I thought it would be a nice idea if i made another post like this,
because…   Today is Danisnotonfire’s 23rd birthday!

So if you want to join me, and show the whole phandom, and want to show the whole phandom and Dan how much you love him, just do it!
You can add (almost) anything to this post when you reblog it. A lovely drawing, an edit or just a text message. a n y t h i n g.

This post has only one rule:
- you have to tell us how much or why do you love Dan and/or if you want you can wish him a happy 23rd birthday :)

I’m trying to add every single reblog comment to this, until we reach the magical 100! 

Dear danisnotonfire  me and my hungarian phandom friends wish you a happy and lovely 23rd birthday! : 


“It’s like… I don’t see you guys as fans, like I’m not some bloody boy band member that treats you all like my internet girl-slaves. You’re just other people on the internet, and yet, it’s fun to be a fan, and you know, there’s this community of people that watch our videos and that’s okay.[…]The difference between being a fan or not a fan and the kind of person that screams or a creepy stalker, that’s separate but… there’s no wall. there’s merely a piece of glass between us and several thousand meters of optical fiber and satellite.” -Dan Howell 


“Can you tell Dallon ‘happy birthday?’”

Happy Birthday to this










 You’ve brought so much happiness and joy into my life with your music and your soul, and I’m forever grateful for it. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

Happy 28th Birthday, Daniel Campbell Smith ^_^

(And Happy Bastille Day!!!)

Happy Early Birthday Danisnotonfire​ !!!!! Similar to the one I did for Phil.
It’s like a month before his b-day, but knowing me I wouldn’t have time then to get this done. I’m already procrastinating on so much art work.
And I also see things that I need to fix… 

Now I have to finish all the other birthday presents I have yet to complete.

Art ©: Mine