“Who wants mortality? Everybody wants immortality. You want what you create to live! Be it sculpting, painting, music, composition. That is why to escape death I attempt to bind my soul to my work because I just want it to live forever and just give all that I have.”

Happy 57th Birthday, Michael Jackson! (August 29th, 1958)


“I’ve always joked that I didn’t ask to sing and dance, but it’s true. When I open my mouth, music comes out. I’m honored that I have this ability. I thank God for it every day. I try to cultivate what He gave me. I feel I’m compelled to do what I do.”
-Michael Jackson, August 29th, 1958


On this day - 29th August 1958

A Star is born!

Michael Joseph Jackson is the seventh child born to Katherine and Joe Jackson in St. Mercy Mary Hospital in Gary, Indiana.

Today would have been Michael’s 57th Birthday. He may not be with us physically anymore, but he has never been gone. His music, legacy, and the beautiful person that he was will always live on! From generation to generation his genius and the magic that he created will be passed on.
So, today, on this special day, I wish Michael a Very Happy Birthday, and celebrates his life!