Hey guys, I just made my first piece of proper digital art and yee!! :D

like omg, i’m so happy with this holy fuck. hehe, i’m using it on my blog too.

just in case anyone else was wants to use it, here’s the small version url http://i58.tinypic.com/15f0v83.gif 

falsehoods. i may have jumped asgardianhammer on skype and screeched really loudly because i fucking photoshopped real things besides icons and i am so happy holy fuck i need ice cream oh my god i can do things! 

this is just a really good week, bc i’m off through tomorrow, get a lot of hours through saturday, get to scream with my best friend ( dr-laufeyson ), i passed my state certification exam, and many more small things that just make everything great.

Okay, so I was watching Mad Max…. and during this scene I noticed something…

Let’s take a closer look…

Now, pardon my bad gif making skills but…


for anna-hiwatari‘s op colouring project ∩(︶▽︶)∩

“Do more of what makes you happy.” 

Is that to what we should aspire? Is that our ultimate goal?

NO. But when we do more of what makes us HOLY, happiness, fulfillment and joy will be a natural by-product.

“The crux of all human endeavor ought NOT to be the securing of a happy and contented life in this world. Man’s main duty is the religious service of God. If you are able to be happy, you owe it to God that you exist, and that those things exist which give you happiness. You, therefore, owe to God the acknowledgment of your debt to him by religious worship, offering him your praise and gratitude. To take all, and enjoy it without the slightest manifestation of gratitude to God, is both unjust and most ill-mannered.

If the sole source of your happiness lies in the things of this world, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. No man can escape death, and every cause of happiness for you will be taken from you whether you like it or not. You brought nothing into this world with you, and you will take nothing of it with you when you die.

Where then will you find happiness? Religion is our bond with God who made us, and the earnest and fervent practice of religion keeps us in touch with the God whom we are to meet some day, and with whom we are to be forever, if we are to know happiness hereafter.” - Fr. Leslie Rumble

The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness. — Pope Benedict XVI