So! It’s official! Even Septiceye Sam came to celebrate @markiplier hitting 13 Million subscribers! Holy shit. This is such a huge number and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had this fanart drawn up for about a week now bc I knew I wouldn’t have the time to do it these past few days. But anyways, I’m so happy to be apart of this community. To be apart of something so grand. I can’t wait for the years and videos to come. They make me absolutely ecstatic!
Mark probably won’t see it but it would be amazing if you could reblog this and tag him. It’d be a dream come true 💓
Anways, congrats Mark! Here’s to many many more subscribers in the future 💓 love you and thank you so much for being the person you are. You’ve made me happy on my saddest days and kept me from doing some things I’d certainly regret. Love you lots 💓 (really hope you see this I worked really hard)

((ps Mark liked it I’m still in shock))

Ok but did anyone see Hinata’s face when they tell everyone that Kageyama was invited to this all japan youth training camp? I’m really happy for him because HOLY CRAP THAT IS SO AWESOME! But also I feel kinda bad for Hinata because DID ANYONE SEE HIS FACE?! I’m pretty sure he will become jealous and I don’t want that for my baby but AHHHG I HOPE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN, I WANT ALL MY LITTLE CROWS HAPPY

Also maybe on that camp we will see Bokuto? I mean, he is on the top 5 after all

i’m 99.9% sure i’ve read that it’s your birthday today, @nathans-drake SO i finished this just in case! it’s meant to be like a…cover thing…,,,yes
no lame ass coloring today too!!! ALRIGHT (high res) (read the sense of me)

aaw, LOOK AT THEM <3 !
They’re @nerdgasrnz  fusion children (and fusion-fusion child, haha)
and holee shit, i really needed to draw them when i saw them. They are so gorgeous and… -wink wink- 

My blog turned 4 years old today !! Manifesting the community land we are living on into a sanctuary for healing and creation. Practicing sadhana every morning at 3 am ~ chanting kundalini mantras, practicing yoga and meditation in our yurt ~~ massage and crystal healing. Harvesting fresh fruits and veggies from the land at 6 am for community breakfast. Splitting shifts with community members to take art and produce to the markets on the island every day while the others tend to the land and gardens. Dance coalescence events every week & permaculture workshops. 100% sustainable. Tree houses and natural building structures from the land.
THIS VISION IS BEING CREATED INTO REALITY! Doing the inner work to directly reflect our dreams externally. Sharing this with you all, soon this Happy Healthy Holy retreat center will be ready for you all to come and visit! MUCH ALOHA FROM KAUA'I!