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tyler joseph.

i’m sorry, THE tyler joseph. that little broken teen, that little 17 year old boy who wrote songs and turned them into a huge college party in his basement. that hopeless wanderer who wrote trees 11 years ago. the man who got to hear all of madison square garden sing it back to him 4 months ago. today is his 28th year living on this earth. i love you, i love you so much. and i am so grateful for your existence. never stop making music. never stop doing what you love.

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Happy 28th Birthday Tyler Joseph (December 1, 1988).

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Happy Birthday to the most amazing human being, tyleroakley! Thank you for always being unapologetically yourself, because I find myself inspired all the time by that. x


au - Allison and Lydia are hired assassins on a mission to kill Stiles and Scott. But things never did go according to plan.

Happy birthday, Kay! <3

Also, Sarah made me do it.

to all the beautiful blogs who wished me a happy birthday:  thank you so so much! I just want to thank all of you who follow me faithfully and send me sweet little messages of encouragement…small things mean the most to me, even if it is just a smiley face in my ask box. I love every single one of you :)


Happy Birthday to the most inspirational person i have ever had in my life , you tought me how to believe in myself and love myself and mostly Accept myself and who i really am ! you have no idea the kind of colours you add to my sky … you’re a living proof that once you hold on to your dreams … no one can tell you that you can’t ! Happy 26th Birthdaaaaaaay !!!!!