Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook giving you little kisses for that whole one minute of the New Year.
“Happy New Years!” *gives you little kisses around your face*
*blushes and pecks your lips quickly*
*stops kissing you and smiles*
“Happy New Years y/n!” *hugs you*

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I bet Emma and Audrey were always each other's midnight kisses growing up before they fell out in high school.

I agree, and they kissed this year at midnight, too, obviously.

(Now I can’t stop imagining the whole group hanging out at a party as they’re all counting down to midnight, and when they get to zero, everyone cheers and turns to their significant other/whoever and kisses them, and instead of turning to Gina on her right, Audrey just instinctively turns to her left and kisses and hugs Emma and Gina’s just standing there lmao)

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for a wonderful year and for being with me every step of the way as I’ve not only worked on my art, but also worked on my first ever fanfiction and comic! All of you have helped me improve and get so much better this year! I never did any of this before but I’ve loved working on my art and my story-telling and it’s become something I’m pretty proud of! I never thought I’d ever make a comic, much less one that people follow and enjoy reading..;_;’

Here’s to another year together! ^^ I love you guys!


I know this isn’t a new years comic but I wanted to draw a dumb thing based on something @hebbycakes/@thegreatestfriend and @drunklesans did on hebby’s stream yesterday XD

I hope eveyrone has a great 2016!!

Happy New Years!

For many, 2017 has already arrived and for others it’s right around the corner. Plover and I want to wish you a Happy New Years!

My New Year’s resolution will be better organization! I have some plans on how I’m going to be better about it while developing my game. Instead of planning things day by day, I want to plan ahead more by making a list of things I want to get done each day throughout the month. (With a few ‘break’ days to rest!)

And Plover’s resolution is to relax more and grow a few inches while she’s at it.

Anyone else have gamedev New Year’s resolutions?

So this year has been a great year for my art as well as my friends’ art. We got to 1k subs on Webtoons (and actually almost to 2k)! Overwatch and making this art blog has really motivated me to draw more and it was fun to draw for you all! Here are some of my favorite drawing I did for some months. Please note that I had school the months I did not post for (or at least did sketches because engineering is hard lmao.) Anyways, I hope to continue drawing for all of you for as long as I can! Some of them might not be the best, but they were all I had for that month (like September and January). I’d like to thank @cryscries and @twichums for the amazing 10 years of friendship since the dark weeaboo ages in middle school. 

Four more hours until 2017 and I am looking forward to it! Happy New Years to everyone!