sarah and helena are spending their birthday together, eating cake and shopping. sarah is reminiscing about her other birthdays while helena listens intently. oscar, gemma, and kira give helena handmade birthday cards. alison keeps making cake. it’s okay, because helena keeps eating it. 

“gonna make yourself sick, meathead,” says sarah. “s’at what you want?” 

helena points out that sarah is eating just as much. sarah makes some kind of noise of acknowledgement. 

felix stops by to join in the reminiscing and to give them twin shirts. “buy one”, says the first, in big pink print, “get one free”, says the other. sarah groans when she sees hers. helena puts hers on. she is the get one free. 

cosima asks, because she’s curious, how to say happy birthday in Ukrainian. helena tells her, and all of her sisters take a turn trying to say it. cosima can say it well, unlike sarah and alison, who give up halfway through trying to pronounce narodzhennya, and reveals that she learned some Russian when she was in high school. helena smiles at her, soft. 

helena falls asleep on felix’s couch. sarah falls asleep on the floor, right under her. felix sighs at them both. 

Happy birthday to Helena Bonham Carter, who never fails to be her authentic self, and I admire her dearly for that. 


Emma was so gorgeous in the Teaser Trailer for Beauty and the Beast

Also Happy Late Birthday to Helena Bonham Carter A.K.A Mom 

I watched Xmen and now I’m in love with Archangel 😍

((been waiting forever for your requests to open bc your stories give me lifeeeeee)) One where Draco is falling for a shy Hufflepuff who’s best friend is Cedric. Whenever Draco tries to get Y/N alone, Cedric pops up and ruins it all. please and ty💛  -Anonymous

He didn’t know why his full attention was on you throughout the whole Charms class. He could get almost anyone in Hogwarts, but all his eyes were focused on was you. You weren’t the type of person that would make people notice you because you often enjoyed being quite and you were shy. 

Though you were a few rows ahead of him, he was still in awe. He watched as you gently flicked your (H/C) hair that fell loosely over your yellow robes. 

As soon as the period was over, Draco pushed past the students in front of him and made his way over to you. Before he could get one word out of his mouth, someone had called out your name. A tall Hufflepuff boy was standing by the door frame, waiting for you; your best friend. You grabbed the rest of your things and ran to the brunette. 

“Cedric!” You beamed, engulfing him in a one arm hug— as your other hand was clutching your books. Draco stared at the two of you envy, wishing he was the one your had your arm wrapped around. Then he felt someone slide next to him. 

“What are you doing?” Pansy asked, irritation laced in her voice “It’s lunch time” she turned her head to look at what Draco was staring at and made a low growl.  

“(Y/N) Aurum. Sweet, shy girl from Hufflepuff” Pansy stated sourly, turning back to the blonde “You interested?” 

“That’s none of your concern” Draco spat seriously, his trance soon broke once the ‘badgers’ left. 

The two slytherins had also left the room for lunch, both seated in their usual seats upfront. Since you were in Hufflepuff, you were on the other side of the hall— much to Draco’s dismay. Thankfully, there was a small gap enough for him to see you eating and socializing with your house mates. 

Meanwhile, Cedric’s eyes were locked on a certain blonde at the Slytherin table. He noticed how Malfoy’s gaze was on you the whole time whilst you continued to chat with your friend, Susan Bones. For Cedric, it was unusual to see Draco look so interested with someone from Hufflepuff—let alone, his best friend.

“Hey (Y/N)” He spoke, catching your attention. You turned your head towards him, confusion written on your face.

“Did the Weasley twins do anything to you today?” He questioned, still staring at the slytherin table.

“No. Why?” Your perplexed expression was still evident as you wondered what was going on through his head.

“It’s just…” Cedric started, his voice was a bit shaky “Malfoy has been staring at you the whole time.”

You let out a laugh causing him to finally turn towards you. It was a habit of yours to not take anything seriously. It was—as everyone would call it—adorable. Not that you mind anyway, 

Draco Malfoy staring at me? Don’t be daft, Cedric.” You shook your head in disbelief and went back to your conversation with Susan. You could hardly believe that Draco would even think of you. You must admit that you do find him attractive but his attitude and ego wasn’t as attractive as his facial features were. But nonetheless he wouldn’t and shouldn’t be staring at you. You weren’t as beautiful compared to anyone else in Hogwarts.

Cedric although couldn’t let it go once he turned to Malfoy again. This time, Draco’s gaze was on him. It felt like Draco was trying to throw a knife at Cedric with his cold glare. Cedric knew something was going  to happen, but no way in bloody hell would he let it.  


You had free period after lunch. Seeing as it was the perfect time for advance studying, you had decided to stay in the library for the time being. You really needed to study for potions. It was murder. Cedric offered to help you but he wasn’t much of a help as he didn’t really know much about the class as well. 

You sighed, reading the boring text on the book Madam Pince had suggested. Cedric let out a chuckle and excused himself to find something more interesting. You pondered for a bit thinking all he could ever find in the library are books that he wouldn’t really appreciate. As 

Draco hadn’t eaten much during lunch because of a certain distraction. He didn’t really care that much but Pansy although had a different view when Draco isn’t taking care of himself. She kept following him (which wasn’t a surprise), bringing a bowl of food and tried spoon feeding him whilst they walked. The blonde was lucky to have escaped Pansy’s pestering when he was thinking of how he would get to talk to you. He had found himself in the library and made his way to the furthest corner so he wouldn’t be seen

He didn’t expect to be seeing you there. He watched you read a very thick book about potions and noticed how you bit your lip or groaned in frustration once you flip a page. He smiled at how cute you were. God, he was turning soft. 

It took him forever to decided whether to leave or to stay and talk to you. He was reluctant but decided to stay. He made is way over to you and took an empty seat next to you, causing you lose concentration. You groaned in annoyance and turned your head. Your eyes widened once you realized who was seated next to you. 

‘M-Malfoy w-what are you doing h-here” You stammered, gaping at his stormy grey eyes. 

“I came to study” He smiled at the bewildered hufflepuff “It is what one does at a library, (Y/N). Didn’t you know that” 

“I-I Yes. I know but why are you sitting next to me” You whispered the last part. You knew about Draco’s reputation and his way of keeping it. Who knows what rumors would spread if anyone saw you together. 

“I noticed you having trouble with Potions” He stated, pointing at the book in your hands “I happen to be an expert in potion making. Maybe could meet up and I could tutor you. Also during the end of the week we could—” 

“(Y/N), I really need your help! It’s important” Cedric interrupted what Draco was going to say. Cedric had pulled you up from your seat and guided you out of the library, leaving a very annoyed Draco. 


This happened a lot for the past couple of days. Every time Draco would find you alone, Cedric would pop up out of nowhere and take you away from him. It was starting to frustrate the slytherin to a full extent that he waited until every single one of your housemates was out of your common room before he went in. It wasn’t difficult for him to get the password and he made sure to come by when Cedric was busy practicing quidditch. 

He heard that you would often stay in the common room when your best friend was out in the field. You were to interested to read instead of watching a game play of what they’ll be doing during a real game. 

“Draco?” You gazed at the blonde once you heard the common room door open. You set your book aside and met him halfway across the middle of the room. 

“What are you doing here?” 

“Do you want to go to hogsmeade with me?” He asked, ignoring your question. You were taken aback by his question but you snapped back into realtiy as he waited for your answer. 

“Like on a date?” You blushed, looking down at your feet. Draco lifted your chin up with his finger and nodded, biting his lip.  You were about to give an answer until you heard the door open again. 

“Not again” You heard Draco mutter under his breath. 

“What are you doing here?” You both turned your heads towards the speaker. Cedric stood in his dirty quidditch uniform looking angry. He made his way towards draco but you were quick to slip between the two and smiled at your protective best friend. 

“I was asking Draco if he could tutor me” You flashed him a smile to make it look believable. Cedric’s features softened a bit but quickly looked between you and Malfoy. 

“How did he get in then?” You could tell Cedric was still unsure.

“I gave him the password just in case he had questions for me. And he did: He was wondering if he wanted to study this weekend” You continued to lie smoothly. Honestly, you didn’t know you had it in you. 

You turned your head to Draco, grinning widely. 

“And my answer is Yes” 

Happy 50th Birthday, Helena Bonham Carter <3 

May, 26th, 2016.