can u believe that taehyung’s smiley eyes are the most beautiful things to ever exist in the history of the universe 


I had to see it again because it makes me Cry^tm

I Don’t Even Remember Buying These….

Did he leave those strawberries over there somehow? The thought horrified him. Infact the sight of strawberries horrified him in general at the moment. Terrifying memories of his own smiling self seem to continue to scare him.

He feels as if it’s going to take him a long time for him to view strawberries as a normal food again. He decides to continue avoiding strawberries.



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Happy holidays ~

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GAY SPACE HUSBANDS!!!!!! Oh shit…I…i need to write a thing…still….

oh, mshenko are my other gays in space (next to spirk who are my other other gays in space…. gosh i love space gays)

but no, my icon is this (can you see it?):



14th July 


bunny smile!!!


such an angel !!! she’s so sweet n lovely, i’m so glad to have met her !!

I made u a Penny @harmonscorner
it looks weird but it’s made with all my kokoro and best wishes for u
because a murderous tiny unicorn with boobs is probably a symbol of good omen for the birthday kids in some cool ancient culture we still don’t know about
also crapy gif attempt belowww

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anonymous asked:

Sorry if you got a similar ask, but how did start shipping Kaisoo? & when did you start believing that they have something going on between them?, also I really like your analysis & your point of view, very interesting ^^


It’s really quite a story, actually.

Okay, I haven’t been shipping them for years or since the beginning of time like some have. I first saw a post back in 2012 (maybe 2013). [Source]

Back then, I was a newbie to Kpop and I was scrolling through my tumblr (I had a Super Junior blog back then) and I saw gifs of this moment. I’m not sure if they were the same gifs as these but it looks pretty similar. Anyway, I thought the boy on the right was looking at the other one with such an intimate stare and I thought it was really cute. But as expected, I kept scrolling through my dash and never looked back again.

Later on, I became interested in body language so I started reading books, articles, and accounts. I thought it was really interesting and I kind of went back to this moment. I noticed the way Kai had slightly pushed his chin inward towards his neck, positioning his eyes in a way that shows he was really concentrating or had attention on the boy to the left and I thought “that’s odd” because well, friends don’t really do that unless they’re intrigued by what they see.

I noticed the way they were inching towards each other and back away from each other. It was really strange. Then, I forgot about them again. I was really jumping around them and coming back from time to time. 

In 2014/2015, probably 2014, I saw this gif and I thought they looked like a couple. I didn’t know that was going on, but it looked like the shorter boy was really nervous and uncomfortable and the other boy was comforting him to make him feel better. I was literally mind boggled as this was the way he chose to comfort him. Usually, a friend would pat you on the back and give you an encouraging smile but that wasn’t the case. (note: it wasn’t this gif in particular, the one I saw had no caption.) I actually didn’t know who they were or what group they were from either. [Source]

The way Kai’s hand moved up and down and initially used a little bit too much force that actually caused Kyungsoo’s shoulder to press further onto his chest. It looked like Kai wanted to get closer and because I browse through my likes a lot, I often saw that gif and each time I thought there was something really off about them. Of course, it didn’t click in my head these two boys were the same boys that were staring at each other at the airport wearing the ‘Smtown’ shirts.

I think, I’d always thought there was a little more between them. I can’t pinpoint when but I got into them when I got into EXO and there wasn’t a certain day or even year I got into EXO as I’d always liked their music and watched their videos. I guess my interest just grew until I got to this point. I was really bouncing around them for a bit!

Anyways, the end! ♡