Happy Birthday Queen 

“She fights for equality and she embraces her sexuality. I think she is going to be a great role model for young girls because there is so much pressure from society on who you should or how you should love. I think Isabelle makes it her mission to help people feel comfortable in their own skin and that you only live once and you should be happy.” -Emeraude Tobia talking about Isabelle Lightwood

happy birthday anon i hope u have a fucking incredible day (good times & good people) and lets start ur day with some brotherly jalec (no one’s asked for brotherly jalec in a while ily):

  • Jace knows all too well Alec’s fear of spiders so when he finds Alec propped up on his bed, hollering wildly, he shouldn’t be all too surprised. Jace creaks Alec’s door open, peeking through the crack before pulling the door wide open. Alec doesn’t pay him any attention, wholeheartedly fixated on the gangly spider dangling near his dresser:

“By the angel Jace, kill it.” Alec shrieked. “Kill it, kill it, kill it.”

“Working on it.”

Jace quickly advanced towards the mess, a shoe haphazardly laying beside the dresser. The massive dent in the wall tells Jace the entire story of how Alec had tried dealing with the spider before he had arrived.

“Jeez Alec, you didn’t need to dent the wall.” Jace quipped. “Mom’s going to be pissed.”

“Mom can be pissed later, kill the spider now.” Alec looked incredibly pale, still perched on his bed, the blankets crumbled around his feet mercilessly.

“How long have you been… stuck like this?” Jace started conversationally, lifting the shoe, aiming to hit the spider.

“Jace.” Alec squealed, reconsidering the ‘killing’ thing. “Do not use my shoe to smear that spider everywhere. Don’t kill it, I don’t want spider guts everywhere.”

Jace huffed. “Well do you have a tissue-”

Jace was interrupted when a Kleenex box came careening towards his head, catching the box millimetres before it would’ve decked him in his temple. 

“Interesting. You can almost knock me out but the moment a spider is your target, you miss completely.” Jace responded, glancing towards the shoe lying on the floor.

“I was distracted by that-that thing that’s by my clothes.” Alec started imploringly. “I’m going to have to burn them all.”

“Well at least Magnus’ll be happy.”

“Stop talking to me,” Alec waved his hands frantically. “And just get rid of it already!”

Jace ended up catching inside the tissue, ignoring Alec’s shudders as he gently tossed it out the window, the tissue flying against the patches of grass.

“Angel,” Alec sighed. “That was horrifying.”

“I’m not sure what was more horrifying: your screams or that fact that you almost bruised my face.”

Alec ignored him, gently sliding down the wall to sit on his bed, crossing his legs. “Thanks Jace.”

“I’m always here to help a damsel in distress.”

(Alec chucks a pillow at Jace’s head and doesn’t miss, ruffling Jace’s hair spectacularly, something that Jace considered even worse than a small bruise)

  • EATING HEADCANON: the two always pick food off of each other’s plates when the group are all out at a restaurant or in the mornings, at the institute, they share breakfast. So when Alec’s eating Fruit Loops he saves all the green ones because Jace only likes eating the green Fruit Loops or when they’re not very hungry, Alec splits a sandwich between them but Jace’s side has an irrational amount of mayonnaise whilst Alec’s side has more lettuce and tomato. They always share food, they know each other’s orders by heart for every fast food place they eat at and they make sure to know their coffee order (on more than one occasion, Alec wakes up and paddles to the kitchen sleepily, only to see Jace already dressed, chatting with Clary, Alec’s coffee ready)
  • Similarily whenever Alec’s coming back from Magnus’s, he stops by Taki’s and picks Jace up some of his favourites (Clary’s too because he knows he’ll find them together)
  • Alec has panic attacks and every single time it happens he starts hyperventilating and it feels as if he is choking. He never usually has an audience when they start, he’s likely alone but on more than a few occasions he’s hanging out with Izzy or Max and when it happens they immediately go find Jace because he’s the only one to know how to calm Alec down. When Alec has one, while he’s with Izzy and Max, Izzy immediately rushes off to find Jace while Max is looking confused and worried and scared. Max’s trying to be comforting but it’s only making Alec more anxious and ashamed and when Jace comes, he ends up shooing the other Lightwoods out. Jace crouches next to Alec while Alec’s forehead is pressed against the cool wood of the drawer and gently rubs circles against Alec’s back, murmuring that Alec needs to breathe (“Deeps breaths Alec, everything’s okay.” or “I’m here, try and breathe slower okay? Deep inhale.”). He manages to get Alec’s breathing back to normal, he always does, and Alec slouches back after the attack is finished, looking spent. The two end up talking, about something completely random, something that Jace initiates in order to get Alec’s mind off of what just happened, subtly looking him over and making sure he’s okay. Jace offers Alec some water, something he accepts gratefully, before inviting the other siblings back in, both with concern latching onto their features. (Alec’s fine and tells them so, looking over at Jace, silently thanking him a million times over)

“So I have a problem.”

Alec paused what he was doing, fleeting looking at Jace, his novel dropping to his side. “A Clary problem?”

Jace shrugged. “What else? My problems usually consist of either you, Clary or when I find out my father’s some homicidal asshole.”

Alec scoffed. “When have I ever been a problem?”

“When you take the last muffin and disappear off to Magnus’s and I’m forced to succumb to a soggy bowl of cereal.”

“You ate like fifty of them.”

“Besides the point.” Jace waved his hand flippantly. “Now, will you help me out?”

Alec closed his book, gesturing for Jace to sit with a nod of his head. “You must be desperate to come to me for advice.”

“I figured you were in a successful relationship-”

Alec winced thinking over the millions of arguments that he and Magnus had had, the millions of times where he had acted like an idiot.

“-ish.” Jace conceded.

“Alright. Talk to me.”

  • ALEC RUFFLING JACE’S HAIR (it’s become a habit) and Jace rolling his eyes, trying to fix it every single time
  • The gang are at another General Clave meeting, Robert had said it was mandatory. Magnus is sitting further away, representing the Children of Lilith and Iz is next to Clary and Simon, taking a seat while Jace and Alec are still making their way over. They’re laughing and chatting and playfully shoving each other while they’re walking over, Jace snickering at something Alec said, both looking so entirely content and happy with each other. The two look like they’re not about to sit through another boring meeting, smiles too wide and eyes too bright. They end up sitting next to each other, Jace next to Clary and Alec at the end (he waves at Magnus, grinning when Magnus winks and mouths a small ‘I love you.’) (I just love jalec without everyone else, like the moments where they’re laughing and sharing inside jokes and chatting about things other than their dates/end of the world shit)
  • JACE AND ALEC BEING FORCED TO GROCERY SHOP TOGETHER (Alec’s stuck pushing the cart while Jace’s upfront looking at the mass of products, throwing everything into the cart):

“Jace, what is that?”

“I don’t know but it looks good. Like small cake.”

“Do you even eat cake?”

“Well I might if we actually had some.” Jace tossed the box into the cart. “Hence, we’re buying it.”


“How about we get these?”

“Jace, Izzy hates mushrooms.”

“This, then?”

“Simon’s vegetarian.”

Jace pointed at something else. “This?” 

“Clary’s allergic.”

(At this point Alec ends up taking over, he’s the one who’s taken the time to know everyone’s dietary needs, forcing Jace to push the cart behind him)

(Jace, purposefully, bumps into him with the head of the cart and the two end up getting kicked out of the store after bickering and making a huge mess)


Alec’s pushing the cart and Jace stands up on the end of it, holding tightly onto the rim before Alec races down the aisles. 

(They get kicked out here too)

EDIT: fucking cute idea tagged by shadowhuntingotaku: Alec’s crouched inside of the shopping cart while Alec’s pushing him in the parking lot, swiftly dodging the cars and pot holes. The road is bumpy and Alec’s bobbing and his voice is vibrating whenever he tries to talk and Jace just keeps racing everywhere (after half an hour the two switch)


It’s DJ Pumkin’s birthday and the AOMG crew are all together in the HQ celebrating together! Jay Park on cake duty and being his entertaining self as usual lol with his favorite fedora cap.

And then the candles almost blew off and he told them to restart it all over again lol

Why does this look like a birthday party with five year olds?? Hahaha  

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Love it when AOMG celebrate their birthdays together

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