“It’s like… I don’t see you guys as fans, like I’m not some bloody boy band member that treats you all like my internet girl-slaves. You’re just other people on the internet, and yet, it’s fun to be a fan, and you know, there’s this community of people that watch our videos and that’s okay.[…]The difference between being a fan or not a fan and the kind of person that screams or a creepy stalker, that’s separate but… there’s no wall. there’s merely a piece of glass between us and several thousand meters of optical fiber and satellite.” -Dan Howell 

25 Years of Dan Howell

Dan Howell has lived…

788,400,000 Seconds 

13,140,000 Minutes

219,000 Hours

9,125 Days

He has….

2.8 million Twitter followers

5.8 million subscribers

2.9 million Instagram followers

1.2 million Facebook followers

140+ Videos

540,000,000 Youtube views

4 Channels

He has achieved…..

A best selling book

A tour in both the UK and the US

An app

A weekly/monthly radio show

A documentary

A role in hosting The Brits

And a best friend for life

Happy 25th Birthday Dan Howell, there’s so much more to come…


↳ Kaneki Ken & Yamori + Finger Cracking 

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