as you guys know my situation lately hasn’t been ideal…., so i guess i wanna apologize for not really publishing as much… im tired every day, i just want to sleep and my will to wake up is below sea level, to do things, to hang out with friends, to draw, even to play video games, nothing is making me happy and im just tired… so so tired..

If you’re in the Coco fandom/have a blog dedicated to the film/are just as excited about the film as I am, would you mind liking or reblogging this so I can follow you?  I just saw the film today and I want to bask in the happiness this delightful film brings me.

Being F*cking Nice to John: Part 1- TellTale’s Batman: The Enemy Within | The Fractured Mask

I’ve only recorded video games once before. So, pardon the mistakes/poor quality. I just know many people want to see John happy. So, here! Let me know if people wanna see the other episodes.

Hey, this is your regular reminder that the English voice of Meowth for most of your childhood (episode 32 through season 8) was a trans woman named Maddie Blaustein.

No specific reason for this reminder. I just think it’s important for people to know and it makes me happy.

hi guys! 💗 i don’t think i’ll be posting anymore texts today (i’m sorry i had it in mind but i still have to make my medicine and i don’t trust myself to make good content right now haha) but i just wanted to check up on all of you. i was going through my asks and admin posts and i teared up because i got to my first texts and asks and how quickly my blog moved and how supportive you have all been from the start. it warms my heart to know such amazing people and be part of such a loving and supportive fandom.(truly you guys are so cute nct are sooo lucky to have such amazing fans!!) i feel like i can’t express it enough in words how happy it makes me to have you all and your support. thank you for being by my side even when i disappear for spouts of time. i love you all so much! i miss interacting with all of you as much as i used to, please know my ask box is always open for anything! any advice, concerns, you wanna tell me a story, you just wanna share an opinion, anything! you can always shoot me a message too 💘💘💘 much love!

Dustin Henderson appreciation post.

This kid is so inquisitive, smart, and kind. I love how he read through all of those books in his quest to figure out what kind of creature he found. His kindness to the little creature is so heartwarming and their bond makes me happy. I also love to see how he uses his intelligence to solve problems (and hide dart in the bottom picture). A true Ravenclaw.

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fluffy asra x mc, ft. cuddles? thanks ❤️

Asra was sometimes a big ball of happy energy that you couldn’t help but smile. It wasn’t always obvious like jumping around excitedly, but his face would be so much more softer, smiles even brighter. He’d feel happy and you’d feel it too.

You wrapped your arms around his waist, letting your head rest on his back as he started drift off, “You were in a good mood today.”

He hummed into his pillow, “So were you.”

“Only because you are,” you move closer to him, hugging him tight. “What had you so happy?” Asra moves in the bed, wrestling himself out of your arms as he rolls over to face you. A hand trailing down your face as purple eyes look lovingly at you.

“I’m just happy you’re with me,” he whispered.

taylor gets me so excited to spend money on her i’m 100% sure it’s not healthy but it’s FUN and EXCITING and it makes me HAPPY OK so shut up and STOP JUDGING ME

Niko: I saw it, you know? I saw his eyes full of disappointment … looking at me … judging … making me feel like the trash that I am …. I never thought I felt this way with him … I did not think I saw that kind of look again … He knows how I am, no? … I like him, no? he … he loves me … or is not it like that? …. was it a mistake to fall back into love? … after so much I was already feeling that warmth that made me happy … with him I felt it again … with all those words … I’m such a horrible person … what I did was wrong … he hates me now … no longer can I see him in the eyes again … I’m scared to know the truth … to see her look again … I do not want to get hurt again because of love … I want to think that everything is fine even if she is lying to me Same …….. Are you the only thing I have left of him? … If you just talked ……… I know you’d say I’m pathetic … a cry baby

Niko: lo vi sabes? vi sus ojos llenos de decepción….mirandome…juzgandome…haciendome sentir como la basura que soy….nunca pense sentirme asi con el…no creí ver esa clase de mirada otra vez…el sabe como soy no?…yo le gusto asi no? el…el me ama?…o no es asi?….fue un error caer nuevamente en el amor?….después de tanto ya estaba volviendo a sentir esa calidez que me hacia feliz…con el volvi a sentirlo…con todas esas palabras….soy una persona tan horrible?…lo que hice estuvo mal?…el me odia ahora no?…ya no puedo verlo a los ojos otra vez….estoy asustada de saber la verdad…de ver su mirada otra vez…no quiero salir herida otra vez por culpa del amor….quiero pensar que todo esta bien aunque me este mintiendo a mi misma……..eres lo unico que me quedara de el?….si tan solo hablaras………se que dirias que soy patética…una bebé llorona

Well I had questions about why niko locked himself in his room and does not want to see anyone or leave

it has to do with the exit to the club and with the reaction of laffy

you all know that Niko is someone strong on the outside but very weak when it comes to the heart

is the kind of person that to love so much someone the least negative reaction to it can affect you as triple as a normal person, because niko was for many years lack of love and appreciation of people from a very young that has been a trauma for her since then, she always tries that nothing affects her showing hatred or disinterest to anything that tries to hurt her, but as I said with themes of the heart both in love and in the family, it is simply her weak point

bueno tuve preguntas del porque niko se encerro en su cuarto y no quiere ver a nadie ni tampoco salir

pues tiene que ver con la salida al club y con la reacción de laffy

todos ya sabes que Niko es alguien fuerte por fuera pero muy debil cuando se trata del corazón

es del tipo de persona que al amar tanto alguien la minima reacción negativa hacia ella puede afectarle como el triple que a una persona normal, ya que niko estuvo por muchos años falta de amor y aprecio de la gente desde muy pequeña eso ha sido un trauma para ella desde entonces, siempre intenta que nada le afecte mostrando odio o desinteres a cualquier cosa que trate de lastimarla, pero como ya dije con temas del corazon tanto en el amor como en la familia, simplemente es su punto debil


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have you ever noticed the two little freckles on the left side(maybe? idk) on toms abs?? because i have and it makes me happy because it's cute and endearing and I just think of drawing circles around them while I lay my head on his chest and he plays with my hair late at night

thank you for this beautiful and pure image i LOVE THIS 

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how's life treating you recently? anything you want to especially gripe and/or gloat about?

i have a crush and she’s really pretty and smart and funny and nice and im not going into any more detail than that because the evil eye is real but i like her a lot and she makes me happy