And the day has come:) the day when my little angel becomes one year older:) I guess I should write something really sweet and long, but when it comes to Niall, I just can’t find the right words to describe how much that human means to me. It’s just that he is always here. When I feel down, he’s here. When I need somebody, he’s here. He’s just always here with me, living in my head and heart all the time. I just truly love that boy so much. I love how kind, carefree, loving, down to earth and sweet he is. How he loves helping others, making others happy. I love that big honest smile he gets when millions of people are singing along with him and it sometimes seems like it’s the reason he’s alive. To be on that stage making us happy, making himself happy. I love it. I love how he makes me feel, how he learnt me to love myself and to follow whatever this dream inside my heart is. To be what I want to be and to do what I want to do, because we all deserve it… Sometimes I think that there will never be enough words inside of my head to fully thank him for everything he has done for me. I mean it’s just amazing. Cause he actually doesn’t even know that I exist, and still he is the reason why I exist at all. I hope he’s happy, I hope he’s smiling. I hope he’s crying maybe, not too much but just a little bit, because he’s a human too. I hope his loving eyes never stop making this world a better place, I hope that that house of a heart never ever goes to sleep. I hope that today, and every single day of his life, he is proud. Proud of what he has done, proud of himself… Because he deserves it all. He saved so many lives, he saved mine too. And I can’t describe how happy I am that my heart found a home in him. That he’s the boy that no matter how old we get, will always be my one and only. So my birthday boy, I’m proud. Proud of what you have become. You’ll always stay that little irish blondie who applied on xfactor and from that moment made my life worth living. I am never going to be able to thank u enough… And I still think of the time that I am going to see you. To meet you and be in the same room as you. To stand right next to you face to face and tell you how much I love everything about you. I know that time is not tommorrow or this year, but I’m sure it’ll come. Till then, I’ll still be right beside you, supporting and loving you every step of your way. And I promise, I promise you that even if everyone leaves, I am going to stay. Just be happy and smile a lot. Cause you are not alone my darling. You will never be. I hope you are having the best birthday, and see you in my dreams.❤️

September 13th: The Birthday of Ardent Concentration

People born on September 13th tend to dedicate themselves passionately to their work or task in hand. Their powers of concentration are unrivaled and their determination awesome. In fact, many born on this day have the ability to confront and rise successfully above any challenge that life throws at them.

One of the reasons they are such strong individuals is their powerful self-belief. They care greatly about being true to themselves regardless of what the current trends may be, and although their straightforward, uncomplicated but highly idiosyncratic approach can win them many admirers, it can also make them the butt of jokes. This isn’t likely to worry them, however, because they know that sooner or later others will see that their methods were right.

Although they are very advanced when it comes to willpower and concentration, in affairs of the heart they may not be able to demonstrate the same level of commitment or passion. It is important for them to make sure they don’t suppress their emotions because it is only when they have learned to acknowledge, accept and manage their emotions that they run the risk of becoming uncompromising, controlling and ruthless. For those with such potential for creativity and sensitivity, this would be a tragedy.

Fortunately, until the age of thirty-nine there will be opportunities for them to develop and learn from close personal relationships. After the age of forty there is a turning point which puts the emphasis on the power of personal transformation. Whatever age they are the sooner they will be able to devote their considerable talents to a cause that is worthy of them, lead by example and dedicate themselves to making the world a better place.

Your greatest challenge is: opening up emotionally
The forward way is: to understand that emotions are not meant to be suppressed; they are meant to be listened to, accepted, and managed.

On the dark side: driven, cold, isolated
At your best: Dedicated, intense, resilent