Happy Birthday Moff

For taking us to 221B and on a ride in a blue box, for Sherlock and John, for the Doctor, for stories that will never end. For being so respectful and joyous about what you get to do. For the subtext and fanboyish references. For the Weeping angels, the Silence, and the monsters under the bed. (even though you scared the crap out of us each time, we still love you). For reminding us that fear is a superpower. For being an inspiration to writers. For all the stories you’ve given us, and the ones we know are coming.

There will never come a day when we don’t need you, Mr. Moffat. Happy 54th!

The man I will always trust, always forgive, always look forward to enjoy his stories.

Thank you for sharing your childhood’s dream.

Thank you for giving the company of BBC Sherlock in my last two years in graduate school (while struggling with my essay), and of Doctor Who in my first year in my first full-time job.

Thank you for introducing such a wonderful universe, for showing me there are some other way to read texts, for respecting our audience enough to put so much details in the works and make it a fair play of analysis between creators and appreciators. 

Sometimes you broke my heart. But you are the man I will always trust, always forgive. Your stories are what I will always seek for comfort, courage, and kindness.

Happy Birthday, Steven Moffat. Happy Birthday.

So I heard it's Moffat appreciation day

I don’t think of myself as a “Moffat-hater”, as some would label me because I don’t agree with or approve of every single writing and creative decision he makes. But sometimes people like me rant too much about what Moffat does that we don’t like to appreciate what he has done well, so for my part I’d like to fix that today.

Moffat, thank you for The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, for Blink, for the Weeping Angels.Thank you for Time Crash.  Thank you for The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Thank you for Rory Williams, the last centurion, the boy who waited. Thank you for Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. Thank you for River Song, and even for Amy, who I actually liked by the end because of the character development you gave her.

Thank you for the monsters. Thank you for Eleven’s quirky, childish ancientness and brilliant speeches.

And, of course, thank you for Sherlock – the detective, the friend. Thank you for John – the soldier, the loyal heart. (And Molly & Mrs Hudson and Mycroft and Greg and all the other characters we love. Even Anderson.)

Happy birthday, Moffat. And thank you.