@sharkfisted asked me to do #2 for the fanfic writer questions so:

2. Things that motivate you 

Motivation can be fickle :/  Sometimes all it takes is a really kick ass song and lots of visualizations to get an idea jiving, but 80% of my ideas are spawned from really long strung out what-if train of thoughts.  WAFF started as “What if Undyne found out Paps was a Gaster Blaster” and two days later BAM “What Are Friends For” was conceived.  What if Gaster wasn’t a gigantic dick waffle?  BAM “A Happy Little Accident.”

New and unique things can spur the spark of creativity but hell if I know how to channel that XD  Sometimes a deadline can get my butt in gear, like if I haven’t updated in a while I’ll feel guilty and pretty much guilt-trip myself into writing LOL.

Like I said, it’s weird and finicky.


We’re setting up to do this shot, we just wanna see Cate sort of tugging this child along. He’s forgetting how to walk. And she walked off down the sidewalk and they kind of edged over to the edge of frame and disappeared behind the tree and then right at this moment the little boy tugs on her hand and then she bends down to find out what it is that he wants and he puckers up his lips and gives her this kiss. And I’m watching this on the monitor and I’m going “Oh my god, that’s amazing!”

David Fincher, Director’s commentary
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”

Hamburg, Germany-based LEGO enthusiast Moritz used an artist minifig to create “Happy Little Trees,” a delightful tribute to the singularly awesome painter Bob Ross.

Moritz used a bit of Photoshop for Ross’ hair and the painting on the easel. We choose to believe that, although it’s not visible in this photo, he also included Peapod, Ross’ baby squirrel friend (he must be hiding behind the artist’s palette):

A Happy Little Accident

An Undertale fan fiction by Ichiwashername-o

Summary: Dr. W.D. Gaster was many things.  Scientist.  Philanthropist. Engineer, physicist, inventor, astronomer, and master magician. But the one thing he NEVER thought he would ever be … was a father.  Baby Blaster AU

Cast: Dr. Gaster, Grillby, Sans, Papyrus, Asgore, and others.

Rating: So much fluff.  Like all of the fluff.  Some swearing and some serious moments.

[CH. 1]  [CH. 2] [CH. 3]

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what’s in a name? ⇢ seth clearwater

A Happy Little Accident Ch. 2

An Undertale fan fiction by Ichiwashername-o

Summary: Dr.Gaster has had baby puppies for a grand total of 4 hours and already things are going to crap.

Cast: Dr. Gaster, Grillby, Sans, Papyrus, Asgore, and others.

Rating: So much fluff.  Like all of the fluff.  Some swearing and some serious moments.

[CH.1] [CH. 2] [CH. 3]

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