A belated happy birthday to the coolest @spcrossing from another super cool @plasmap0wer!  Featuring the seriously rad Darren the cat and John the eagle!  It was so cool being able to do an illustration with these brilliant Animal Crossing ocs, I loved working with these characters.  They are so cool together, it would be massively fun to hang out with them~!

Thanks again, yo, and another round of cheers to @spcrossing!!


My babes threw me a birthday party! 🎂🎈🎁🎉

I’m 24! :D

Went to the Fox and Goose as per usual, and was great as always~ (None of us had gotten much sleep last night, though, and my closest brother’s coming down with something so he couldn’t come with us, but it was still good.) Dad’s making steak for dinner and hopefully we can play a family game afterwards.

(Also, the video games wished me happy birthday, which is great. ^^ Animal Crossing apparently has even picked up on how Kidd is my favorite, since the party was held at his house.)