Happy birthday to our Himchan oppa! 

Dearest Himchan, 

Thank you for always doing your best for BABYs and putting BABYs in your heart always. Thank you for showing your love to BABYs through STRONGBABE. Although you didn’t have to, but you still made a fansite just to take beautiful photos of BABYs, I’m really touched by that. Thank you for always giving your best for everything, even when you injured yourself. Thank you for not giving up and trying your best in everything you do. Thank you for being born.

I like how you are so talented from traditional music, janggu to modern music. Being musically inclined. You never fail to be the happy pill in B.A.P too, even to the expense of throwing your image away. hahaha. I like you for who you are, and B.A.P will never be the same without you or any other members. I’m so thankful that you are in B.A.P.

BABYs will always love and trust you and we’ve got your back. There may have been some comments putting you down such as saying you are useless and that you have gained weight, but trust me, you are definitely not useless. If you are useless you wouldn’t be in TS nor in B.A.P. And to me and BABYs, you are definitely not useless. You are in fact very talented. And it’s a good thing you gained weight! Because you are quite thin tbh. And you still look good even if you gained weight so don’t mind what others say and just believe in yourself and do things you want. Please don’t ever starve yourself again cause it hurts me and BABYs. Just know that BABYs and B.A.P love you the way you are and we’ll be there for you aight!

정말 너무 감사합니다.

찬이 오빠, 사랑해요. 생일축하해.


#HAPPY22NDBIRTHDAY!! | August 14,2014

Happy Birthday!! Gongchan-oppa!^^ Today is a very special day. A very special day. 22 years ago you were born, You were blessed with incredibly good looks, charming personality, fascinating ability and talent and most of all is a beautiful angelic heart. I am always thankful for your family who have supported you all this time, most importantly to your mother and father for creating such an admirable good looking child. Gongchan oppa, You are truly an amazing person and I am always proud to be your fan. Thank you for keeping your dreams together and for trying to pursue them one by one. Thank you for everything that you’ve done and achieved. Thank you for all the effort and good intentions you had to make us your fans to be happy. Thank you for everything and for giving me so much happiness. The happiness that I receive from you, watching you from a far is priceless and valuable. I really hope to see you in the future.. and if that special day comes, I want to show you how thankful and grateful I am for meeting and knowing someone like you. Trust me Gongchan oppa, I have believed in you since the very beggining. I always have that faith and certainty that you will achieve more and succeed in life. I know that you haven’t shown us your full talent and ability yet but believe me your voice is just heavenly. It’s very beautiful and soothing in my ears and I love the way you put all your heart whenever you sing. You may not have the longest lines in songs but I can truly feel your passion for singing and I am very proud of you for improving everytime and never disappoints me. I want to tell you that you have the best and appealing aegyo in the world! that I will never get tired of. The way you treat and look at your fans is really special and we are always thankful for that. Although you are irresistebly cute and adorable, I can never forget your mature and sensitive side. Whenever I see you cry.. It really hurts my heart so please stay happy for me. I want you to keep smiling and enjoy every moments you have with the people you love. Seeing you smile and happy gives me enough joy and happiness. Gongchan oppa, once again I wish you a happy happy birthday and I hope that you enjoyed and spent this day, your birthday with the people you loved. I hope that this day became memorable for you and I hoped you had lots of fun. I wish you can continue to be the Gongchan of B1A4 for a very very long time because us BANAS will always be with you supporting you in everything you do and love you.Happy Birthday again! Gongchan-oppa♥!I LOLOLOLOLOVE YOU! :3!

You’re handsome, you’re talented, you’re hardworking. You have a kind heart and a thoughtful mind. You’re strong yet sensitive, tough yet sweet. You never pretend, you show how you feel. You never sugarcoat things, you say what’s real. Instead of looking for inspiration, you want to be an inspiration. You take good care of the members like a mother, and keep the group together. Babys will always be here for you, forever and ever. #ADayForHim

Happy 24th Birthday, Kim Himchan! ♥


Chansung’s beautiful laughter

Happy Birthday Himchan! :D 

Happy Birthday to this talented ulzzang and loving omma of B.A.P who loves taking pics of us BABYz while doing cute aegyos and let’s not forget his love for his favourite drink ever, Americano! :3 He’s such a loving human being I just can’t help but have a soft spot for him (I do with every B.A.P members tbh LOL) 

I love how he’s an ulzzang, but he’s never ashamed to show us his true dorky self hehe~ especially when he laughs cause I seriously LOVE his laugh cause it’s like a full blast of happiness in my opinion :3 Keep on laughing and smiling our precious Channie~~^^

Never stop being the StrongChan you are, and never doubt yourself about your appearance and talent, because as I said before… BABYz love Himchan :)

Hope you guys like the drawing~^^
ItsChannieDay (I know there’s no tags for this but I just wanna create a Its____Day for him :3)

Happy Birthday Channie! @soonyoungi

Happy Birthday Channie!!! I hope you have a great day and an even more amazing year. You’re pretty and kind and nice and special and I love you💙💙💙 -Admin Aparna

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANNIE!!! <33 i love you lots and lots and i hope your birthday is fun and you have a great time + get to do the things you want to do. Love U!!!! - Admin Bev

CHANNIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i love u so much ur my cutest lil sprout i hope this birthday is the best one yet!!  ♥ - Admin Gabby