April Jeanette Mendez, born March 19, 1987 (age 30) in Union City, New Jersey, United States.

Happy birthday to the person who taught me to be myself no matter what. She showed us that no matter where are you from, how much do you weight, how tall you are, you can accomplish your dreams if you fight for them and never give up. Thank you for inspire me everyday, April.


just some sassy vic moments // happy birthday to the hard-working, kind and lovely leader. Who is willing to do anything for her members. Her work ethic and dedication to her career is unparalleled. Even though she may be worn down from her activities she never lets it show and finishes every performance full of energy. To our leader who has been through so much and who is still with f(x) thank you Song Qian! ~ 

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!


Happy birthday, Vivien Leigh! ♡ 5th November 1913 - 8th July 1967

‘…the recollection of her evokes all sorts of images; quicksilver; elegance and composure, like a small Siamese cat; and the tinkling charm of a Chinese wind lantern.’ - Olivia de Havilland

‘I’ll never forget her arrangements. Nor her love of Alex Korda. Nor all those cats. Her ridiculous laughter, her fabulous generosity of heart and her guts in adversity.’ - David Niven

‘She was often underrated because she was so beautiful.’ - George Cukor