Happy Birthday to Mr John Finnemore!
It is thanks to this brilliant person that so many people are so happy! Mr Finnemore’s work inspires and helps me everyday and I am very glad he is alive! Hahaha :)
I’m rambling now. But honestly, I can say I don’t think I would be able to stay so happy through some difficult things going on in my life without all the work John Finnemore has done and without all the friends I have made because of him.
Mr John Finnemore is probably one of my favourite people. If I had a list of my favourite people, he would be very high up on the list.
When I met Mr Finnemore, he was so lovely and kind. He actually took the time to listen to me. The rest of the people I met were amazing too. I was surprised at how nice and caring and understanding everyone was. Also, the people I have met through tumblr and Twitter are brilliant beyond words. All of them. Brilliant beyond words, yet I’m trying to use words. Sorry.
I’m not often used to such kindness, as most people don’t really know how to react to someone like me.
The world is a really brilliant place. Mr Finnemore helps me to remember that. Remember to be kind and have fun.
Heaven is full of otters and you’re always playing yellow car.
Don’t use your words to make others feel stupid. And it’s okay to be completely happy, even if it’s only because of little, unimportant things.
So I hope he has a BRILLIANT birthday and I thank him from the bottom of my heart, for making life a bit more brilliant.


“The audio is from a wonderfully hilarious radio show called Cabin Pressure, and the episode is Xinzhou. Leo is Martin (Skip); Raph is Douglas; Mikey is Arthur; and April is Carolyn.”

Ninja Turtles meet Cabin Pressure - a funny video by Heracratzarism (x)

To John Finnemore,
I hope that you’ll have an absolutely wonderful and happy birthday! You have made so many people incredibly happy through your comedy, and inspired so many people (including me- as you can see form the GIF I made above!) I can’t wait to see even more comedy work from you in the future! So relax, have the massive piece of cake you definitely deserve, and thank you so much :) 

Thehappygnome (Sarah)