when ppl leave me i don’t say “it’s your loss” bc honestly it was my loss, it was my fucking loss really, it kills me to find out that no one has the guts to stay with me and be fucking happy with me ok 


I came across this wonderful video on You Tube today while I was looking for inspiration and I wanted to share it with all of you because it’s incredily beautiful, it gave me so many Dean feels, and it includes Jensen Frigging Ackles nailing Simple Man. 

Enjoy everyone <3 

(PS. Contains lots of spoilers for season 11 and 12)

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i didnt know... u were like an actual person? like that sounds weird but ive never associated u with anyone before, just like an a v talented art entity, but now i know and i agree w the other anon youre os pretty?

ahh I know. I have such a hard time being personal and intimate on tumblr, especially on this blog since I’m intimidated by the number of followers it has and having all those eyes on my private life? For posting art it’s a blessing and everything that makes me happy about my life but I’m such a private person and still feel shy/awkward being too human on it if that makes sense. That human stuff is relegated to my twitter where I can count on time getting rid of the things I no longer like lol   Also aah thank you ;u; 

The 5 Topics

Meeeh you know what? I’m doing all of them today cuz I’m mentally not well today. sorry guys!

Topic 1 -  What were your thoughts as you read @crackmccraigen‘s post about Wander over Yonder being canceled?

I was shocked like it’s as if my whole world was torn apart. Trust me you don’t wanna know I was like when I learned the news, let’s say I wanted to end the pain. Like I felt my friend @sneezys-flower-mom ‘s pain when The 7D was announced to be ending even before WOY cancelled happened before The 7D did but yeah you got the point. I’ve been fighting for Wander to be uncancelled ever since because it gives me happiness I never felt for a real long time

What was your reaction after seeing “The End of the Galaxy”?

Bittersweetness, that’s all I ever felt because it’s the last time I’ll ever see the show and I’ve been wanting season 3 so that’s why I’m trying to help out as best as I can.

What is the best thing that has happened to you the past year because of Wander over Yonder?

I made more friends and they’re all so wonderful to me and if it wasn’t for Wander really, I would’ve been stuck in a loop of misery of sadness and keep making mistakes over and over.

What made you join the fight to convince Disney XD to approve the third season of Wander over Yonder?

The instant moment when Wander was announced to be cancelled. I was still determined until the very end.

What items reminds you of Wander over Yonder?

More like items that are ruined forever because of WOY lol just kidding.

Banjo, green hats, stars, jellyfish, skeletons, space, horses, friendships, the concept of love, flowers, orange creatures, and most importantly, hope

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3

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Happy 1st Year since WOY ended and the love for the show has remained strong even if it’s gone <3

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i am so sorry for the like spam. i was brought here by a reblog of your raffle! Y-... you just deserve so much more! Your art makes me happy cry, and you're so amazing at watercolors!! congrats on the 1100+ followers too! You deserve each and everyone!

Thank you so much for everyone’s kind words!! ;A;A;


Another morning on track!!!

Made me some toast with an omelette….okay well I had to destroy my pretty omelette and fit it into a cup, but still yummy.

Yesterday I realize that a salad for lunch is not going to cut it for me while I get back on track. I need a little more substance for my meal, so I packed sandwiches and carrots and hummus. :)

If I can stay on track all week I may allow myself to buy a new eye shadow palette I have been wanting or go out for sushi. Hahahah Both will make me happy.

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Same beans. Girls are just?? So beautiful??? Especially when they talk about something they love? And girls with brown eyes?? Sign me the fuck up gay stats increased

Girls are fucking amazing. I’m a sucker for a smile and really cute laughter. Like the nervous “oh did I say that” kind of situation. 
I die for girls being happy and wonderful. Like, can’t everyone be happy? 
Happy is such a good romantic variable for me. 

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Hi there, friend! I just wanted to stop by and say that I really love your work! You have so much dedication to your art and it really shows! I love whenever I can go into the tag and see something new you've posted. Honestly your art has inspired me to want to draw more, which I don't do very often. And I feel okay when it doesn't always come out perfect, it just makes me happy. And I wanted to thank you for that as well. Keep up the awesome work! I can't wait to see what you do in the future!

Hi! Ahh, so many hugs to you, thank you!!! And goodness YES, please keep drawing. If it makes you happy, that is the best thing. That’s always my first goal. :D Second goal: Always keep trying! That’s how we develop our skills and styles. I only recently figured out some things myself, so being artistic really is sort of an unending journey.

Art is such a subjective creature, so I will say this: Does it make you happy? THEN IT IS PERFECT! So all of y’all KEEP MAKING ART. It is wonderful stuff.