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Eli I've got to say you're art is just so soft and elegant and YOUR EYES AND LIPS ARE AMAZING. You've really inspired me with my art and helped me with my insecurity. BTW you and mansi are great. P.s. you're so beautiful

i…. this is so kind…. im???? thank you so much?????????

I hope you wake up early enough in the morning to put on your favorite outfit and make your favorite breakfast. I hope you find your skin clear and hair healthy. I hope you’re content with the way your body looks. I hope you find happiness in small things today. I hope that, even with your ups and downs, you are content with yourself.

Hey to my peeps who have a hard times with reality, remember that:

Mirrors dont work while youre dreaming

Phones/TV/computer screens dont work  while youre dreaming

books dont work while youre dreaming (the letters will keep moving)

 If you ever feel like youre dreaming remember this


you know who deserves all the love and support possible???? brown and black lesbians who went through years of compulsory heterosexuality being explicitly told over and over that their humanity and self worth only mattered in relation to (white) men. so shoutout to brown and black lesbians for being actual starlight and amazing human beings. the moon loves you and so do i

some amazing harry potter pick up lines that totally work:
  • i don’t need to cast accio to make you come
  • are we in charms class cuz you have me under your spell
  • you don’t need alohomora to unlock my heart
  • all the prophecies in the department of mysteries say i belong with you
  • is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
  • hey girl…are you a dementor because you take my breath away
  • damn i must have had some felix felicis, bc I think I’m about to get lucky
  • you don’t need lumos to turn me on
  • hagrid’s not the only giant at hogwarts if you know what i mean
  • did you survive avada kedavra cuz youre drop dead gorgeous

Head scritches are the way to her heart.