Happy 10th Birthday YouTube (Founded February 14th 2005)
First video uploaded 23rd April 2005 - Me at the zoo


“It’s like… I don’t see you guys as fans, like I’m not some bloody boy band member that treats you all like my internet girl-slaves. You’re just other people on the internet, and yet, it’s fun to be a fan, and you know, there’s this community of people that watch our videos and that’s okay.[…]The difference between being a fan or not a fan and the kind of person that screams or a creepy stalker, that’s separate but… there’s no wall. there’s merely a piece of glass between us and several thousand meters of optical fiber and satellite.” -Dan Howell 


↳ Kaneki Ken & Yamori + Finger Cracking 

for thejacketslut


“Can you tell Dallon ‘happy birthday?’”

Dan is always really self conscious about his birthday. He always tries to make it seem like he doesn’t care or that it isn’t a big deal, but on the inside it is really important to him. Phil always knows this and smothers Dan in presents and hugs. Every year Dan feels so loved by his friends, family, and the internet at large that he secretly wishes it was his birthday every day.