“Pet Sematary” by Ramones

Brain Drain (1989)

also in less esoteric queer-@-6am style news: i got a shitload of new followers, so heads up i do art, talking abt being nonbinary & yelling abt The Politic occasionally on here. probably gonna snoop your blog as some point

i get electro-convulsive therapy done & i can’t finish fallout: new vegas ever bc i get frustrated i can’t fix more problems for the video game people, i barely respond to anything but i’ll still try for ya. happy day after halloween, punks

jointhegrunts  asked:

"TRICK OR TREAT, SMELL MY FEET, I BROUGHT SOMETHING FOR THE DOGS TO EAT!!" and now she's throwing milk bones everywhere.... and eating one. ok. "Happy belated Halloween ya punk! I missed you at the party. Where were you??"

Of course the dogs (apart from vasco) went crazy at that. Jumping around to catch the most milk bones and devouring all one by one as they chased each other. Vasco merely took one for himself and enjyoed it, eating it slowly.

   Even Jacks took one.

Went trick or treating with my boys.” He spoke in between munches. We went from island to island so by the time we got here, the party was over.He shrugged.