Happy Valentine’s Day my marine bio lovelies!

I give you, all the above! Shark Love!

Instead of something cheesy to give your admirer, why not make a donation to your favourite conservation group? Show them you care not only about them, but the marine environment too!

derpyleafeon  asked:



Is Sidon furrybait? Prince Sidon more like siding on yes. I would have to say that Sidon is definitely furrybait. There is no doubt about it. I mean look at him. I don’t want to take sides on Kass and Sidon, but I predict that Kass will still always have the most notes produced in terms of reviews on this blog. Let’s just say that he is definitely far better and hotter a Zora that Ruto will ever be.

Another thing to note is that Link is 5′7″ (if he’s the same height as he was in Twilight Princess) so that would make 11′5″ (DAMN) and so that height difference is definitely something that anyone would desire. Aside from being super hot, let’s just

there we go. Look at this happy shark prince who also just believes in you, no matter what you do. At any rate, this character is furrybait and I think I like him just as much as Kass.