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Bingo Blitz

Grester/Hartbig Word Count: 1,095

This fic is a combination of a few things. A few prompts, friendships, and personal things from my life. This is all fiction and SFW. This is also the first fanfic I have ever written. I’ll be honest, I was never much of a writer when I was young. But, I got this idea in my head that I really wanted to write. I hope you enjoy. 

Grace had been dating Chester since Freshman year of high school. They are both seniors now and something just seems off to Grace. She still loves Chester but seems to be getting bored with their relationship.

Grace’s POV

Today is the day. The day where in the rule book of life, I am an adult. My 18th birthday. September 27th.

It was morning time at the Helbig residents and Grace had just woken up. She was greeted by a note on her dresser from her boyfriend Chester. The note read “Happy Birthday Sweetheart!” on the outside, and on the inside it said “Get dressed and meet me outside, please.”

Still holding the note, Grace walks to her window and looks down to see Chester leaning up against his red convertible, messing around with a Rubik’s Cube. He had his hair nicely parted and he was dressed up a bit.

Grace leaves the window to go get dressed. She decides to get dressed up too. Since it was starting to become Autumn, she goes for a short navy blue dress with flats. On her way out the door, she grabs the leather jacket, that was once Chester’s, that she has had since her and Chester’s first date.

She runs outside to meet Chester. When she gets close enough, Chester notices her and gives her the biggest hug. “You look great!” Chester says looking at his beautiful girlfriend. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” Grace says.

“I have a surprise for you, but if we don’t leave now we will be late.” Chester says.

So, with that, they both get into Chester’s car and head down the road. Chester drives the car for about 30 minutes. When he parks the car, Grace gives him an odd look. “What are we doing at a Bingo hall on a Saturday?” She asks, still confused.

“Well, I know how much you don’t like going to big parties and social events because of your anxiety. So, I thought we could spend a few hours just chilling out playing bingo.” Chester responds.

Grace looks around the parking lot and notices a car that looks familiar. “Is that Mamrie’s car?” She asks.

Chester looks at the car and gives it a confused I Don’t Know look.

Then they both get out of the car and walk into the Bingo Hall. Sure enough, Grace sees Mamrie at a table and walks up to her. “Mames? What are you doing here?” Grace asked.

Mamrie looks up at Grace in shock. “Well, I guess you should know my secret. I come and play bingo here almost every Saturday,” Mamrie says, “y’know, in between cheerleading practice and color guard. Bingo helps my brain. It’s sort of how some teenage boys use Rubik’s Cubes to keep their brains occupied.”

Grace looks down at her feet and frowns. “What’s wrong, Hun?” Mamrie asks. “Were you ever going to tell me about your bingo thing?” Grace says.

At that time, Chester came back with Bingo Bundles for Grace and himself. Along with drinks, Diet Dr. Pepper for him and Coke Zero Cherry for Grace, which came from one of those soda machines that has all the different flavors of soda.

Grace just gave Mamrie a look that said “We aren’t finished with this conversation, but we will talk later.”

All of a sudden, Hannah Hart walks out into the Bingo Hall and heads towards Chester. “Hey Chester! Is this the birthday girl?” Hannah says.

Chester spins around to see Hannah and says, “Hannah! This is Grace, my girlfriend.”

Grace gives a confused look at Chester. “Who is this, Chester?” Grace asks.

“Grace, this is Hannah Hart. She helped me set up this bingo session.” Chester says to Grace.

“Yeah, my parents own the bingo hall and I work here every Saturday to help them.” Hannah says.

“Nice to meet you, Hannah! Hey, aren’t you in my AP History class?” Grace asks.

“I believe so, I’m the small blonde that sits in the front,” Hannah says, “Anyways, I have to get back to work. I wish you luck and a Happy Birthday!”

And with that, Hannah leaves to go back to the back of the bingo hall to help set up the bingo session that is 5 minutes away from happening.

Mamrie is still sitting there smiling to herself because her and Hannah have gotten to know each other pretty well and Mamrie knows how much of a crush Hannah has on Grace.

All of a sudden, Grace gets this weird feeling in her gut. Her gut is trying to tell her that she wants to be with Hannah. But she also wants Chester. The thoughts around the subject get trapped in Grace’s brain. So much so, that she doesn’t realize that Hannah is talking into the microphone. She decides to try to listen.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this morning’s bingo session. The first set of games are about to begin, but before that I’d like to perform a song I have been working on. I’d also like to wish a Happy 18th Birthday to Grace Helbig, who we have here today.” Hannah says as the whole room claps and wishes Grace a Happy Birthday.

The tune to the song Jessie’s Girl starts playing and Hannah starts singing. It’s quite distracting for Grace because all she keeps thinking is how she would like to just run up there and kiss Hannah right on the mouth in front of everyone. But, she decides not to do that because then her relationship with Chester would be over.

Meanwhile, Hannah is in the middle of the song when all of a sudden, instead of singing “I wish I had Jessie’s Girl,” Hannah sings “I wish I had Chester’s Girl.” After that moment, Hannah freezes. The track stops. Everything is quiet. Everyone is looking at Hannah. Chester and Mamrie are wide-eyed.

The embarrassment overrides Hannah’s whole body, causing her to run back into the break room of the bingo hall.

Grace sees Hannah run away in embarrassment. Instead of staying put, Grace decides to run after Hannah to the back of the bingo hall.

To Be Continued…

Feedback is much appreciated! You can also give me ideas for what you want to see in Part 2!