Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook giving you little kisses for that whole one minute of the New Year.
“Happy New Years!” *gives you little kisses around your face*
*blushes and pecks your lips quickly*
*stops kissing you and smiles*
“Happy New Years y/n!” *hugs you*

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for a wonderful year and for being with me every step of the way as I’ve not only worked on my art, but also worked on my first ever fanfiction and comic! All of you have helped me improve and get so much better this year! I never did any of this before but I’ve loved working on my art and my story-telling and it’s become something I’m pretty proud of! I never thought I’d ever make a comic, much less one that people follow and enjoy reading..;_;’

Here’s to another year together! ^^ I love you guys!

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I bet Emma and Audrey were always each other's midnight kisses growing up before they fell out in high school.

I agree, and they kissed this year at midnight, too, obviously.

(Now I can’t stop imagining the whole group hanging out at a party as they’re all counting down to midnight, and when they get to zero, everyone cheers and turns to their significant other/whoever and kisses them, and instead of turning to Gina on her right, Audrey just instinctively turns to her left and kisses and hugs Emma and Gina’s just standing there lmao)

Fandom: TMI

OTP: Clace

Prompt: Clary and Jace on New Years Eve

Requested by: (self prompted)

Admin: Darker


They’ve done a lot this year. They’ve given a lot, seen a lot, sacrificed a lot. Been through a lot. Some of it alone, some of it together.

The rest of the Lightwoods have agreed (begrudgingly) to let them alone, while they attend Magnus’s huge New Year’s Eve party. They, on the other hand, just wanted to be together, and just enjoy the silence, to just be with each other and reflect.

“Next year will be better.” Clary sighs very quietly, resting her head on Jace’s chest. The clock reads 11:50. They’re getting close.

“It will if we’re together.” He promises, kissing her hair. “We’ll have a beautiful wedding, move out of the institute…who knows? Maybe we can even start a family.”

Clary smiles at the idea. “I’d like that.” She decides. “I’d really like that.”

Jace’s hands stroke up and down her arms, murmuring sweet little promises about what would come this New Year. It’d be perfect—it had to be, because what they’d already endured, what they’d already done, had to be payment for some sort of wonderful paradise.

They sit like that, silently, listening to each others breathing and thinking how lucky they were to have the other.


“I love you.” Clary declares. “I do.”

“Well I should hope so.” Jace chuckles, not even having time to return the vow before she turns around and crushes their lips together, sighing against his kiss as the TV livestreaming the ball dropping plays the countdown.











“Happy New Years, Clarissa.” Jace murmurs against her lips.

Clary mewls, kissing him harder. She finally sits back, satisfied.


“Now I can say,” Jace smirks. “That I’ve been kissing you since last year.”


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I know this isn’t a new years comic but I wanted to draw a dumb thing based on something @hebbycakes/@thegreatestfriend and @drunklesans did on hebby’s stream yesterday XD

I hope eveyrone has a great 2016!!