“It’s like… I don’t see you guys as fans, like I’m not some bloody boy band member that treats you all like my internet girl-slaves. You’re just other people on the internet, and yet, it’s fun to be a fan, and you know, there’s this community of people that watch our videos and that’s okay.[…]The difference between being a fan or not a fan and the kind of person that screams or a creepy stalker, that’s separate but… there’s no wall. there’s merely a piece of glass between us and several thousand meters of optical fiber and satellite.” -Dan Howell 

124) Dan is always really self conscious about his birthday. He always tries to make it seem like he doesn’t care or that it isn’t a big deal, but on the inside it is really important to him. Phil always knows this and smothers Dan in presents and hugs. Every year Dan feels so loved by his friends, family, and the internet at large that he secretly wishes it was his birthday every day. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

You nod, closing your eyes as Dan gently ties the blindfold around your head. You feel something long and hard press into your hands, and you run your fingers along it. Dan laughs.

Gripping it just a bit tighter, you pull the piece of wood up and swing it, bashing the candy out of the piñata. Cheers erupt, and you tug the blindfold off in time to see the birthday boy hoist you up into a hug.


“A film being successful isn’t necessarily a guarantee of it being any good. There are a lot of films that are terrible. It’s more important to me at this point to be improving as an actor. I don’t think I’ll ever be totally satisfied. I mean, there is always something to improve on. You can always get better.” Happy twenty-sixth birthday, Daniel!

Happy Bastille Day and happy birthday Dan! With the French influence and lyrics, I think this is one of the best ways that I can show my appreciation for this band today.

I recently graduated college as a French major, and this was my graduation cap. Over the past year and a half, Bastille made a huge impact on my life. I found their music when I was studying abroad in France and they were basically the soundtrack to that semester. Their lyrics have always touched me - particularly the sentiments of searching for oneself, not being sure about the person you’re becoming, a lot of existential questions (especially those involving a sense of dread), and that feeling of having a life worth remembering surrounded by those you care for and authentic to who you are. At least that’s what I get from them…

Anyway, sorry this is long, but I’m so grateful that I’ve had Bastille’s music to inspire me over the past year and a half and to help me remember that I’m led by my beating heart. So, happy Bastille Day and happy birthday to the most incredible singer and lyricist, Dan Smith! Bonne fête! :)