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Clint trying to Dad Kate on her first date with America and Kate letting him & low-key appreciating it?

this is my aesthetic, tbh.

“So you’ll be back by eleven?” Clint asks for what she’s pretty sure is the sixty seventh time. “You told me we could practice early tomorrow,” he adds, a little defensively, the same way he has the other sixty six times.

“Yeah, god forbid a date get in the way of Hawkeye time,” Kate answers with the most exaggerated rolled eyes she can manage.

(Clint’s dates have interfered with Hawkeye time on more occasions than she cares to count, and Kate Bishop is the kind of person that likes to tally those kinds of things.)

He huffs through his nose. “Don’t think that just because your girlfriend–”

“Fuck, Clint, this is a first date.”

“–can punch through time or whatever–”

“Kick through dimensions. Yeah.”

“–I can’t take her.”

Kate is momentarily lost for words. She really tries not to laugh, but – well. It doesn’t work out for her. “You think you could take America?” she chirps gleefully, between giggles. “Awww, Clint…”

“You’re a terrible partner,” he grumbles.

And you’re not my dad, she’s tempted to answer.

Instead, she shrugs. “Must be a Hawkeye thing.” And it’s his turn to roll his eyes.

They sit in silence for a bit: Kate pacing and checking her hair, Clint futzing with the pile of arrows on the floor. Lucky dozes on the couch.

“What do you think you need to fight America for, anyway?” Kate asks suddenly, making Lucky twitch and Clint blink up at her.

Clint shifts awkwardly. “I don’t know, it’s just– That’s what you say, right? When….”

Kate raises her eyebrows at him, hoping it doesn’t show on her face how pleased she is.

“…Forget it,” Clint finishes. Internally, Kate cheers.

She’s less happy half an hour later when America shows up at the door and Clint blurts out something decidedly un-endearing about lady condoms.

We’ve talked before about the moments in these films where you can feel the meetings, you can feel the studio executives sweating. There is a kiss in this film that comes out of precisely nowhere, and you can feel the studio executives getting all sweaty, saying, ‘Y'know there’s a lot of long lingering looks between Cap and Bucky. Don’t you think this is gonna freak out the fanboys? Can we just, mush his face into some woman’s face at some point, can we just do that?’ And it happens.
—  Glen Weldon on Captain America: Civil War, Pop Culture Happy Hour [x]

The New NHL! Cover Shoot! Last week we had 24hrs notice to head off to #Dallas to shoot the cover for #Sportsnet Magazine. @tseguinofficial of the @DallasStars is lighting it up this year. He headlines this group of young stars poised to take over the #NHL. He was great fun to work with! We had some good laughs. The budget was tight so thankfully our Hotel had FREE Happy Hour! God Bless #America. Dallas reminded me a lot of my #hometown of #Calgary. Big trucks and chewing tobacco!