Happy birthday to that until-recently-forgotten historical figure who has become a symbol of how LGBTQ people are not limited in what they can do by stereotypes, whose courage and against the grain thinking challenged our expectations for what our culture is capable of, who, for all his faults, has inspired us all- Frank Ocean.

Also it’s John Laurens’s birthday or whatever.

Thanks and apologies go to @clarkisacorgi for being so patient while I wrote this! Happy birthday my friend!! I hope you like it!! <3

I’ve had the idea for this fic pretty much since I figured out John Silver and Bonnie would have children, and Corgi gave me the push to finally write it, so it’s really a combined birthday present to them and a self-indulgent piece of fluff. I don’t normally get this attached to characters or OCs, but these two mean a lot to me.

I jump ahead quite a bit in their story; if you’re confused about anything, feel free to ask. I tried to cover the gaps as best I could without turning this into a friggin’ novel.

SFW; no warnings. Under a cut for length.

Only a Reward

The six months marching up to John’s 148th birthday had been remarkable—in all the wrong ways.

They come in threes, his mother used to say. The big hits of life, John me lad. Joys, tragedies, vexations.

He, young and sure in his robust grip on his own destiny, had had no need for his mother’s empty platitudes. But, it turned out, he was less able to talk, shoot, fight, or fuck his way around the big hits than he’d thought even fifty years ago.

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