From a normal boy at a local chorus event in Edmond, Oklahoma to a widely known musician all across the globe in just two years.
Thank You Lady Gaga for Paparazzi, Thank You Scott Chance for filming the video, Thank You Tanner Chance for sending it to Ellen, and Thank You Ellen for watching it and believing in Greyson, giving him a chance to follow his dreams.
He definitely did not disappoint. This is only the beginning. 
Happy Greyson Day, Everyone!  

Happy Greyson Day

Hear ye! Hear ye! Today is the day Greyson Michael Chance made history.  

To my followers who didn’t know who he was…it’s okay..you can search but I wouldn’t be too bothered, but to whomever who rejoice with me this day, hello there mutual. 

But let me tell you some story. Yah you could not listen or whatever. But if you are still continuing to read at this moment, at this phrases, well nice.

Okay so, 3 years ago, somewhere in the month of August, I was a very active twitter user and that it’s already midnight I should’ve been sleeping but there I was still awake and tweeting. Then I saw this Greyson Chance in my wall. He posted somewhere in the lines of he can’t sleep and he’s listening to “Ben” and at that moment I was also listening to another Jackson 5 music which was “I’ll Be There”. And I was so happy I got a celebrity mutual for a second. AHAHAHAHA lol. WTH. But I was. So then I went to stalk him ‘cause hey I’ve been following this dude for a long time and I didn’t know what he does aside from that boy who covered “Paparazzi”. Then I listened to some of his songs “Little London Girl” was the one who put me fangirling over him. I love London. He plays piano. I play piano, a little. Then BAM I became what you call an Enchancer. Then I stalked more. And more. And hey HE is one of the first artist that made me fangirl. The pioneer of the reason of why I became a fangirl, if there such phrase…what. The thing is I didn’t want to be like a fangirl at that time because I thought it was insane, (well yes it was, it is), but it isn’t JUST INSANE. My life before becoming a fangirl was a little crappy. I am a little faker. And I don’t have a life of my own. Like, I just always go with the way thing goes. I didn’t know how I even do that. But then when I found him out and became a fan of him, bam life’s changed. Well another addition to it was “Waiting Outside The Lines” that totally changed the whole thing. I was the very first song that ever spoke to y spirit so hard. He was written by a kiddo like me. And it’s lyrics approaches to a little shy girl  like me. That became my jam. From that the little no talk girl became the girl who played piano. After a year I played Waiting Outside The Lines in front of our class. I was nervous because everybody’s staring at me. But a lot was awed. It was surreal. Although that exposure was just a span of one school year. My classmates did not forget that. And if it wasn’t for “Waiting Outside The Lines” I might have been still ‘sitting around, and looking down on tomorrow’. I am not. Well, I am…but not that much unlike before, nobody knows I like to sing, and I can sing. Nobody knows I like to play the piano, and I play a little. I was a VERY shy girl, now belongs to the…(uh a little nerdy) student officers. And if it wasn’t for the day he covered Lady Gaga’s song 6 years ago. I wouldn’t be who am I today. They say, you are who you make who you are, something like that. But somehow Greyson Chance made me confident to be who am I. Crazy but yes he does. I still think it’s crazy. But that’s what it is. Don’t worry he’s not controlling me or something. That’s all. Happy Greyson Day.

(ps. then again english is not my first language. so there’s an excuse for my wrong grammar or something ahahaha lel or maybe I don’t listen well to my english teacher)