♡Happy Birthday Helena♡

Unfortunately I had my Literature exam this morning and I wasn’t able to make a post earlier. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR WONDERFUL HELLIE!!  I’m sure she’ll receive the most wonderful birthday wishes from the Helenaists. I wasn’t able to take part in any birthday projects this year because of exams but I’m sure there all wonderful.

So Happy Birthday 48th Birthday Helena! I honestly hope you have the most wonderful birthday. I know that every year the Helenaists put together great projects a ton of endearing texts posts just for today. I really don’t think any of us can put into words how much you’ve inspired each and every one of us. (I mean I don’t wanna speak for everyone but this is a thing right?) You’ve inspired me so much to be the person I am today, I have been through a lot over the past couple of years but I don’t think I could have done it without this blog, and you’re the reason I made the blog so that definitely leads it back to you. You’ve reminded me to be true to myself, You’ve reminded me that I should be heard, and You’ve inspired me to no longer fear the judgment of those around me, and yeah it still affects me some times but now I know that I can pick myself right up off the ground and keep marching forward because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Being a Helenaist isn’t just being a fan of you, its being part of a community, a small community of that, but a community. The people I’ve met through this fandom are honestly the kindest and nicest people I’ve ever met and I wouldn’t have met these lovely people without you. Helena, I have so much to thank you for I don’t think I’d be able to list all the reasons. So, Happy Birthday Helena :) 

(Sorry I went on a  bit of an inspiring rampage about how she has inspired me personally, got a bit deep, but its Hellies birthday and this post is giant mess but i think i get my point across)