my list of awesome person (i’m going to use he she her him random only because idk if the person want the gender show :3 and i’m lazy coff coff)

@chronictale one of my best friend.  he is  just one of the most awesome person i meet not only his art:  he is a very good person for talk and we have like all in common.  he like  my favorite violinist,  he like the video  i link to him and we like the same comics and more we are mirror XD …this is a little scary sometime hahaha no he is awesome. and isn’t a  joke. so yeah pretty mirror XD …. XD   oh and before i forgot   his au is amazing but for now is slow down waiting news :3

@camilieroart   he is the best ship partner i’ve :3  and i call him lili eh eh :3  i can’t tell to much because he is a little jealous but he is adorable blush all time i talk with him XD…  near much near he is going to start his au so  let’s wait and his doodle are so funny just care he become angry if someone try to date me XD

@ravnicawatchwolf  is my uncle  yes we can say that XD.  he create nx design so if you want be angry with someone  XD you know who  assault hahah.   i like this guys can make awesome gif and  is much popular  in some game to  and sorry for all that anon ask they send you for my deck XD but that is what i’m ! we meet under a endertale page  with a pun war XD like 5 day of pun XD. well your nightmare is here for you eheh eh 

@xxmileikaivanaxx  is milei !!!! is impossible don’t know her and @deusn one of the most  nice guys i meet eh eh … this duo is the most cute on tumblr and i havent see enough fan art with this two ehj eh.  well  milei is the queen of the hug with a awesome au!!  and deusn is the knight !! one of the most  awesome o.c on tumblr for me ….well i love to much undyne sorry deusn XD

@z-artblog  and  now is my z bro time !  eh eh  he is a awesome artist  and not only! he have a beautiful sincere personality people   don’t like that but for me is one of the most respectable thing of him! but if we talk about his art…well i can’t my mouth fall XD  is  so good !!! not only the background but the draw to ! gif of background all is amazing !!!!!!!!!

@lazycb  i meet him only 1 month ago?  day more or not and we are friend !!! he say i answer your ask but i can only do a fast traditional art but is going to don’t be so great…*thunder* she make a  museum paint o.O something like ….you can remove your eyes now! i’m going to comment all his draw XD 

@lazy-cocoei my child :3  she is over busy this day  and  she grow  happy birthday again little bean  eh eh.. i love cheer her because  she have a great talent and well is a smoll bean so i’ve much time for cheer her :3…gj little child 

@mysterydog133 like lazy she is my puppy XD ahha idk why i do this XD….. she have a big talent and because she is young i think she is going to be one of the best artist! i’m so proud of all that draw ..why proud she is my puppy and she have an awesome au ! you should check it @undermind122  i want link the cocoei one to but she havent start it yet :p  soo good luck to all

…..my hand hurt and i’m  at 1/5 of all name sooo i do 10 name or near 10 name for time!

To somebody who owns her own world. To somebody who’s intelligent yet insane. To somebody who can do anything: can sing, dance or act. To somebody who is too curious on stuff and won’t stop until she gets what she wants. To somebody who loves spending her time in front of the mirror, looking at her face and putting something.To somebody who would look at her face for at least ten times a day. To somebody who would persuade you to do things. To somebody who’s never tired of proving her point. As long as she believes in it, she would always explain it. To somebody who loves spending money as long as it isn’t hers. To somebody who was there for me when I needed her the most. To somebody who I can never get tired of. To somebody who annoys me as much as I annoy her. To somebody whom I can’t say NO. To somebody who accepts me for who I am. To somebody I treasure the most. To somebody I will always be proud of. To somebody whose birthday is today. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. <3

Hi Bestie!!!!!!!!!! It has been a rough day for me because I was trying my best not to greet you! Thank God I was able to resist that urge. Happy seventeenth birthday, dearest bestie!!!!!! Only God knows how grateful I am to have you(and via) as my BESTESTESTESTEST FRIENDS. Writing a letter for you and posting it on Facebook with a collage of our pictures together would be a mainstream deed that’s why I’ll rather make a textpost here for you.((still mainstream i know)) I do not have any idea how my life would really be without you as my best friend. You know what I mean. We never quarrelled. WE MAY ARGUE A LOT BUT IT NEVER CAME TO A POINT WHERE WE WONT TALK TO EACH OTHER. The both of us couldn’t stand not talking to each other. We have endless conversations whenever we’re together. We have the same tastes and such. I do not know but maybe our trio, you via and me, is a match made from heaven. Quit acting like a bitch without us. WE DO IT ALTOGETHER.OKAY.  After all what have happened, here we are studying in the same university yet we don’t see each other as often as we want!!!!! Dem schedules however, we can meet as long as we fix our freakin’ schedules. 

Bianca, I THANK YOU SUPER SUPER FOR EVERYTHING. A thank you would never be enough but THANKYOU FOR STAYING BY MY SIDE. For being that someone who stood by my side when I was about to fall. Thank you for the advices and for defending((not a right term)) me. Should I say sorry? I have done nothing against you. Aha. But yeah. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BESTIE AND IM REALLY HOPING YOU HAD A GOOD ONE. I love you to the moon and back and if ever you will need me, I’ll be here. I WILL LISTEN AND IF I NEED TO SLAP YOU, I WILL DO TOO. 

Please stay sweet and clingy and caring and pretty((eventho you’re not))

I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW. But kuya brian ehem ehem. I know. I won’t argue. But please. LET HIM BE YOU HAPPY EVER AFTER. ((HUWOW)) I don’t want you getting sad and hurt and crying over the phone. ((SOMETIMES I JUST WANNA LAUGH AT YOU BUT IM A GOOD FRIEND EHE))






Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 8


Long story short: Boy’s pretty weak, Niles has way too much fun, Xander and Leo are assholes to Laslow and Odin, Kamui gives an inspirational speech, Leo gains a new retainer, all is forgiven, and Niles just doesn’t want to put his clothes back on. 

This track wasn’t actually that difficult, but there were certain parts where I had to work and rework the wording. 

ALSO. GUYS. FUDGENUGGETS980825 POSTED VIDEOS WITH THE AUDIO, USING OUR TRANSLATIONS~<3 They’re lovely, so go watch them on Youtube! She also did the first three CDs from other translators too! 

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anonymous asked:

Hello Astrid! Would you be able to write a small romantic birthday celebration with Nico? It's my birthday today and I'm old 😭 If you can't it is totally okay! Much love for you and your writing 💕💕💕

Happy Birthday! 🎂 🎉 You’re old, eh? What are you like 24? I’m cackling.

Anyway here ya go.

“I have a HUGE birthday surprise for you! I promise!” That’s what Nico had said to you earlier that day as you left to go shopping with your friends. “I’ll see you later babe!” He gave you a kiss and saw you out the door.

You were expecting a nice dinner, maybe a surprise party with some friends, a kitten maybe? Maybe even a ring?!?! Your mind whirled all day with all the amazing things that you could think of!

Upon entering the apartment that afternoon, you could smell the lovely dinner in the oven- Nico had gone al out for you! You walked through the kitchen and the dining room - low lights, candles, a bouquet of your favorite flowers on the table.

“Nico?” You called. “Nico?!”

“In here babe!” Nico called from the bedroom, “I’ve got your present!”

You entered to find Nico butt naked; save for being wrapped in red ribbon - with a big bow hiding only his most private parts. He laughed seeing your nearly mortified reaction.


“I told you it was huge!” More maniacal laughter.

Later Nico did actually surprise you with a wonderful gift 🎁


Happy birthday to this derp eh

(btw I’m posting the 2 I have so I don’t have to dedicate another post to her in the future hahaaaa)

(also why does both the Sailor Moon Wiki and the WikiMoon website say her birthday is September 9th rather than October 9th like I guess I could see how the mistake would be made but to do it twice what even)

Omg so Soraru is having his namahousou while 96neko is having her’s.So Soraru skype call her during the housou so it’s housouception wwwww . Then Reol wrote in the comment to wish 96neko happy birthday

96neko : Ah it’s reol! She wished my happy birthday!

Soraru : Eh Reol? Ah reol…it’s common, she’s everywhere

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happy birthday !!!

“Eh?! It’s my birthday today?!?” Samga reached to his ear, pulled out the earbud that’d transform into a phone and on it shows the date “October 2nd”.

“Huh… So it is…”

“Sweet, thanks!~ Guess I should go look for a resturaunt to abuse the sweet Birthday Deals then!~”

Samga keeps going on his wandering way through Waterfall, now searching for a place to eat.

meena47  asked:

Kagami falling in love at first sight? :)

Happy birthday Kagami!

Combining the idea of Kagami’s birthday today (2nd August) and the prompt “two miserable people meeting at a wedding AU”.

“But it’s my birthday today!”

Kagami hated sounding like a whiny kid, but that was exactly what he was doing, and somehow it felt very liberating to have his dad sigh back at him like having to deal with an unruly child.

“Taiga, it’s your cousin’s wedding. It’s only your own fault that you forgot it was on your birthday. I don’t care what plans you have, at least show up for the dinner and to wish her well.”

“But the game with my friends is tonight!”

“Then reschedule it.”

“It’s my birthday!” Kagami repeated again.

His father only sighed. “I can’t help you either, Taiga. I’m sorry. You’re going to this event and it’s final. Oh, and do wear something presentable.”

To show his extreme discontent for his very distant cousin, Kagami went with a simple black blazer over a white shirt and jeans, going with a very casual and “I really don’t want to be here but I was forced to” look.

He had to admit that he accidentally ended looking better than he had planned to be, but oh well, he was out of the house already.

Kagami didn’t even bother fixing his hair on his way to the wedding event, and rather he kept mussing it up to make it look as unkempt as possible. If I have to be miserable on my birthday, then you have to be miserable on your wedding day, he thought devilishly to himself, then immediately felt guilty because what if they had good food?

That thought remained in his head even as he walked through the reception lobby and into the main hall, casting his gaze unseeingly for the happy couple and upon not seeing them, making a beeline for the buffet table before stopping himself within reach of the plates.

Get it together, Kagami. Damnit, not everything’s about food, it’s your freakin’ birthday.

“Um, excuse me.”

“Wh—” Kagami spun around, plates in hand, and froze, realising that he’d said that out loud, but that thought was whisked out of his mind as he glanced down at the person in front of him.

You were staring up at him, mouth slightly open as you saw how tall the man was. Your hand was trembling a little, the empty plate in your hand shaking with shyness.

“I, uh, I’m trying to get to the,” you murmured, averting your gaze and pointing blindly. “—sushi.”

“Oh, uh…sorry.” Awkwardly Kagami moved out of your way, feeling heat burning up the side of his neck. Did he just fall in love with someone at first sight?

Was it because of the look on your face that was kind of…sad?

Upon loading your plate up with sushi rolls - Kagami had to do a double take because how the heck would someone as tiny as you were be able to finish that mountain of sushi rolls? Even Kagami blanched a little at the sight - you turned around to face him again, blinking.

“…Happy birthday.”

“Eh?” Kagami’s eyes widened as he recounted what he had said out loud. Not everything’s about food… “Oh. Oh! Thanks.”

Great. Now this random (cute) stranger knows that he’s miserable because it’s his birthday but he’s stuck at a wedding with crappy food. Kagami munched moodily on a mini burger as he cast his gaze around for somewhere to sit, but everywhere seemed to be occupied by screaming kids and unrecognisable relatives, so maybe it was better to stay put next to the food.

…You were still standing next to him, eating your sushi rolls slowly but showing no signs of stopping, your shoulder brushing his arm.

Okay, dude, you can do this. Kagami cleared his throat. “Uh…which side of the family are you from? I haven’t seen you around before.”

Oh, yeah, great job, seriously. Kagami almost cringed so hard that he wanted to just melt away in a hole. Even Kuroko would have been disappointed with that last line.

You laughed, making Kagami’s ears flare with embarrassment, but it was a cute laugh - musical and soft. “I don’t suppose you have. I’m not a relative, I’m just a friend of the bride.” You introduced yourself and Kagami tested the name out in his head, feeling a strange floaty joy in his chest.

Yep, he was definitely in love.

“I’m Kagami Taiga,” he told you with a smile. “And, well, yeah, today’s my birthday. I completely forgot it was my cousin’s wedding and I had everything planned, so…not a good day for me.”

You nibbled on the edge of the papery seaweed. “Me neither.” When Kagami gave you a questioning look, you averted your gaze again, unable to make yourself look at him for too long. If I do, I might just go completely red. Red like his hair and his eyes…

“It’s my younger brother’s graduation ceremony,” you confessed. “From kindergarten,” you added for clarity. “I promised him I’d be there for it, but…my parents insisted that I come here instead. He’d be disappointed that I didn’t show up for it.”

You glanced up at the clock on the pillars, looking miserable. “It should be starting soon.”

Kagami opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. You seemed to notice the action and glanced at him with a sad smile. “It’s alright, I guess. It’s still someone else’s happy day, you know? So we should be happy for them.”

Ah…so he’s not the only one who’s upset.

And there he was, acting like a selfish child who didn’t get enough birthday presents.

“Yeah,” Kagami found himself saying, and when your smile widened, he chuckled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

A second of silence passed, and you broke it quickly and easily. “Say, can I have your number?”

Kagami broke into a grin. “Sure.”

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad birthday after all.

A whole year older

(- and how much wiser, exactly? …Yeah, let’s not go there haha.)

Ah, birthdays. Happy days, eh? What have I been doing for it? Nit-picking fics for the nth time because I just can’t seem to put them down and just update the damn things already. Ahem. But I’m sure you know how it is.

However, I digress. My point is this; I’ll be updating a few stories in a short while, so be on the look-out for that. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them. :)

I’ll see you all for next month’s Fanfic Friday or, if anything else were to happen before then, for that post/update. 


@hiroki_0604 (Arakita)
“Arakita Yasutomo, happy birthd—”
Arakita: “I don’t care! Dumbass! Don’t celebrate it!”

@shuto_mi (Shinkai)
Shinkai: “Jinpachi said he’ll give you a year’s worth of Bepsi as a present.”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita)
Arakita: “Smells like trouble, so I’m not taking anything from him!”

@gdgd37458 (Toudou)
Toudou: “Wahaha! Too bad! I’ve already brought them over in a pull wagon, so take them gratefully! No need to thank me!”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita)
Arakita: “You’re annoying!” ※Kicks the pull wagon

@gdgd37458 (Toudou)
Toudou: “I’m not annoying! –Heeeeeeeeyyyy! The Bepsi is falling everywhe– Hey! Wait! Ahhhhhhh…”
※Fades out

@shuto_mi (Shinkai)
Shinkai: “Ah, I’ll take one of them.”

@uechan_0905 (Manami)
They’re pretty tasty~ ^^

@takuminari (Izumida)
My right pec is saying “Happy birthday Arakitaaaa”!!

@dad_dad_dad444 (Kuroda)
Kuroda: “Arakita-san, happy birthday. Eh, there’s all this Bepsi scattered around… Touichirou and I will clean this up…”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita in response to Manami)
Arakita: “Don’t drink them in the confusion of everything, Manami!”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita in response to Izumida)
Arakita: “Shut up!! Izumida!! …D–Don’t cry, Andy, I’m not angry! I’m not angry! …Do something, Izumida!”

@hiroki_0604 (Arakita in response to Kuroda)
Arakita: “Make sure you carry them well! Kuroda!”

@shuto_mi (Shinkai in response to Arakita)
Shinkai: “If you’re gonna get mad about it, you should have just been honest in the first place and accepted them. Manami~ Want another bottle?”

@uechan_0905 (Manami)
Ah, I’m full now, but thanks anyway ♪

@dad_dad_dad444 (Kuroda in response to Arakita)
Kuroda: “I will carry them properly! With this cool-looking body of mine!”

All of Hakogaku (minus Fukutomi, who doesn’t have a twitter) stage actors on twitter. Post has been edited with additional tweets.The reason Arakita is awkward around Andy is because Andy recently grew to adore Arakita but gets easily scared by Arakita’s moods.