Everybody say my name! It’s my birthday!” 🎈🎈🍰🎇

Happy birthday, dear sunshine TEN! Our eternal beautiful smile, sweet lover, innocent baby, you’ve been blessing our eyes and hearts with your hardworking, spectacular performances and even during hard times your smile never faded! You are the best like always! The one who always helps the others before him, the one who always makes you smile, the one who always makes your heart flutter…once again, happy birthday precious baby!♥♥♥♥♥


If you give them toys during the interview, these two giant 8-year-olds are just gonna play with them the whole time and not answering any questions..
(for my lovely @tsundereslasher​ ♥︎)


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun

Extra Cream

So my birthday clone, @victorineb wanted a follow-up to my coffee shop AU for her birthday. This was the best I could do, my darling, I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful birthday!

         “You’re telling me it’s been two weeks and you still haven’t touched Hot Hannibal’s cock?” Bev gaped at Will as she made change for a very stunned grandmotherly type. Will’s mouth dropped open, eyes wide. He pointed at the shell-shocked customer. Bev spared her a small smile. “Sorry ma’am, but my friend has been in love with this guy for like a year, finally started dating him, and now he tells me he’s stuck on first base!”

         The lady nodded, fixing Will with a sympathetic smile. “Performance issues?”

         Beverly beamed as Will’s mouth thinned into a tight line.

         “Your cocoa will be ready over there, ma’am,” he said through gritted teeth, a rigid arm pointing her to the end of the counter. He turned to Beverly and hissed, “I hate you.”

         “You should hate him, what the fuck is up with this dude?” Bev glanced at another customer. “Welcome to Mizumono, can you hang on for a sec?”

         She turned back to Will.

         “Seriously, I’m thinking we have to change his name from Hot Hannibal to Professor Blue Balls.”

         Will shoved Beverly to the side, face aflame. “I’m sorry for the delay what can I get you?”

         “I’ll have a vanilla latte please and a blue ball – UH I MEAN BLUEBERRY scone.” The woman wouldn’t look at him as she thrust a twenty in his direction. Will glared at Bev, willing her head to explode. It never worked, but he had faith that if he just kept practicing…

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“Here! Come and join me. This table belonged to the ancient kings of Camelot. A round table afforded no one man more importance than any other. They believed in equality in all things. So, it seems fitting that we revive this tradition now. Without each of you, we would not be here. My father has languished in prison for too long. Tomorrow, I make my bid to rescue him. Are there any around this table who will join me?” - {happy birthday @mistresspendragon}