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I don't like how Jaejoong's 'friends' won't stop posting pictures of him.. All they want is attention from his name. They should learn from Junsu. I agree with what boonies says.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to with boonies since I don’t follow her (^^;;)

But anyway I’m not really comfortable with all this attention either. More than anything I’m worried that people will think badly of him especially with how sensitive Korea is regarding celebrities in army… I’ve said many times before that I would rather get no updates than for him to get in trouble. And quite honestly I’m not sure if he wants all this attention especially after how he insisted on enlisting quietly?

I feel like he’s the type that even if he’s not happy with it, he won’t reject taking a photo or giving an autograph. I can’t speak for him though so I can’t exactly say that his friends and everyone who posts about him is horrible. It’s true that some could be asking for attention but it’s also possible that some simply want to share news about him to his fans or they’re excited to meet him. I’m guilty of being happy to see him doing well and getting praised but I’m also worried that he’s burdened by them. In the end we can only make our own judgments on what’s appropriate. I personally would just advise everyone to share as little as possible even if you see it especially if the source is questionable (-’_’-)

As much as I am dying for a selca of Jaesu, I do respect that Junsu didn’t share one~ friendships don’t need to be loud for it to count ヽ(゚▽゚*)乂(*゚▽゚)ノ

i feel like being nice and being happy goes together

like i instantly feel happier when i’m nice to people and when people are nice to me, and vice versa happiness makes me want to be nicer so moral of the story, when you feel like you’re done with your life, and you don’t know how to be happy again just start being nice to people around you the smile on their face, in their eyes, how they light up, it just makes things a little better and maybe it’s not a miracle solution but at least it’s a small step toward happiness