s pretty important. 

maybe i won’t change the world maybe i am just on this earth to drink milkshakes and pet dogs, and that’s a pretty good purpose imo. that’s okay.

I see a lot of people who can’t find sunshine in their life. So if you don’t see it around, it’s because this ray of sunshine is you. Yes, you yourself are that beam, the strongest, the brightest, the warmest, capable of melting any ice. And there’s always someone who sees that in you. ALWAYS. Someone whose sky is brightened by you. And please, whatever you’re feeling now, think how dark the world would become if your sunbeam faded away. Don’t let it happen. Don’t let the sun in your heart decay.