the last shadow puppets - everything you’ve come to expect // 01 april 2016

I can’t explain what this little man right here means to me and has helped me. Actually, I mean Arctic Monkeys but as he’s the lyricist I’m gonna talk only about him. I am not one of their oldest fans, I listened to them for the first time before SIAS was released, but it’s been a while now. And this year I finally had the chance to see them live and it was incredible, goose bumps. This man rifht here has helped me several times, whenever i feel lonely, happy, sad or I wanna cheer myself up I listened to them. His voice and his lyrics are just amazing. This could sound cheesy and dumb but I just want to thank you him for everything. He’s incredibly talented and I look up to him. So basically thank you Alexander David Turner and happy birthday, thank you for saving me so many times. And fuck Arielle, you are mine <3