a celebration of mametown.



Dear Grace,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for being the best human being someone could possibly ever be. Thanks for making us laugh, thanks for helping us, thanks for loving us. I am so proud to call you my idol and I just wanted to let you know that we ALL love you, don’t ever forget that.

Have the best day ever!

Sincerely, your dumb dumbs.


Hi Grace! ([X])

Today you are 28 years old, 5 years ago you started this journey and along the way you have inspired us all, you’ve made us laugh when no one else could, and you have been our virtual friend who we have grown to love, respect and admire.

We (Minigracehelbig and I) made you a video (CLICK HERE) to say thank you from all of your fans from around the world.

Thank you for staying true to yourself and making Monday-Friday a hell of a whole lot better. We are so proud of you and thankful that you’ve taken us along on this crazy ride. We are so excited to see what you have to offer us in the future, you’re so talented and deserve every bit of success ahead. You work so hard for us, and we commend you for that. I hope you will always remember your 2 million subscribers, when you make it big. As a whole, we have been planning this for about two months. We love you and appreciate you so much and we hope you enjoy this surprise birthday gift.

Happy 28th Birthday Grace
P.S. There are some very special guests at the end :)


Happy 29th Birthday to Grace Anne Helbig, a Youtuber, actress, comedian, author and role model. I hope you have an amazing day that it just as amazing as you (but that is setting a very high standard). You deserve all the happiness coming your way so here’s to another incredible and inspiring year! Much love from all corners of the earth!