Koujaku and Ren do it - Happy Birthday, Kindra!!
  • Koujaku and Ren do it - Happy Birthday, Kindra!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dreaming-shark!! Thank you for being such a nice friend, putting up with me, giving me all the kourenao feels, letting me see your WIPs and overall, just being the sweet person you are!

Please enjoy this audio featuring Ren suddenly kissing Koujaku, suddenly blowing him and Koujaku taking him against over the desk, all of this happening in Salon Suzume. You are a terrible influence.

The lovely art was kindly provided by eemamminy. Translations are under the cut:

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I had Juliette’s maybe-death spoiled for me so I was ready to come in here like ‘GRIMM JUMPED THE SHARK I HATE IT NOW’ but I don’t hate it. I mean aside from Juliette dying making Henrietta’s death completely pointless, it felt appropriate? Kelly’s death made me angrier than Juliette’s, I mean at least Juliette got one last fight and a dramatic death scene, with Kelly it was just like ‘oop now her head’s in a box’ and I find that really kind of a waste since she was such a badass and she deserved a cool death scene. 

Don’t get me wrong, if they don’t really kill Juliette I’d be super cool with that because I liked her a lot, but I can see why they killed her off. Kelly, on the other hand, I am angry about. I don’t know why they killed Kelly off other than to make Nick’s life even worse than it was. 

Also I would love it if Diana sticks around and becomes a series regular next season because she’s such a creepy little fuck and I love her.



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