Chào các quý độc giả Humans of Hà Nội, lời đầu tiên HOHN xin gửi tới các bạn những lời chúc chân thành nhất, chúc các bạn một năm mới: Mạnh khỏe - Bình An - May mắn - Hạnh phúc và Thành Công.

Đây là cái Tết đầu tiên của Humans of Hà Nội kể từ post đầu tiên vào ngày 16/3/2014. Gần 1 năm chính thức đi vào hoạt động, Fanpage của dự án Humans of Hà Nội vừa “cán mốc” 100.000 likes. Có thể nói, đây thật sự là một món quà ý nghĩa nhân dịp năm mới cũng như một sự động viên rất lớn đối với những người thực hiện dự án. HOHN xin cảm ơn tất cả các bạn vì những sự ủng hộ và góp ý tích cực trong suốt thời gian vừa qua. Chúng tôi cũng xin gửi tới lời cảm ơn tới chính những nhân vật đã chia sẻ câu chuyện để chúng tôi có thể tạo nên một Humans of Hà Nội giản dị như chính “Con người Hà Nội” vậy.

Sắp tới, Humans of Hà Nội sẽ ra mắt một cuốn sách ảnh - Một sản phẩm mà nhóm đã nỗ lực hết sức thực hiện trong thời gian qua. Các bạn sẽ thấy rất nhiều mảng màu sáng tối khác nhau của những con người đang tạo nên nhịp sống của mảnh đất này. Một cuốn sách bao gồm cả những câu chuyện mà chúng tôi sẽ không public trên Fanpage. Hãy cùng theo dõi Humans of Hà Nội nhé.

Một lần nữa xin gửi lời chúc mừng năm mới tới tất cả mọi người, chúng tôi - Humans of Hà Nội yêu các bạn rất nhiều và mong tiếp tục nhận được sự ủng hộ của các bạn.



Greetings, dear readers of Humans of Hà Nội!

First of all, we would like to give the best wishes to our beloved readers on the threshold of the Lunar New Year. May your New Year be filled with good health, peace, good fortune, happiness and success!

This has been the very first Tet of Humans of Hà Nội since our first Facebook post on March 16th 2014. One year passes and our Fan Page reached the “milestone” of 100,000 Likes. Needless to say, this is a really meaningful present and great encouragement to the project executives on the occasion of the New Year. HOHN would like to extend our thanks to you for your support and contribution after all this time. Also, we would like to express our sincere gratitude towards everyone who has shared their own stories so that we can create a Humans of Hanoi as simple as Hanoians.

In the time to come, Humans of Hà Nội will publish a photo book – a brainchild of ours into which we has put a lot of effort. Through this book, hopefully, you will find different facets of Hanoians, who are generating a unique pace of life in this capital city. This book also features many anecdotes that haven’t gone viral on our Facebook yet. Stay tuned!

Once again, we wish you a Happy New Year. Our team at Humans of Hà Nội love you very much! We hope to continue to receive your support in the coming year.

Best regards,

SPN Wish List for the New Year

Okay, so there are things I would like to see on SPN. We all have these sort of lists. Most of these may not happen, but I feel like many of these things are reasonable.

1) Musical Episode. Please. I’m dying here. Buffy made one in an earlier season than you guys. Psych made one in an earlier season than you. Come on. Give us some love. We just need one freakin’ musical episode.

2) Human!Impala. Writers, come on. This would be the funnest thing! Think of all the craziness you could have with this, the people who could guest star! It would be fantabular!

3) Some Destiel recognition. It’s been a bit of time since somebody’s pointed out their close relationship. It’s been a bit of time since someone’s gone up to either Cas or Dean and said, “Well, the other one is TOTALLY in love with you, blah blah blah, and you’re TOTALLY in love with the other one, blah blah blah, I have a higher chance of dying and/or being evil and betraying one of you by saying these things, blah blah blah.” We all know this happens. Just throw a couple bones my way, people, it’s not that hard.

4) Can we have an episode with like a dancing curse? I just feel like it could be really funny. I keep giggling when I think of either Cas or Dean or both of them just uncontrollably dancing and they can’t do anything about it until they gank the demon or witch. What the hell is going on? Dean, I don’t understand, why are we dancing? Dean, why are we dancing? No freakin’ clue, I just want it to stop, stop it now, Sam. Sorry, guys, I don’t know how to. You two sit tight. Or, uh…pffff…dance tight. I’ll figure this out. Hey, wait, Sam, don’t just leave us here! Hey, Sammeh! Hey! Oh, I just keep laughing at the thought.

5) Awesome characters come back from the dead for one day. You could just bring one back for the day (I don’t include Kevin in this because I still believe they could bring him back). It could be something happy, like they have to bring one back but the spell only lasts for like 48 hours or something. It could have a nice ending. You could bring Bobby back, Jo back, Ellen back, Balthazar back (I refuse to say Gabriel because deny hir death). It could be good. I swear.

6) BRING BENNY BACK. I…I miss him. He’s the only one I could count on to not lie, to not let me down. He’s always been good to Dean. He’s always been good to everybody, even when people didn’t think he could be good or didn’t expect him to be good. The world let him down, he didn’t let the world down. Come on. Let’s show him that he can give the world a second chance. Or…I guess a third?

7) GARTH. I wanna see Garth. I want to know that my favorite adorkable ex-dentist is okie dokey fine, happy, perhaps with a cute girlfriend that the Winchesters will ogle and think “How did Garth get THAT”. He WAS talking to somebody, sayin’ “I heart you too”. Maybe that cute huntress from earlier this season? They could be so freakin’ adorbs together!

8) A fun angel episode. Angels are the most powerful creatures known to us, but that doesn’t mean they all can be awkwards like Cas as well as assbutts like Naomi. Send over a Cupid making everyone fall in love! Send over an angel who doesn’t mean to be cruel but has a bizarre affect with hir powers! It could be really fun. Maybe this angel becomes their ally? Who knows! It would be nice, but it’s cool if it doesn’t work out that way.

9) A nice Destiel episode. The upcoming one will be good, but it’s going to be drama induced because of Sammy and I want one that’s more like Free to Be You and Me. I love the fact that it’s going to be pretty Destiel next episode, but at the same time, I just want Cas and Dean to have some fun hunting time together, be adorable and mirror each other, stuff like that.

10) I want Garth and/or Charlie to meet Cas. They just gotta. It makes no sense that they haven’t already. They just…they just need to, they would know, they would see the Destiel going on, they’d poke and prod and make it known a bit through teasing. Ugh, maybe that’s why they haven’t met Cas yet. XP

This is what I’ll ask for now. Hopefully, something will happen on this list. That would be nice. Please? It can’t be too hard to do at least on of these.

nicoleannwinchester said:

I don’t remember if it was Bob or maybe Sera but one of the writers said in an interview that definite things for the second half of season 9 include the return of Garth and the return of the Ghostfacers. 

It was also said that Richard Speight Jr. confirmed with the writers that he’s not dead and that he will *hopefully* be returning for an episode.

Happy New Years to the klaroline fandom!

[CUTE] Kissing Akashi
  • [CUTE] Kissing Akashi

Headphones kinda recommended for sfx yeeee

Let’s celebrate the New Years with some audios! Anyways, a very important note here: there is no NSFW audios available for GoM. I’ve looked through my collection, asked resources, and blah. All I could find for them is cute things and fluff and all that fun stuff. Maybe they do have it and it’s hidden away somewhere, but for now I’ve got nothing. Sorry guys, you’ll have to probably deal with the minor/side characters having all the ‘fun’.

Super short, but I’ll be uploading more today~

Track?02. Prologue


If you don’t want to do it, I could kiss you. Why don’t you come here instead of being so nervous?

That’s so irritating. Do it already.

Why are you trembling? You like me, don’t you? If so, why don’t you just kiss me more? Like this.


Happy New Years~ from A Pink ◕‿◕

Chorong: I hope that all our seven members of APink does various activities and meet a lot of fans~ Let’s meet more often in 2013~

Naeun: For 2013… I hope that everyone makes their wishes come true… My wish is that everybody becomes happy ^^ A-Pink become a hit!

Yookyung: 2013 and in the future, I wish that everyone would be healthy. Being healthy is the best!

Eunji: For 2013. That my people will be happy, not sick, and loving. In 2013!! To love and enjoy the things that I do.. ♡

Bomi: For my family to not become sick, and for everybody (guess who :P) to be healthy. let’s become a hit~

Namjoo: I hope that our Apink will do even better in 2013 and become happy with our fans~! I love you ♡

Hayoung: For 2013… I wish that there are more opportunities to meet fans from abroad!! To make a comeback with a even better song so Pandas can always think about us ~ ♡

P.S I hope to be more healthy… (and to stop growing too…)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Translations; julia@fyeahchorong + Picture credits; A Pink Story
Please give full credit for translation if taking out of tumblr ~