So me and my mom were talking about how sweet those who have down syndrome are the sweetest people ever and they are also so slick!

I remember back in high school when I was waiting in line to get my picture for my school ID and their class joined my class in line. There was this one guy and every time he saw a pretty girl he went to go say hi to them and give them a hug. I thought that it was cutest thing ever. But what I didn’t expect was when he saw me, he came up to me to say hi and he gave me a hug as well! That literally made my whole day and self-esteem boosted up so much that day! I will never forget that and I always smile thinking back at that moment!

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Every once and a while I'll make an avatar post and it'll get bunches of notes, but whenever I see u in the notes I always get so worked up and happy. Like, the king of avatar liked my stuff, ahh. Hehe, so thanks for making my day!

!!! Ah … Thank you. Youre very welcome

What if Thorin had allergies though? Like to pollen and such but he’s always spent so much time on the move and in mountainous areas and grimy human towns that it’s never really set in. Plus dwarves maybe have super high constitutions so they don’t really get sick unless it’s like. Terminal. But then his first year settled down in the Shire with Bilbo comes around and he’s just–


And Bilbo is like, “My husband is an idiot.”

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how do i get boys to notice me?? all the other girls at my school have had boyfriends and i'm ugly and i think no one could ever love me and it makes me so sad :(

Step One: Stop giving a fuck what boys think of you. You will constantly be unhappy as long as you’re depending on gross teenage boys to make you feel worthy. Do not listen to them or their opinions because they mean nothing. The only person’s opinion about you that truly matters is YOURS. I’m serious the majority of boys (especially ages 12-25) are nasty and you can do so much better if you thrive off your friendships and happiness with yourself!

Step Two: Come up with some positive affirmations for yourself and whip them out when you start to feel bad. For example, when I start to feel negative about myself or my body I say “No matter what happens, Justin still exists and loves me” or “All bodies are good bodies” or “I’ve gotten through so much, I can keep going” etc.

Step Three: Love yourself. Work to find the things about yourself that you’re proud of and accept the ones that you aren’t. Pretend to be confident and you’ll start to become confident. Keep a list of nice things people have said to you and realize that they’re true

Step Four: Accept that it’s okay to not have a boyfriend. I assume you’re in high school, which means I’m also pretty sure not everyone has had a boyfriend at your school. There are SO many other girls in your situation, you’re not alone, and what you’re feeling is normal. It’s completely okay to be single!! It really is not a bad thing, it just means your time hasn’t come. Stop reaching for boys that you won’t be happy with and be happy with yourself until you find someone worth your time. If you feel a pressure to be pretty when you’re around someone, they’re not worth it.

Step Five: Dedicate your soul to Justin Bieber and everything will be okay