Today is the birthday of the boy who has witnessed all the romance of Louis and Harry live and direct, which has kept so many secrets that are supposed to never come to light and also a loving elf that represents most of the fans.              Niall James Horan

Happy birthday to this gorgeous, talented, hard-working, clever and carefree young man. Proud of who you were, who you are, and who you’ll become. Your achievements are the demonstration of what kind of person and artist you are. We’ve grown up together during the past years and I personally /can’t wait/ to see how far you’ll go.

I adore you Niall ❤

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Niall Horan imagines

Dating Niall Horan will include
-Him calling you by all sorts of pet names like pumpkin pie, sugar, sweet cheeks, etc
-You call him babe, Mr. Sexy and leprechaun (funnily)
-Lots of cuddles
-Building blanket fort
Having movie marathon
-Lots and lots of cooking. Your home will always have something to eat
-Rendezvous to kitchen in middle of night
-Playful fight for who gets large portion of cake
-Him singing 1d songs into you ears
-Random dates to KFC and Nandos
-Taking care of him when he hurt his knee
-Going to support him while he plays charity football
-Both of you proudly sporting a shirt signed by him
-Stealing his shirts
-He likes to see you in his dress so he never asks it back
-You cuddling with his T-shirt when he is on tour
-Him buying you gifts from different countries
-You consider him coming home as the best gift
Him teaching you how to play guitar
-You missing his blonde hair even though he is hot in brunette
-He gifting you a puppy for your anniversary
-He likes when you take control and surprise him ;-)
-You learning Irish traditional
-Hanging out the boys
-Going on triple date with Larry and Ziam
-Being goofy around each other
-Even when you fight you can’t be without talking to him
-He too feels the same way
-Finally both of you apologize and make up ;-)

-Lots of nose kisses and forehead kisses